Oral Answers
Tuesday 13 March 2012

Justice 119
      Broadcasting Court Proceedings 125
      Broadcasting Court Proceedings 134
      Community Service Sentences 132
      Domestic Violence 129
      European Court of Human Rights 131
      Illegal Encampments (Public Parks) 125
      Legal Aid (Benefit Cases) 126
      Legal Aid (Litigants in Person) 127
      Legal Aid (Litigants in Person) 133
      Legal Aid (Victims of Domestic Violence) 129
      Libel Laws 130
      Metal Theft 133
      Prison Provision (Charities) 132
      Public Order Convictions (Havering) 129
      Topical Questions 135
      Victims of Crime 123
      Work in Prisons 119

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 13 March 2012

Defence 11WS
      Armed Forces' Pay Review Body Report 11WS
Deputy Prime Minister 12WS
      Bill of Rights Commission (Membership) 12WS
Education 12WS
      Early Intervention Foundation 12WS
Health 13WS
      NHS Pay Review Body 13WS
      Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration 13WS
Home Department 14WS
      Transit Visa Requirements (Syrian, Libyan and Egyptian Nationals) 14WS
Justice 14WS
      Prison Service Pay Review Body (11th Report) 14WS
Prime Minister 15WS
      Review Body on Senior Salaries (34th Report) 15WS
Transport 16WS
      Street Works Overrun Penalties 16WS
Treasury 11WS
      Anti-avoidance 11WS
Work and Pensions 17WS
      Social Justice (Transforming Lives) 17WS
      Social Security Advisory Committee 18WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 13 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 225W
      Action for Employment 225W
      Apprentices 226W
      Apprentices: Agriculture 226W
      Consumers: Protection 227W
      Copyright 227W
      Departmental Travel 228W
      Education: Prisoners 228W
      Employment 228W
      Employment Agencies: EU Law 229W
      Government Departments: Procurement 229W
      Higher Education 230W
      Higher Education: Admissions 231W
      Higher Education Funding Council for England: Manpower 230W
      Higher Education Funding Council for England: Operating Costs 230W
      Insolvency: York 232W
      Members: Correspondence 232W
      Retail Trade: Competition 232W
      Student Loans 232W
Cabinet Office 165W
      Deaths 165W
      Departmental Contracts 166W
      Food 167W
      Government Departments: Cost Effectiveness 167W
      Government Departments: Public Consultation 167W
      Morning Star 167W
      New Businesses: York 168W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 166W
Communities and Local Government 206W
      Affordable Housing: Construction 206W
      Homelessness: North West 207W
Culture, Media and Sport 170W
      Broadband 170W
      Data Protection: Internet 170W
      Libraries 170W
      VisitEngland 171W
Defence 133W
      Air Training Corps: Disciplinary Proceedings 133W
      Armed Forces 133W
      Armed Forces: Housing 133W
      Armed Forces: Life Insurance 139W
      Armed Forces: Mental Health 140W
      Challenger Tanks 141W
      Civil Servants: Private Education 147W
      Departmental Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities Staff 141W
      Libya: Armed Conflict 142W
      Middle East 143W
      NATO: Military Exercises 143W
      RAF Lossiemouth 148W
      Serco 148W
      Veterans: Suicide 150W
Education 205W
      Child Minding 205W
Electoral Commission Committee 169W
      Consultants 169W
Energy and Climate Change 157W
      Aviation: Exhaust Emissions 157W
      Carbon Sequestration 157W
      Carbon Sequestration: Scotland 158W
      Climate Change 159W
      Electric Vehicles 159W
      Energy 160W
      Energy: Prices 160W
      Green Deal Scheme 160W
      Renewable Energy: Scotland 162W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 162W
      Agriculture: Exports 162W
      Dogs: Tagging 163W
      Hydrofluorocarbons 163W
      Livestock: Waste Disposal 164W
      Meat: Exports 165W
      Pet Animals Act 1951 165W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 202W
      Argentina 202W
      Council of Europe 202W
      Election Observers 203W
      Iran 203W
      Serbia: Ghana 204W
      Turkey 204W
Health 183W
      Dental Services 183W
      Diabetes 184W
      Diabetes: Leicester 185W
      Diseases 185W
      First Aid: Curriculum 186W
      Food: Labelling 186W
      Heart Diseases 186W
      Herbal Medicine: EU Law 187W
      Hospices: Finance 188W
      Hospitals: Older People 189W
      Mental Health Services: Hampshire 190W
      Mental Health Services: Homelessness 190W
      Neurology: Health Services 191W
      NHS: ICT 191W
      NHS: Reorganisation 192W
      NHS: Standards 192W
      Ovarian Cancer 192W
      Patients: Transport 193W
      Prescription Drugs 193W
      Regulation 194W
      Social Services 194W
      Social Services: Disadvantaged 201W
      Streptococcus: Pregnant Women 201W
      Telemedicine 202W
Home Department 151W
      Animal Experiments 151W
      Appeals: Mohamed Amir 152W
      Asylum: Lewisham 152W
      Crimes of Violence: Pedicabs 153W
      Extradition: Christopher Tappin 153W
      Food Procurement 153W
      Foreign Workers: Domestic Service 153W
      Human Trafficking 154W
      Members: Correspondence 154W
      National Crime Agency: UK Border Agency 154W
      Naturalisation 155W
      Organised Crime: Colombia 155W
      Passports 156W
      Police: Court Orders 156W
      Police National Computer 151W
      Regulation 156W
      Youssef Boutros-Ghali 156W
House of Commons Commission 171W
      Catering 171W
      Trees 172W
International Development 208W
      Bilateral Aid 208W
      British Overseas Territories 208W
      Food Aid 209W
      Israel 209W
      Palestinians 209W
      Regulation 211W
      Sahel 211W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 208W
      Tanzania: Radar 211W
      Wellingborough 211W
Justice 215W
      Cannabis: Convictions 215W
      Drugs: Rehabilitation 215W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Appeals 215W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs 216W
      Legal Aid: Fees and Charges 217W
      Litter: Prosecutions 217W
      Regulation 218W
      Reoffenders: Housing 218W
      Secure Accommodation 218W
      Victims: EU Action 218W
      Youth Custody 219W
Northern Ireland 168W
      Overseas Ministerial Travel 168W
      Regulation 168W
      Security 169W
Transport 212W
      Cycling: Safety 212W
      Driving under Influence: Rehabilitation 212W
      Pedicabs 212W
      Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation 213W
      Rescue Services: Liverpool 213W
      Roads: Closures 214W
      Traffic Regulation Orders 214W
Treasury 173W
      Child Tax Credit 173W
      Consultants 173W
      Income Tax 174W
      Senior Civil Servants 173W
      Taxation: Loans 175W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Warrington 175W
      Working Tax Credit: Warrington 176W
Wales 151W
      Remploy 151W
Women and Equalities 205W
      UN Security Council Resolution 205W
Work and Pensions 176W
      Access to Work Programme: Interpreters 176W
      Carer's Allowance 176W
      Children: Day Care 177W
      Dilnot Report 178W
      Employment: Disability 178W
      Employment Schemes 178W
      Flexible Working 180W
      Housing Benefit 181W
      Jobseeker's Allowance 181W
      Maternity Pay 182W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 177W
      Universal Credit 182W
      Winter Fuel Payments 183W
      Work Capability Assessment 183W