Oral Answers
Thursday 15 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 357
      Apprenticeships 357
      Business Growth 363
      Careers Guidance 365
      Companies Act 2006 371
      Employment Protection Law 367
      Graduate Employment 362
      Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill 369
      Industrial Strategy 370
      Inward Investment 361
      Small Businesses (Access to Finance) 372
      Topical Questions 372
      Traditional Craft Industries 368
      UK’s Science Base 366
      University Applications 359
      Village Post Offices 370

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 15 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 27WS
      Competition Regime Reform 27WS
      Employment Law Review 27WS
      EU Foreign Affairs Council (Trade Formation) 29WS
Cabinet Office 30WS
      Handling Members’ Correspondence 30WS
      Ministerial Pensions 33WS
Communities and Local Government 34WS
      Local Planning Regulations 34WS
      Microgeneration Equipment (Non-domestic Premises) 35WS
Energy and Climate Change 36WS
      Fuel Poverty 36WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 37WS
      Snares 37WS
Home Department 37WS
      Equal Civil Marriage Consultation 37WS
      Immigration Rules 41WS
      Independent Review of Police Officer and Staff Renumeration and Conditions 38WS
      Justice and Home Affairs Council 38WS
      Opt-in Decision (Parliamentary Scrutiny) 40WS
Transport 43WS
      EU Transport Council 43WS

Thursday 15 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 1P
      Proposed Closure of Rio Tinto Alcan, Lynemouth 1P
Home Department 2P
      Leave to Remain (Sam Fontana Wright) 2P

Written Answers
Thursday 15 March 2012

Attorney-General 354W
      Courts: Interpreters 354W
      Regulation 354W
      Serious Fraud Office: Manpower 355W
Business, Innovation and Skills 419W
      Department Relocation: Wellingborough 423W
      Deregulation 419W
      Employment: Economic Growth 420W
      Food Procurement 421W
      Post Offices: Photography 421W
      Regional Growth Fund 422W
      Regulation 422W
      Royal Mail: Pensions 422W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 419W
      Telephone Services: Fees and Charges 422W
      Trade Agreements: South Korea 423W
      Trading Standards 423W
      University Applications 419W
Cabinet Office 382W
      Government Departments: Procurement 382W
      Government Departments: Secondment 382W
      Mortality Rates 382W
      Regulation 385W
      Unemployment: Disability 385W
Communities and Local Government 393W
      Action for Employment 393W
      Council Tax Benefits 393W
      Families 394W
      Fire Services 394W
      Homelessness: Pendle 395W
      Incinerators: Shrewsbury 395W
      Landlords: Registration 396W
      Liverpool Port: Finance 396W
      Local Government Services: Fees and Charges 396W
      Non-domestic Rates 397W
      Planning Permission: Appeals 397W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities Staff 393W
      Social Rented Housing: Solar Power 398W
      Social Services: Finance 398W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission 398W
Culture, Media and Sport 343W
      Broadband 343W
      Mobile Phones: Fees and Charges 343W
      Olympic Games 2012: Contracts 344W
      Regulation 344W
      Telephone Services 345W
      Theatres: Museums and Galleries 347W
Defence 386W
      Libya: Immigration 386W
      Military Aircraft: Helicopters 387W
      Regulation 387W
Education 423W
      Adoption 423W
      Child Abuse 425W
      Child Protection 426W
      Child Protection Review 424W
      Children: Day Care 425W
      Families 427W
      Food Procurement 427W
      GCE A Level 428W
      GCSE 428W
      Geography: GCSE 435W
      Grammar Schools 435W
      History: Schools 436W
      Teachers: Pensions 436W
      Young People: Unemployment 436W
Energy and Climate Change 360W
      Energy Saving Trust: Consultants 360W
      Fossil Fuels: Exploration 360W
      Green Deal Scheme 360W
      Local Energy Assessment Fund 361W
      Regulation 362W
      Renewable Energy 361W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 363W
      Renewable Energy: Scotland 363W
      Renewables Obligation 363W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 410W
      Apprentices 410W
      Departmental Responsibilities 411W
      Environment Protection: EU Law 412W
      Farmers: Income 413W
      Food: Waste 413W
      Forests 413W
      Horses: Transport 413W
      Natural Capital Committee 414W
      Natural Resources 414W
      Online Services 410W
      Recycling: South Lakeland 414W
      Secondment 412W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 410W
      Timber: Waste 415W
      Water Supply: Prices 416W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 404W
      Air Travel 404W
      Bahrain 404W
      Food 405W
      Iran 406W
      Middle East 406W
      Palestinians 407W
      Regulation 405W
      Regulation 408W
      Shaker Aamer 408W
      Syria 408W
      Uganda 409W
Health 377W
      Continuing Care 377W
      Drugs: Olympic Games 2012 377W
      Drugs: Shortages 378W
      Food 378W
      Meningitis 378W
      NHS Confederation: Older People 379W
      NHS: Reorganisation 379W
      Regulation 380W
      Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust 381W
      Speech Therapy 381W
Home Department 369W
      Asylum 369W
      Crime: USA 371W
      Deportation 371W
      Domestic Violence: Human Trafficking 372W
      Entry Clearances: Domestic Service 372W
      G4S 373W
      Gurkhas 373W
      ICT 371W
      Immigrants: EU Countries 374W
      Manufacturing Industries: Prosecutions 374W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 375W
      Police: G4S 375W
      Regulation 376W
      Sexual Offences: Foreign Travel Orders 377W
House of Commons Commission 352W
      Lobbying 352W
International Development 399W
      Argentina 399W
      Developing Countries: Private Sector 401W
      Developing Countries: Tuberculosis 402W
      Regulation 403W
      Sahel 403W
      St Helena 404W
Justice 364W
      Crime: Voluntary Workers 364W
      Families 364W
      Fraud: EU Law 365W
      Organised Crime: Witnesses 365W
      Prison Sentences 365W
      Prisons 365W
      Regulation 366W
      Reoffenders 366W
      Young Offenders: Islington 367W
Northern Ireland 353W
      Departmental Manpower 353W
      Police Service of Northern Ireland: Intelligence Services 354W
      Regulation 354W
Scotland 355W
      Regulation 355W
Transport 388W
      Aviation: Environment Protection 388W
      Aviation: Working Hours 388W
      Civil Aviation Authority 388W
      Driving Tests: Motorcycles 388W
      Lorries: EU Law 389W
      Lorries: Government Assistance 389W
      Metal Theft 389W
      Public Transport: Safety 390W
      Railways: Electrification 390W
      Regulation 390W
      Roads: Accidents 391W
      Rolling Stock: Procurement 392W
      Swindon-Kemble Railway Line 392W
      Thames Estuary Airport 392W
Treasury 356W
      Child Tax Credit: Birmingham 356W
      Infrastructure: Wales 356W
      Overseas Trade: Libya 357W
      Personal Income 357W
      Private Finance Initiative 358W
      Regulation 358W
      Tax Avoidance 356W
      Taxation: Bingo 358W
      VAT: Air Ambulance Services 359W
      VAT: Green Deal Scheme 359W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 359W
Wales 355W
      Regulation 355W
Women and Equalities 352W
      Regulation 353W
      Senior Civil Servants: Ethnic Minorities 352W
Work and Pensions 347W
      Employment and Support Allowance 347W
      Employment Schemes 347W
      Fraud 348W
      Housing Benefit 348W
      Industrial Health and Safety: Mining 348W
      Jobcentre Plus: Complaints 349W
      Regulation 349W
      Universal Credit 351W
      Work Capability Assessment 352W