Oral Answers
Wednesday 21 March 2012

Cabinet Office 773
      Civil Service 773
      Government Procurement 779
      Policy Advice (Outsourcing) 775
      Topical Questions 781
      Voluntary and Community Sector 776
      Voluntary and Community Sector 778
      Voluntary Sector Funding 778
Prime Minister 783
      Early Intervention 789
      Engagements 783
      Engagements 790
      Litigation Friends 244WH
      Mobility Scooter Safety 254WH
      Safety of Journalists Abroad 226WH
      Water and Sanitation 218WH
      Westminster Hall 193WH

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 21 March 2012

Communities and Local Government 58WS
      Council Tax 58WS
Health 59WS
      Winterbourne View Hospital 59WS
Scotland 61WS
      Scotland Bill 61WS
Treasury 57WS
      Anti-Avoidance 57WS
      Debt and Reserves Management Report 57WS
      Fuel Tax Policy 57WS

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Justice 9P
      Graves in Cemeteries in Walsall 9P
      Mentally Incapacitated Persons (Rights of Carers to Financial Information) 10P

Written Answers
Wednesday 21 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 748W
      Assisted Areas: Northern Ireland 748W
      Construction 749W
      Digital Technology 749W
      English Language: Qualifications 750W
      Exports: Angola 750W
      Exports: Niger 750W
      Foreign Investment in UK 750W
      ICT 751W
      Inward Investment: West Midlands 752W
      Learning and Skills Improvement Service 753W
      Overseas Trade: Africa 753W
      Overseas Trade: Algeria 753W
      Regulation 754W
      Tobacco: Packaging 754W
      UK Trade & Investment: Libya 755W
Cabinet Office 778W
      Open Source Software 778W
      Population: Unitary Councils 779W
      Public Sector Procurement 778W
      Unemployment 779W
      Voluntary and Community Sector 778W
      Voluntary Work 780W
Communities and Local Government 697W
      Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty: Planning Permission 697W
      Building Regulations 698W
      Landlords 698W
      Local Government: Newspapers 698W
      Localism Act 2011 699W
      NewBuy Guarantee Scheme 699W
      Parish Councils: Bureaucracy 699W
      Shared Room Rate: Lancashire 700W
      Wind Power: Shropshire 700W
      Work Experience 701W
Culture, Media and Sport 693W
      Betting: Dormant Accounts 693W
      Broadband 693W
      Digital Technology 694W
      Libraries 694W
      Media Monitoring 694W
Defence 723W
      Armed Forces: Housing 723W
      Armed Forces: Life Insurance 724W
      Armed Forces: Married People 724W
      Armed Forces: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 724W
      Freedom of Information 725W
      Katrice Lee 725W
      Media Monitoring 725W
      Navy: Reserve Forces 725W
      Reserve Forces: South East 726W
      Veterans: Staffordshire 726W
      War Pensions 726W
      Work Experience 726W
Education 765W
      Adoption: Kent 765W
      Media Monitoring 767W
      Pupils: Peterborough 768W
      Schools: Asbestos 773W
      Schools: Fire Sprinklers 774W
      Special Educational Needs: Complaints 774W
Energy and Climate Change 758W
      British Overseas Territories 758W
      Energy: Billing 758W
      Energy: Carbon Emissions 759W
      Energy: Prices 760W
      Environment Protection 760W
      Environment Protection: Taxation 761W
      Green Deal Scheme 761W
      Media Monitoring 762W
      Nuclear Power 762W
      Renewable Energy 762W
      Wind Power: Health Hazards 764W
      Wind Power: Seas and Oceans 764W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 741W
      Biodiversity: Havering 741W
      BSE: USA 741W
      Dangerous Dogs 742W
      Farmers 743W
      Food Supply 743W
      Horses: Passports 743W
      Natural England: Operating Costs 743W
      Poultry: EU Law 744W
      Regulation 744W
      Regulation 747W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 719W
      Afghanistan 719W
      Belarus 719W
      Democratic Republic of Congo 719W
      Iceland 719W
      Information Commissioner 720W
      Libya 720W
      Media Monitoring 721W
      Middle East 721W
      Palestinians 722W
      Tunisia 722W
Health 731W
      Diabetes: Health Services 731W
      Drugs: Prisons 731W
      General Practitioners: Training 732W
      Lost Property 732W
      Lung Cancer: Health Services 734W
      Media Monitoring 735W
      MMR Vaccine 736W
      NHS: Drugs 736W
      NHS: Standards 737W
      Nutrition: Children 738W
      Pancreatic Cancer: Health Services 738W
      Tuberculosis 739W
      Vaccination: Schools 740W
      Work Experience 740W
Home Department 784W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 784W
      British Overseas Citizenship: Malaysia 785W
      Cybercrime 785W
      Deportation: Offenders 785W
      Immigration Controls 786W
      Independent Police Complaints Commission 786W
      Information Commissioner 786W
      National Policing Improvement Agency: Public Appointments 787W
      Police: Baton Rounds 787W
      Police: Private Sector 787W
      Police: Public Finance 788W
      Police Response: Rural Areas 789W
      Private Investigators 788W
      Sexual Offences: Registration 788W
      Suicide 788W
      Work Experience 790W
House of Commons Commission 693W
      Food Waste 693W
International Development 756W
      Bangladesh 756W
      Bangladesh: Overseas Aid 756W
      British Overseas Territories 756W
      Information Commissioner 756W
      Lost Property 757W
      Procurement 757W
      Rwanda 757W
      Work Experience 758W
Justice 780W
      Claims Management Services 780W
      Driving Offences: Mobile Phones 781W
      Employment Tribunals Service 781W
      Presumption of Death (Scotland) Act 1997 783W
      Prisons: Drugs 783W
      Translation Services 783W
Northern Ireland 695W
      Lost Property 695W
      Media Monitoring 695W
      Parades Commission 695W
      Terrorism 695W
      Welfare Reform Act 2012 696W
      Work Experience 696W
Transport 727W
      Bus Services: Birmingham 727W
      Bus Services: Concessions 728W
      Driving Under Influence 728W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 729W
      McKinsey and Company 729W
      Moor Vehicles: Imports 729W
      Procurement 729W
      Railways: Electrification 730W
      Railways: North West 730W
      Road Works: Fees and Charges 730W
Treasury 775W
      Air Passenger Duty: Northern Ireland 775W
      Gift Aid 775W
      ICT 775W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 776W
      Inheritance Tax 777W
      VAT: Third Sector 777W
Wales 697W
      Media Monitoring 697W
      Work Experience 697W
Women and Equalities 790W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission: Scotland 790W
Work and Pensions 702W
      Access to Work Programme 702W
      Atos Healthcare 705W
      Attendance Allowance 706W
      Employment and Support Allowance 707W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Birmingham 707W
      Employment Schemes 707W
      Employment Schemes: Bicycles 708W
      Employment Schemes: Young People 709W
      Health and Safety Executive: Redundancy 709W
      Income 709W
      Information Commissioner 709W
      Jobseeker's Allowance 710W
      Lost Property 710W
      Mobility Vehicles 710W
      New Enterprise Allowance: Birmingham 710W
      Personal Independence Payment 711W
      Remploy 712W
      Remploy: Redundancy 712W
      Remploy: Wales 713W
      Social Security Benefits 713W
      Unemployment: Poverty 716W

Ministerial Correction
Wednesday 21 March 2012

Health 1MC
      Diabetes: Leicester 1MC