Oral Answers
Thursday 8 March 2012

Energy and Climate Change 987
      Climate Change 988
      Electricity Cables 997
      Energy Bills 991
      Energy Bills 998
      Energy Costs 998
      Energy Costs 1002
      Energy Market 992
      Energy Prices 988
      Feed-in Tariff Scheme 987
      Feed-in Tariffs 995
      Fuel Poverty 993
      Green Investment Bank 1000
      Incinerators 994
      Low-carbon Technologies 1001
      Nuclear Power 989
      Nuclear Power 999
      Onshore Wind Energy 996
      Topical Questions 1003

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 8 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 67WS
      Green Investment Bank 67WS
      Higher Education Student Finance (2013-14) 68WS
Education 69WS
      Taylor Report on Alternative Provision 69WS
      Teachers' Pension Regulations 69WS
Health 70WS
      Reviewing and Strengthening the NHS Constitution 70WS
      Whistleblowing and the NHS Constitution 71WS
Home Department 72WS
      Violence Against Women and Girls 72WS
Justice 72WS
      Judicial Pension Schemes 72WS
Transport 73WS
      Rail Reform 73WS
Wales 74WS
      Commission on Devolution in Wales 74WS

Thursday 8 March 2012

International Development 5P
      UK Aid 5P

Written Answers
Thursday 8 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 855W
      Chemicals 855W
      Copyright 856W
      Disabled Students’ Allowances 856W
      Employment: Regulation 857W
      Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme 857W
      Higher Education 857W
      Innovation: Government Assistance 858W
      Overseas Trade 859W
      Overseas Trade: Pakistan 859W
      Regional Assistance: Northern Ireland 860W
Cabinet Office 867W
      Charities Act 2006 867W
      Charity Business 868W
      Death 868W
      Departmental Contracts 869W
      G4S 869W
      Impact Assessments 869W
      Voluntary Work: Cheshire 870W
Communities and Local Government 860W
      Action for Employment 860W
      Council Tax 860W
      Departmental Pay 861W
      Empty Property 861W
      Families: Finance 861W
      Housing: Repairs and Maintenance 862W
      Housing: Thurrock 862W
      Local Government Finance: Housing 863W
      Non-domestic Rates 863W
      Private Rented Housing: Electrical Safety 864W
      Private Rented Housing: Standards 865W
      Public Sector: Information 865W
Culture, Media and Sport 872W
      Arts 872W
      Departmental Responsibilities 873W
      Departmental Secondment 873W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 874W
      Film 874W
      Music 874W
      Music: Internet 875W
      Public Holidays 875W
      Telecommunications: Competition 875W
      Television: Sport 876W
Defence 841W
      Army: Ethnic Groups 841W
      MOD Aberporth 842W
Education 865W
      A4e 865W
      Departmental Travel 866W
      Females: Crimes of Violence 866W
      Schools: Admissions 867W
      Science: GCSE 867W
Energy and Climate Change 870W
      Carbon Sequestration 871W
      Community Security Trust 871W
      Departmental Responsibilities 871W
      Departmental Secondment 872W
      Emissions 870W
      Energy Efficiency 870W
      Fuel Poverty 871W
      Low-carbon Technologies 870W
      Wind Power 872W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 837W
      Meat: Ritual Slaughter 837W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 897W
      Council of Europe 897W
      Departmental Recruitment 899W
      EU Institutions 899W
      Iran 899W
      Israel 900W
      Libya 900W
      Maldives 901W
      UNRWA 901W
      West Bank 901W
      Yemen 902W
Health 876W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Abuse 876W
      Cancer: Drugs 877W
      Cancer: Employment and Support Allowance 877W
      Cancer: Screening 877W
      Colorectal Cancer 878W
      Dental Services 879W
      Diabetes: Chiropody 879W
      Diabetes: Orthopaedics 880W
      Doctors’ List of Patients 880W
      Fertility: Health Services 881W
      Health Services 881W
      Heart Diseases: Children 881W
      Help is at Hand 883W
      Hepatitis: Prisoners 884W
      HIV Infection 885W
      Homeopathy: Research 886W
      Hospitals: Consultants 886W
      Hospitals: North West 886W
      Meat: Ritual Slaughter 887W
      NHS: Equality 888W
      NHS: Reorganisation 888W
      NHS Trusts: Lancashire 887W
      Pharmacy 888W
      Sick Leave 888W
      Social Services: Fees and Charges 889W
      South London and Maudsley NHS Trust: Prisoners 889W
Home Department 839W
      Alcoholic Drinks 839W
      Animal Experiments: Pilot Schemes 839W
      Closed Circuit Television 839W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs 839W
      European Criminal Information System 840W
      European Image Archiving System 840W
      Europol 840W
      Internet Service Providers Association 841W
      Members: Correspondence 841W
House of Commons Commission 849W
      Catering 849W
      Early-day Motions 850W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 838W
      Meetings 838W
International Development 889W
      Burma 889W
      Palestinians 890W
Justice 850W
      Appeals: Social Security Benefits 850W
      Buildings 852W
      HM Courts and Tribunals Services: Reorganisation 853W
      Judges: Pay 854W
      Public Expenditure 853W
      Stalking 855W
      Tribunals 856W
Transport 837W
      Departmental Pay 837W
      Merchant Shipping (Ship-to-Ship Transfers) Regulations 2010 838W
      Transport Fuel Obligation: Biofuels 838W
Treasury 890W
      Bankruptcy 890W
      Banks: Regulation 890W
      Child Tax Credit 891W
      Departmental Apprentices 891W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society: Compensation 891W
      Excise Duties: Beer 892W
      Foreign Loans: Argentina 892W
      G20 892W
      Individual Savings Accounts: Children 892W
      Insolvency 893W
      International Monetary Fund: EU Countries 893W
      Public Sector: Pay 893W
      Revenue and Customs: Standards 894W
      Shelter Funds 895W
      Tax Avoidance 895W
      Taxation: Energy 896W
      VAT: Guide Dogs 896W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Overpayments 896W
Work and Pensions 842W
      Action for Employment: Fraud 842W
      Bereavement Benefits 842W
      Child Support Agency 842W
      Cold Weather Payments: Easington 843W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 844W
      Employment: Chronically Sick People 844W
      Flexible Support Fund 844W
      Funeral Payments 844W
      Jobcentre Plus: East of England 845W
      Pensions 845W
      Social Fund 846W
      Social Security Benefits: Families 846W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 847W
      Social Security Benefits: Overpayments 847W
      Tax Credit 847W
      Universal Credit 848W
      Work Programme 848W