Oral Answers
Thursday 22 March 2012

Culture, Media and Sport 907
      Creative Industries 912
      Digital Economy 916
      Football Governance 911
      Leveson Inquiry 914
      London Olympics 915
      London Olympics 917
      London Olympics 918
      Press Complaints Commission 910
      Superfast Broadband 907
      Superfast Broadband 909
      Topical Questions 918
Leader of the House 923
      Devolution 928
      Legislative Programme 924
      Legislative Scrutiny 926
      Parliamentary Privilege 923
      Public Reading Stage (Government Bills) 925

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 22 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 65WS
      Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service 66WS
      EU Foreign Affairs Council (Trade) 65WS
      Industrial Development Advisory Board 66WS
Communities and Local Government 67WS
      Fire Service College 67WS
      Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (Performance Targets) 68WS
Defence 68WS
      EU Foreign Affairs Council (Defence) 68WS
Education 69WS
      Secondary School Applications 69WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 70WS
      Habitats and Wild Birds Directive 70WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 71WS
      FCO Services (Performance Targets) 73WS
      Foreign Affairs Council and General Affairs Council 71WS
Home Department 73WS
      UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities 73WS
Justice 74WS
      Justice Programme 74WS

Thursday 22 March 2012

Education 13P
      Closure of Downhills Primary School, Tottenham 13P

Written Answers
Thursday 22 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 878W
      Advantage West Midlands: Government Procurement Card 878W
      Anti-counterfeit: Trade Agreements 883W
      Apprentices: Hull 879W
      Business: Government Assistance 880W
      Business: USA 881W
      Business: Yorkshire and the Humber 882W
      Chemicals: EU Action 883W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 885W
      East Midlands Development Agency: Government Procurement Card 884W
      East of England Development Agency: Government Procurement Card 884W
      EU Law 884W
      Green Investment Bank 885W
      London Development Agency: Government Procurement Card 886W
      One North East: Government Procurement Card 886W
      One North East: Pay 887W
      Procurement 887W
      Regional Assistance 887W
      Regional Development Agencies 888W
      Tractors 888W
      UK Trade & Investment: Libya 888W
Cabinet Office 837W
      Employment: Disability 837W
      Employment: Young People 839W
Communities and Local Government 829W
      Adoption: Expenditure 829W
      Fire Services: Income Tax 830W
      Food Procurement 830W
      Freedom of Information 830W
      Industrial Disputes 830W
      Land: Planning Permission 831W
      Local Government: Cost Effectiveness 831W
      Lost Property 832W
      Media Monitoring 832W
      Planning Permission 833W
      Public Sector Pay 829W
      Recruitment 830W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 833W
      Waste Management 833W
Culture, Media and Sport 793W
      Arts 793W
      Film 794W
      Ministerial Meetings: Newspaper Press 794W
      Mobile Phones: Rural Areas 794W
      Press Complaints Commission 795W
      Regeneration: English Regions 793W
      Tourism 795W
Defence 834W
      Afghanistan: Military Aid 834W
      Aircraft Carriers 834W
      Armed Forces: Allowances 834W
      Catering 835W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 836W
      Early Retirement 835W
      Early Warning Systems 835W
      Merlin Helicopters 836W
      Sea King Helicopters 837W
      Territorial Army: Allowances 837W
Deputy Prime Minister 827W
      Devolution 827W
      Scottish Independence 828W
      Urban Areas: Wales 828W
Education 826W
      Cleaning Services 826W
      Departmental Working Hours 826W
      Flowers 826W
      Regulation 826W
Energy and Climate Change 816W
      Electricity Generation: Carbon Emissions 816W
      Energy: Prices 816W
      Environment Protection: Taxation 816W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme 817W
      Natural Gas: Exploration 820W
      Nuclear Power 820W
      Renewable Energy: Heating 821W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 806W
      Agriculture: Apprentices 806W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control 806W
      Droughts 807W
      Farmers 807W
      Food Procurement 807W
      Public Forest Estate 808W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 791W
      Council of Ministers 791W
      Embassies: Gardens 792W
      Human Rights 792W
      Libya 792W
      Lost Property 793W
Health 796W
      Abortion: Advisory Services 796W
      Ambulance Services 796W
      Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Health Services 797W
      Intellectual Property 798W
      Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 798W
      Multiple Sclerosis: Health Services 799W
      Nurses: Schools 799W
      Organs: Donors 800W
      Prescription Drugs 800W
      South London and Maudsley NHS Trust 801W
      Transplant Surgery 801W
      Tuberculosis 803W
Home Department 813W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 813W
      Crime Prevention: EU Action 813W
      Flowers 813W
      Freezing Orders 813W
      Human Trafficking Ministerial Group 814W
      Members: Correspondence 815W
      Parking 815W
      Police Complaints Commissioner 815W
      UK Border Agency 815W
International Development 808W
      Bangladesh 808W
      Mining 809W
      Palestinians 809W
Justice 839W
      Claims Management Services 839W
      Coroners 840W
      Courts: Translation Services 840W
      European Court of Human Rights 841W
      Harassment 841W
      Hollie Greig 842W
      Legal Aid Scheme 842W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Travellers 843W
      Members: Correspondence 843W
      Prisoners: Mental Health 844W
      Prisons: Crimes of Violence 844W
      Repossession Orders 844W
      Violent and Sex Offender Register 877W
      Young Offenders: Rehabilitation 878W
Leader of the House 796W
      Ministerial Statements 796W
Northern Ireland 791W
      Patrick Finucane Review 791W
Transport 803W
      Bus Services: Concessions 803W
      DVLA 804W
      M1: Cameras 804W
      Media Monitoring 805W
      Rotherham Central Station 805W
      Traffic Penalty Tribunal 805W
      Transport: Sustainable Development 806W
Treasury 810W
      Council Tax Benefits 810W
      Feed-in Tariffs: Renewable Energy 810W
      Revenue and Customs: Telford 810W
      VAT: Disability 811W
Work and Pensions 821W
      Employment Schemes 821W
      Housing Benefit: Pension Credit 822W
      Jobseeker's Allowance: Young People 822W
      New Enterprise Allowance 823W
      Public Sector Pay 821W
      Remploy 823W
      Remploy: Wales 824W
      Universal Credit 825W