Oral Answers
Monday 12 March 2012

Communities and Local Government 1
      Council Tax 1
      Council Tax Benefit Localisation (Stretford and Urmston) 8
      Economic Growth 14
      Empty Homes 10
      House Building 12
      Local High Streets 11
      Local Suppliers 2
      New Homes Bonus 13
      Onshore Wind Farms 15
      Private Rented Sector 6
      Private Rented Sector (Young Homebuyers) 9
      Right to Buy 13
      Social Housing 15
      Topical Questions 16
      Unauthorised Development 5
      Universal Credit (Housing) 3

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 12 March 2012

Cabinet Office 1WS
      Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme 1WS
Education 4WS
      Teacher's Pension Scheme (England and Wales) 4WS
Energy and Climate Change 5WS
      Radioactive Waste Management 5WS
Health 7WS
      NHS Pension Scheme (England and Wales) 7WS
Transport 8WS
      Light Dues 8WS
Treasury 2WS
      ECOFIN 2WS
Work and Pensions 9WS
      Personal Independence Payment 9WS

Written Answers
Monday 12 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 89W
      Apprentices: North West 89W
      Business: Innovation 90W
      Business: Loans 90W
      Business: Wales 91W
      Competition 91W
      Competition Commission: Office of Fair Trading 91W
      Copyright 92W
      East Midlands Development Agency: Pay 92W
      Higher Education 92W
      Higher Education: Admissions 93W
      Higher Education: Standards 94W
      Money Advice Service: Scotland 94W
      Office for Fair Access 95W
      Office for Life Sciences 95W
      Oxford and Cambridge Universities: Admissions 96W
      Research: Science 97W
      Royal Mail 97W
      South East England Development Agency: Incentives 97W
      Student Loans 99W
      Student Loans Company: Pay 97W
      Students: Finance 98W
      Unfair Practices 99W
Cabinet Office 52W
      Charities: Annual Reports 52W
      Childbirth 52W
      Citizenship: Young People 54W
      Employment 54W
      Fraud 55W
      Homes and Communities Agency: Statistics 55W
      Meetings 56W
      Public Appointments 56W
      Public Sector: Pay 56W
      Senior Civil Servants: Pay 57W
Communities and Local Government 45W
      Council Tax 45W
      Council Tax: Redcar and Cleveland 45W
      Council Tax: Students 45W
      Day Centres: Fees and Charges 46W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012: Medals 46W
      Employment Schemes: Yorkshire and the Humber 46W
      Empty Property 48W
      Floods: Insurance 49W
      Landlords: Registration 49W
      Local Planning 49W
      Non-domestic Rates 50W
      Planning Permission: Appeals 50W
      Planning Permission: Sustainable Development 50W
      Urban Areas: Rents 51W
      Voluntary Organisations: Nottinghamshire 51W
Culture, Media and Sport 1W
      Arts Council England: Finance 1W
      Arts: Scotland 1W
      Broadband 1W
      Broadband: Northern Ireland 2W
      Film 3W
      Music 3W
      Olympic Games 2012 4W
      Olympic Games 2012: Voluntary Work 5W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 2W
Defence 8W
      Departmental Procurement 8W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 9W
      MOD Bicester 9W
Deputy Prime Minister 119W
      Senior Civil Servants: Political Parties 119W
Education 33W
      Academies 33W
      Children: Health 33W
      Children's Centres 34W
      Data Protection 34W
      Early Education 35W
      Education: Non-departmental Public Bodies 36W
      Families 36W
      Free Schools 36W
      GCSE: Denton and Reddish 37W
      Members: Correspondence 37W
      Ministers' Private Offices 35W
      Ministers' Private Offices 38W
      National Curriculum Review 39W
      Ofsted: Inspections 39W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 40W
      Primary Education: Admissions 41W
      Schools: Admissions 41W
      Schools: Assessments 41W
      Schools: Inspections 42W
      Schools: Transport 42W
      Science: GCSE 43W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 33W
      Teachers: Recruitment 43W
      Teaching Methods 43W
      TED TV 44W
Energy and Climate Change 113W
      Energy: Prices 113W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme 114W
      Green Deal Scheme 114W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Safety 116W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 116W
      Renewable Energy: North West 117W
      Solar Power 117W
      Tidal Power: North West 118W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 29W
      Agricultural Wages Board 29W
      Animal Welfare: Pigs 29W
      Bureaucracy 30W
      Computers 30W
      Flood and Water Management Act 2010 30W
      Food: Supermarkets 30W
      Lyme Disease 31W
      Marine Conservation Zones 31W
      Nature Improvement Areas 31W
      Nitrate Vulnerable Zones 31W
      Water Charges 32W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 57W
      Africa 57W
      Bahrain 57W
      British Overseas Territories 59W
      Colombia 59W
      Egypt 60W
      EU Accession 60W
      Guatemala 61W
      Lesotho 61W
      Libya 61W
      Lockerbie: Bombings 62W
      Macedonia 63W
      Maldives 63W
      North Korea 63W
      Palestinians: Prisoners 64W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 60W
      Serbia: Ghana 64W
      Serbia: Kosovo 64W
      Sri Lanka 65W
      St Helena 66W
      Turkey 67W
      Uganda 67W
      Western Sahara 67W
Health 119W
      Advertising: Job Vacancies 130W
      Ambulance Services: Pay 119W
      Brain: Injuries 120W
      Breast Cancer 120W
      Cumbria Primary Care Trust 121W
      Diabetes: Screening 121W
      Drugs 122W
      Drugs: Delivery Services 122W
      Drugs: Misuse 123W
      Drugs: Plymouth 123W
      Health and Social Care Bill 125W
      Health Services: North West 125W
      Heart Diseases: Children 125W
      Midwives 126W
      Multiple Sclerosis: Drugs 126W
      NHS: Innovation 127W
      NHS: Procurement 128W
      NHS: Reorganisation 129W
      Pharmacy 129W
      Pinderfields Hospital: Spinal Injuries 130W
      Prescription Drugs: Exports 130W
      Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia: Prescriptions 130W
      Public Health 123W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 121W
      Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust: Public Appointments 131W
      South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 131W
      Sugar 131W
      West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust: Pay 131W
Home Department 9W
      Asylum Seekers: Iran 9W
      Bail 9W
      British Nationals: Entry Clearances 10W
      Coinage: Counterfeit Manufacturing 10W
      Crime Prevention 11W
      Criminal Records 11W
      Departmental Redundancy 12W
      Deportation: Christopher Tappin 12W
      Domestic Violence 12W
      Drugs: International Co-operation 12W
      Entry Clearances: Chernobyl Charities 13W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students 13W
      European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters 14W
      Extradition: Counterfeit Manufacturing 14W
      Families: Police Funding 14W
      Foreign Workers: Domestic Service 15W
      Gurkhas 16W
      Immigration 16W
      Immigration Controls 16W
      Internet: Fraud 16W
      Members: Correspondence 17W
      Police: Business Partnership Programme 17W
      Police Stations: Lincolnshire 17W
      Proceeds of Crime: EU Action 18W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 11W
      Sentencing: EU Action 18W
      Surrey Police: Redundancy 18W
      Temporary Employment 19W
      Translation Services: Foreign Nationals 15W
      UK Border Agency: Public Appointments 19W
      West Midlands Police Authority 19W
International Development 110W
      Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria 110W
      Jamaica 111W
      Leishmaniasis 111W
      Members: Correspondence 111W
      Ministerial Travel Costs 110W
      North Korea 112W
      Palestinians 112W
      Sahel 112W
Justice 99W
      Approved Premises 99W
      Ashfield Young Offender Institution 100W
      Chief Coroner 101W
      Closed-circuit Television 101W
      Driving Offences 104W
      European Court of Justice 105W
      Euthanasia: Prosecutions 105W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Females 106W
      Prisoners 106W
      Prisoners: Ex-servicemen 107W
      Proceeds of Crime 107W
      Public Expenditure 102W
      Reoffenders 108W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 101W
      Suicide 109W
      Translation Services 109W
      Translation Services: Foreign Nationals 110W
Northern Ireland 44W
      EU Grants and Loans 44W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 44W
Prime Minister 6W
      Computer Software 6W
Scotland 7W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 7W
      Regulation 8W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 7W
Transport 19W
      Bus Services: Olympic Games 2012 19W
      Concessionary Bus Travel Act 2007 20W
      Crossrail 20W
      Cycling: Training 20W
      Dartford-Thurrock Crossing 21W
      Departmental Carbon Emissions 21W
      Liverpool Port: Finance 21W
      Luton Airport 22W
      M1: Fires 23W
      Maritime and Coastguard Agency 23W
      Network Rail: Compensation 23W
      Railway Stations: Parking 24W
      Railways: Information Services 24W
      Railways: Rolling Stock 24W
      Railways: South West 24W
      Regulation 25W
      Rescue Services: Clydesdale 27W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 21W
      South-Eastern Railway: Franchises 22W
      Travel: Prices 29W
Treasury 82W
      Credit: EU Law 82W
      ENTRUST 83W
      European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 83W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks 84W
      Excise Duties: Fuels 84W
      Foreign Loans: Argentina 84W
      Freezing Orders: Libya 85W
      Housing: Construction 85W
      Income Tax 85W
      Monetary Policy: Pensioners 86W
      Revenue and Customs: ICT 86W
      Rural Areas: Grants 86W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 83W
      Taxation 87W
      Taxation: Energy 87W
      Taxation: Multinational Companies 87W
      Taxation: Nuclear Power 88W
      VAT 88W
      VAT: Employment 88W
      Working Tax Credit 88W
      Working Tax Credit: Liverpool Riverside 89W
      Working Tax Credit: North West 89W
Wales 6W
      Education 6W
      NHS 6W
      Regulation 7W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 6W
      Welfare Reform 7W
Women and Equalities 132W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Pay 132W
Work and Pensions 68W
      Action for Employment: Fraud 68W
      Carer’s Allowance: North West 68W
      Child Maintenance 68W
      Departmental Consultants 70W
      Employment and Support Allowance 71W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Complaints 72W
      Employment Schemes 73W
      Employment Schemes: Fraud 73W
      Jobcentre Plus 74W
      Jobcentre Plus: Yorkshire and the Humber 74W
      Pensions 75W
      Pensions: Females 75W
      Personal Independence Payment 77W
      Regulation 78W
      Social Security Benefits 79W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals 79W
      Universal Credit 80W
      Welfare Reform Act 2012: Northern Ireland 80W
      Work Capability Assessment 81W
      Work Capability Assessment: North West 81W
      Work Programme 82W