Oral Answers
Monday 19 March 2012

Home Department 493
      Antisocial Behaviour 506
      Assaults on Journalists 503
      Border Controls 493
      Crime Levels 498
      DNA Database 495
      Domestic Violence 507
      Gang-related Crime 497
      Hate Crime 503
      Immigration 501
      Metal Theft 504
      Police Forces (Collaboration) 500
      Production Orders 496
      Topical Questions 508

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 19 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 45WS
      National Minimum Wage 45WS
      Public Data Corporation 45WS
Communities and Local Government 46WS
      NewBuy Guarantee Scheme 46WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 47WS
      Agriculture and Fisheries Council 47WS
      Red Tape Challenge Environment Theme 47WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 48WS
      EU Foreign Ministers (Informal Meeting) 48WS
Health 50WS
      NHS Quality Standards 50WS

Monday 19 March 2012

Education 3P
      School Buildings (Runcorn) 3P
Transport 3P
      Train Fares in West Kent and East Sussex 3P

Written Answers
Monday 19 March 2012

Attorney-General 437W
      Cybercrime: Prosecutions 437W
      Human Trafficking 437W
Business, Innovation and Skills 515W
      Advantage West Midlands: Pay 515W
      Banks: Foreign Workers 515W
      Credit 515W
      Debts: Advisory Services 516W
      Employment Agencies: EU Law 516W
      Environment Protection: EU Grants and Loans 517W
      Government Departments: Greater Manchester 517W
      Higher Education 517W
      Higher Education: Admissions 518W
      Higher Education: Student Numbers 518W
      Industry: Carbon Emissions 519W
      Information Commissioner 519W
      Manufacturing Industries 519W
      McKinsey and Company 519W
      Overseas Students: Entry Clearances 519W
      Overseas Trade: Libya 520W
      Sanctions: Iran 520W
      South East England Development Agency: Government Procurement Card 521W
      Student Loans 522W
      Students: Finance 521W
      Technology: Greater London 523W
Cabinet Office 523W
      Average Earnings: Yorkshire and the Humber 523W
      Employment: York 525W
      Employment: Yorkshire and the Humber 525W
      Lung Cancer 526W
      Third Sector 529W
      Voluntary Work: Young People 529W
Church Commissioners 577W
      Episcopal Visitors 577W
Communities and Local Government 507W
      Council Tax Benefit 507W
      Fire Services: Emergency Calls 508W
      Fire Services: Finance 507W
      Fire Services: Flood Control 509W
      Housing 509W
      Housing Benefit 509W
      Housing: Construction 510W
      Housing: Energy 510W
      Housing: Repairs and Maintenance 511W
      Housing Revenue Accounts: Debts 510W
      Incinerators: Planning Permission 511W
      Land Use: Housing 511W
      Landlords: Private Rented Housing 511W
      Local Government: Trade Union Officials 512W
      Retail Trade: Urban Areas 513W
      Rough Sleeping 514W
      Traffic Regulation Orders 515W
Culture, Media and Sport 446W
      Betting 446W
      Betting: Dormant Accounts 446W
      British Overseas Territories 448W
      Broadband: Urban Areas 448W
      Cyber-security 450W
      Film Industry 448W
      Information Commissioner 449W
      Lost Property 449W
      McKinsey and Company 449W
      Procurement 449W
      Radio Frequencies: Mobile Phones 449W
      Television: Licensing 450W
      Work Experience 451W
Defence 464W
      Departmental Contracts 464W
      Nuclear Submarines: Safety 465W
      Piracy 466W
      Rescue Services: International Co-operation 466W
Deputy Prime Minister 529W
      Departmental Responsibilities 529W
      Electoral Register: Students 529W
      Urban Areas 530W
Education 573W
      Child Abuse 573W
      Children: Day Care 574W
      Children's Centres 574W
      Consultants 575W
      Education: Prisoners 575W
      Procurement 576W
      Teachers: Secondary Education 576W
Energy and Climate Change 439W
      Fuel Poverty 439W
      Green Deal Scheme 439W
      Local Energy Assessment Fund 440W
      Procurement 440W
      Work Experience 441W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 538W
      Agriculture: Storage 538W
      Animal Welfare: EU Action 538W
      British Overseas Territories 539W
      Conservation 539W
      Droughts 541W
      Farmers 542W
      Farmers: Income 542W
      Farmers: Pesticides 543W
      Fisheries: Sustainable Development 543W
      Flooding 544W
      Livestock: Disease Control 544W
      Marine Conservation Zones 549W
      Organic Food: Families 550W
      Public Sector: Pay 540W
      Rights of Way: Coastal Areas 550W
      Rural Areas: Broadband 551W
      Schmallenberg Virus 552W
      Water Supply 553W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 466W
      Afghanistan 466W
      Afghanistan: Pakistan 469W
      Atlantic Ocean Islands 470W
      Bahrain 470W
      Burma 471W
      Council of Europe 472W
      Internet 472W
      Iran 473W
      Iraq 475W
      Israel 476W
      Libya 476W
      Mckinsey and Company 479W
      NATO 479W
      Nigeria 480W
      Procurement 480W
      Russia 480W
      Somalia 481W
      Sudan 482W
      Sudan: South Sudan 483W
      Syria 483W
      Uganda 486W
      Yemen 487W
Health 553W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Abuse 553W
      Ambulance Services: North-west Region 553W
      Anticoagulation-related Bleeding 554W
      Cholesterol 555W
      Clinical Commissioning Groups 555W
      Coeliac Disease: Health Services 556W
      Diabetes: Chiropody 557W
      Diabetes: Chiropody 558W
      Drugs: Shortages 558W
      Emergency Calls 558W
      First Aid: Education 559W
      Gastrointestinal System: Health Services 559W
      Health Services: Homelessness 559W
      Health Services: Wales 559W
      Hinchingbrooke Hospital 560W
      HIV Infection 560W
      In Vitro Fertilisation 561W
      Information Commissioner 561W
      Mental Health Services 562W
      NHS: Manpower 562W
      NHS: Olympic Games 2012 561W
      Official Engagements 562W
      Physiotherapy: Strokes 563W
      Prescription Drugs 563W
      Primary Care Trusts: Telephone Services 564W
      Smoking: Health Services 564W
      Specialised Commissioning Innovation Fund 564W
      Third Sector 566W
      Tuberculosis 565W
      Tuberculosis: Vaccination 565W
Home Department 567W
      Asylum: Housing 568W
      Burglary 567W
      Child Sexual Exploitation 568W
      Crime: Control Orders 569W
      Cybercrime 569W
      Databases: Telecommunications 569W
      Domestic Violence 567W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs 570W
      Families 570W
      Illegal Immigrants 570W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 568W
      Police: Employment 571W
      Police Forces: Collaboration 567W
      Police: Olympic Games 2012 571W
      Prescription Drugs 569W
      Prescription Drugs 571W
      Proceeds of Crime 572W
      Terrorism 572W
      Third Sector 572W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee 437W
      Pay 437W
International Development 577W
      Food Procurement 577W
      Syria 578W
      Yemen 578W
Justice 530W
      Administration of Justice: Secrecy 530W
      Defamation: Scotland 532W
      Juries: Mental Illness 532W
      Legal Aid Scheme 533W
      Magistrates' Courts: Enforcement 533W
      Prisons: Drugs 533W
      Prisons: Fires 534W
      Prisons: Postal Services 536W
      Protection of Badgers: Convictions 531W
      Television: Licensing 537W
      Victim Support Schemes 537W
Northern Ireland 443W
      Departmental Responsibilities 443W
      EU Grants and Loans 443W
      Information Commissioner 443W
      McKinsey and Company 443W
      Police Service of Northern Ireland 443W
      Serious Organised Crime Agency 444W
      Terrorism: Belfast 444W
Prime Minister 438W
      Afghanistan 438W
      Business Advisory Group 438W
      Foreign Relations 438W
Scotland 441W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 441W
      Information Commissioner 441W
      Lost Property 441W
      McKinsey and Company 442W
      Remploy 442W
      Work Experience 442W
Transport 460W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 460W
      Information Commissioner 461W
      Motor Vehicles: Registration 462W
      Motorway Service Areas 462W
      Piracy: Somalia 463W
      Public Transport: Visual Impairment 464W
      Traffic Commissioners: Wales 464W
Treasury 451W
      Air Passenger Duty 451W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 451W
      Devolution: Scotland 452W
      Excise Duties: Motor Vehicles 452W
      Fuels: Prices 452W
      ICT 453W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 453W
      Information Commissioner 456W
      Official Hospitality 452W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax: Wales 457W
      Students Loans 457W
      Tax Allowances: Arts 458W
      Taxation: Air Ambulance Services 458W
      Taxation: Average Earnings 458W
      Taxation: Bingo 458W
      Taxation: Construction 459W
      Taxation: Fines 459W
      Taxation: Gambling 459W
      Taxation: Self-employed 460W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Overpayments 460W
Wales 445W
      Information Commissioner 445W
      Lost Property 445W
      McKinsey and Company 445W
      Railways: Electrification 445W
      Remploy 445W
Work and Pensions 488W
      Average Earnings: Yorkshire and the Humber 488W
      Cold Weather Payments 489W
      Contracts for Services 490W
      Disability Living Allowance 490W
      Employment and Support Allowance 491W
      Employment Schemes 492W
      Housing 497W
      Housing Benefit 497W
      Incapacity Benefit 498W
      Industrial Health and Safety 499W
      Job Creation: Greater London 500W
      Jobseeker's Allowance 500W
      Jobseeker's Allowance: Employment Schemes 501W
      Pensions 501W
      Procurement 502W
      Remploy: Coventry 502W
      Remploy: Wales 502W
      Social Security Benefits 503W
      Social Security Benefits: Northern Ireland 503W
      Social Security Benefits: Overpayments 504W
      Unemployment: Bethnal Green 504W
      Universal Credit 504W
      Widowed Parent's Allowance 505W
      Winter Fuel Payments 505W
      Work Capability Assessment 505W
      Work Experience: Minimum Wage 505W
      Work Programme 506W
      Work Programme: Fraud 506W