Oral Answers
Tuesday 20 March 2012

Attorney-General 642
      BAE Systems 649
      Crown Prosecution Service 648
      Domestic Violence 646
      Extradition 643
      Police Paperwork 645
      Serious Fraud Office 642
      Transforming through Technology Programme 643
Deputy Prime Minister 627
      Devolution 631
      Electoral Fraud 631
      Electoral Registration 628
      Electoral Registration 633
      House of Lords 629
      House of Lords 634
      Lobbyists 627
      Political Party Funding 632
      Topical Questions 635

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 20 March 2012

Attorney-general 51WS
      Departmental Prosecutions 51WS
Communities and Local Government 52WS
      Unlocking Growth in Cities 52WS
Defence 53WS
      Service Complaints Commissioner 53WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 54WS
      Environment Council (9 March 2012) 54WS
Transport 55WS
      GLA Transport Grant (2012-13) 55WS
Treasury 51WS
      National Loan Guarantee Scheme 51WS
Work and Pensions 56WS
      Employment Support 56WS

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Communities and Local Government 7P
      Planning (Woodside Close, Walsall) 7P

Written Answers
Tuesday 20 March 2012

Attorney-General 596W
      European Convention on Human Rights 596W
      Racially Aggravated Offences 596W
Business, Innovation and Skills 681W
      Banks 681W
      Business 681W
      Business: Regulation 683W
      Business: Research 683W
      Environmental Protection: Industry 684W
      EU Trade 684W
      Foreign Investment in UK: Israel 684W
      Higher Education 684W
      Higher Education: Anti-Semitism 686W
      Impact Assessments 686W
      Industry 686W
      Lost Property 687W
      Media Monitoring 687W
      Overseas Trade: Israel 688W
      Prepayments 688W
      Rare Earth Imports: China 689W
      Remploy 689W
      Science: Israel 689W
      Student Loans 690W
      Work Experience 690W
Cabinet Office 666W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 666W
      Government Departments: Procurement 666W
      Information Commissioner 666W
      McKinsey and Company 667W
      Official Visits: Minister without Portfolio 667W
      Official Visits: Minister without Portfolio 668W
      Remploy 667W
Communities and Local Government 648W
      Affordable Housing 648W
      Allotments 649W
      Building Regulations 649W
      Families 650W
      Fire Services 650W
      Housing: Offenders 651W
      Information Commissioner 651W
      Land: Retail Trade 651W
      Mayors: Referendum 652W
      McKinsey and Company 652W
      Newspaper Press: Planning Permission 652W
      Risk Registers 653W
      Rough Sleeping 653W
Culture, Media and Sport 588W
      Betting: Dormant Accounts 588W
      Broadband 588W
      Broadband: Cardiff 588W
      Electronic Government 589W
      Lifeguards: Registration 589W
      Olympic Games 2012 590W
      Radio Frequencies 590W
      Telecommunications 590W
Defence 583W
      Afghanistan 583W
      Afghanistan: Military Aid 584W
      Canada 584W
      Departmental Staff 585W
      McKinsey and Company 585W
      Nuclear Weapons: Safety 585W
      Remploy 586W
      Type 26 Frigates 586W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles 586W
Deputy Prime Minister 587W
      Devolution 587W
      Members of Parliament (Recall) 587W
      Political Party Funding 587W
      Succession to the Throne 587W
      War Powers 587W
Education 653W
      Academies 653W
      Children: Day Care 654W
      Early Intervention Foundation 654W
      Entry Clearances: Children 654W
      Freedom of Information 655W
      GCE A-level 655W
      GCSE: West Midlands 656W
      McKinsey and Company 657W
      PreVenture Programme 657W
      Pupil Exclusions 658W
      Pupil Referral Units 659W
      Sixth Form Education 659W
      Third Sector 659W
      Work Experience 660W
Energy and Climate Change 597W
      British Overseas Territories 597W
      Carbon Sequestration 597W
      Departmental Manpower 603W
      Electricity 597W
      Electricity: Meters 598W
      Energy: Billing 599W
      Energy: Carbon Emissions 600W
      Energy: Meters 600W
      Energy Ombudsman 598W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme 601W
      Green Deal Scheme 601W
      Information Commissioner 602W
      Lost Property 602W
      Ofgem 603W
      Power Stations: Expenditure 604W
      Renewable Energy 604W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 605W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 605W
      Wind Power 606W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 607W
      Air Pollution 607W
      Air Pollution: Greater London 608W
      Common Agricultural Policy: Reform 609W
      Flood Control 609W
      Low Emission Zones 609W
      Schmallenberg Virus 610W
      Whales 610W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 591W
      British Indian Ocean Territory 591W
      Cluster Munitions 592W
      Council of Europe 592W
      Israel 592W
      Morocco: Algeria 593W
      Nuclear Weapons 593W
      Ottawa Convention 594W
      Sri Lanka 594W
      Tunisia 596W
      Western Sahara 596W
Health 621W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 621W
      Breasts: Plastic Surgery 621W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Health Services 622W
      Coeliac Disease: Health Education 622W
      Diabetes: Medical Equipment 623W
      Drugs: Prices 624W
      Drugs: Schools 624W
      Health and Wellbeing Boards 624W
      McKinsey and Company 625W
      Mental Illness: Young People 625W
      Midwives 626W
      Milk: Standards 627W
      Multiple Sclerosis: Health Services 627W
      NHS: Drugs 627W
      Pancreatic Cancer: Health Services 628W
      Prescription Drugs 628W
      Procurement 629W
      Self-harm: Young People 630W
      Social Services: Finance 633W
      Tobacco 634W
      Tobacco: Packaging 634W
      Tuberculosis: Health Services 635W
Home Department 660W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 660W
      Crime 661W
      Cybercrime 661W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students 661W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs 662W
      Human Trafficking 663W
      Human Trafficking: Scotland 663W
      Immigration 664W
      McKinsey and Company 664W
      Members: Correspondence 664W
      Migration: Marriages 664W
      Procurement 664W
      Remploy 665W
      Smuggling: Tobacco 665W
      Theft: Agriculture 665W
Justice 668W
      Corruption: Private Sector 668W
      Courts: Teesside 669W
      Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press Inquiry 669W
      Employment Tribunals Service 669W
      Information Commissioner 671W
      Lost Property 671W
      Magistrates: Translation Services 672W
      McKinsey and Company 672W
      Prisons: Crimes of Violence 672W
      Prisons: Drugs 677W
      Probation: Cambridgeshire 678W
      Procurement 678W
      Work Experience 679W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 679W
      Young Offenders: Sentencing 679W
      Youth Custody: Per Capita Costs 680W
Northern Ireland 582W
      Employment 582W
      Unemployment: Females 582W
      Welfare State 582W
Scotland 583W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 583W
      Scottish Parliament: Elections 583W
Transport 610W
      A15 610W
      Air Routes 611W
      Aviation: Security 611W
      Bus Lanes: Ambulances 612W
      East Coast Railway Line 612W
      Food 612W
      Great Western Railway Line: Electrification 613W
      M1: Repairs and Maintenance 613W
      Motor Vehicles: Smoking 613W
      Piracy: Somalia 614W
      Road Traffic Control: Advertising 614W
Treasury 615W
      Financial Services: Land Use 615W
      Income Tax 615W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 616W
      Inheritance Tax 617W
      McKinsey and Company 617W
      Pensions 617W
      Revenue and Customs: Telford 618W
      Tobacco: Smuggling 619W
      VAT: Charities 620W
      Welfare Tax Credits 620W
      Working Tax Credit 620W
Wales 581W
      Income Tax 581W
      Remploy 581W
Work and Pensions 635W
      Atos Healthcare 635W
      Employment and Support Allowance 637W
      Employment: Disability 639W
      Employment Schemes 637W
      Jobcentre Plus: Birmingham 640W
      Maternity Pay 640W
      Pensions 640W
      Pensions: Birmingham 641W
      Personal Independence Payment: Visual Impairment 642W
      Poverty: Children 642W
      Remploy 643W
      Social Security Benefits 644W
      Winter Fuel Payments: Birmingham 647W
      Work Capability Assessment 647W