Oral Answers
Wednesday 14 March 2012

International Development 239
      Biofuels 245
      Democratic Republic of the Congo 241
      Development Assistance 244
      Ethiopia 243
      Malaria 243
      Palestinian Territories 240
      Somalia 245
      Syria 239
      Topical Questions 246
      Women's Rights 242
Prime Minister 248
      Engagements 248

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 14 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 19WS
      Executive Pay (Consultation on Enhanced Shareholder Voting Rights) 19WS
Deputy Prime Minister 20WS
      Diamond Jubilee Civic Honours Competition 20WS
Education 21WS
      Adoption Action Plan 21WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 22WS
      Westminster Foundation for Democracy 22WS
Home Department 23WS
      European Union Justice and Home Affairs Measures 23WS
      Hate Crime (Government Action Plan) 24WS
Treasury 20WS
      Tax and Customs Co-operation Programme 20WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 14 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 264W
      Banks: Foreign Workers 264W
      Business 265W
      Business: Loans 265W
      Business: Regulation 266W
      Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme 266W
      EU Grants and Loans 267W
      Exports: Kurdistan 267W
      Film: Intellectual Property 267W
      Foreign Investment in UK 268W
      Job Creation: Private Sector 268W
      London Development Agency: Pay 268W
      Manufacturing Industries 269W
      Manufacturing Industries: Government Assistance 269W
      Overseas Trade: Tunisia 269W
      Public Consultation 270W
      Shops: Empty Property 270W
      South West Regional Development Agency: Government Procurement Card 270W
      UK Trade & Investment: Oil 270W
      Yorkshire Forward: Pay 271W
Cabinet Office 329W
      Charities 330W
      Childbirth 330W
      Citizenship 331W
      Civil Servants: Ministerial Policy Advisers 331W
      Employment: Young People 332W
      Government Departments: ICT 332W
      Lung Cancer 329W
      Public Sector: Construction 332W
      Public Sector: Procurement 333W
      Regulation 331W
      Statistics 333W
      Trade Unions 333W
      Voluntary Organisations: Nottinghamshire 334W
Communities and Local Government 243W
      Fire Services: Finance 243W
      Homelessness 244W
      Housing 244W
      Landlords: Private Rented Housing 244W
      Local Government: Procurement 245W
      Parish Councils: Bureaucracy 245W
      Social Rented Housing: West Midlands 245W
      Urban Areas: Coastal Areas 245W
Culture, Media and Sport 238W
      Food Standards 238W
      Regulation 238W
Defence 320W
      Afghanistan 320W
      Aircraft Carriers 320W
      Armed Forces: Life Insurance 322W
      Army: Recruitment 323W
      BAE Systems 324W
      Bahrain 324W
      Clyde Submarine Base: Safety 324W
      Falkland Islands 324W
      Food Procurement 325W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 326W
      Navy 327W
      Radar: Wind Power 328W
      Regulation 328W
      Territorial Army: Recruitment 328W
Education 317W
      Child: Abuse 317W
      Drugs: Education 318W
      Families 318W
      Regulation 319W
      Schools: Finance 320W
Energy and Climate Change 285W
      Carbon Sequestration 285W
      Coal Fired Power Stations: Carbon Sequestration 286W
      Electricity: Prices 286W
      Energy: Billing 287W
      Energy: International Co-operation 288W
      Energy: Prices 289W
      Energy Supply 287W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Safety 289W
      Offshore Industry: Safety 290W
      Regulation 290W
      Renewable Energy 291W
      Renewable Energy: EU Action 292W
      Wind Power 292W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 235W
      Arable Farming: Research 235W
      Eggs: Imports 235W
      Forests 235W
      Gangmasters Licensing Authority 236W
      Livestock: Production 237W
      Schmallenberg Virus 237W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 246W
      British Indian Ocean Territory 246W
      Central Africa 246W
      Embassies: Expenditure 247W
      Iran 247W
      Iraq 248W
      North Korea 248W
      Turkey 249W
Health 271W
      Alcoholic Drinks and Drugs 271W
      Cancer 272W
      Cancer: Drugs 273W
      Carers 273W
      Clinical Commissioning Group 274W
      Disadvantaged: Families 274W
      Eyesight: Surgery 275W
      General Practitioners 276W
      General Practitioners: Bexley 277W
      Gynaecology: Medical Treatments 278W
      Hospitals: Waiting Lists 278W
      Inflammatory Bowel Disease 279W
      Medical Equipment: EU Action 280W
      Mortality Rates 280W
      Mortality Rates: East Midlands 281W
      NHS: Disclosure of Information 282W
      NHS: Pay 282W
      NHS: Private Sector 283W
      Obesity 283W
      Queen Mary's Hospital Sidcup 284W
      Regulation 284W
      Tobacco: Packaging 284W
Home Department 252W
      Bank Services 252W
      Boothby Report 252W
      Child Pornography 254W
      Crimes of Violence: Pedicabs 253W
      Drugs 253W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs Council 254W
      Families 255W
      Firearms: Forensic Science 255W
      Gold: Theft 255W
      Metropolitan Police Service: Finance 256W
      Police 256W
      Telecommunications: Databases 257W
      Wildlife Crime 253W
House of Commons Commission 251W
      Catering 251W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 250W
      Manpower 250W
      Members: Allowances 250W
      Redundancy 251W
International Development 312W
      AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 312W
      Argentina 313W
      Developing Countries: Private Sector 313W
      G20 Countries 312W
      Iraq 315W
      Nepal 313W
      North Korea 316W
      Overseas Aid 316W
      Somalia 316W
      Sub-Saharan Africa 317W
Justice 293W
      Alternatives to Prison: Wales 293W
      Counterfeit Manufacturing: Convictions 294W
      Courts: Video Recordings 293W
      Drugs: Rehabilitation 297W
      European Court of Human Rights 298W
      Food Procurement 293W
      Fraud: EU Law 298W
      Illegal Drugs: Prisons 295W
      Knives: Crime 298W
      Members: Correspondence 299W
      Prisons: Employment 300W
      Prisons: Visits 300W
      Stalking 300W
      Young Offenders: Islington 311W
      Young Offenders: Wales 301W
Transport 238W
      Aviation 238W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 240W
      Motorways: Closures 242W
      Procurement 240W
      Railways: Greater London 242W
      Railways: Hertfordshire 242W
      Railways: Information Services 243W
      West Coast Railway Line 243W
Treasury 257W
      Banks: Iceland 257W
      Business: York 258W
      Child Benefit: Rutherglen 259W
      Employment and Support Allowance 259W
      Film 259W
      Food Standards 259W
      Income Tax: Tax Rates and Bands 260W
      Loans: Local Government 260W
      Ministerial Air Travel 257W
      Regulation 261W
      Revenue and Customs 262W
      Smuggling 263W
      Tax Allowances: Film 264W
      Taxation: Africa 264W
      Thames Estuary Airport 264W
      VAT: Tax Rates and Bands 264W
Work and Pensions 334W
      Action for Employment 334W
      Atos Healthcare 335W
      Children: Day Care 335W
      Employment and Support Allowance 336W
      Fraud 336W
      Homelessness 337W
      Jobseeker's Allowance 337W
      Office for Nuclear Regulation: Lost Property 338W
      Remploy 339W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 339W
      Universal Credit 340W
      Work Capability Assessment 340W
      Work Capability: Cancer 340W
      Work Experience: Wales 341W