Written Ministerial Statements
Friday 23 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 75WS
      National Careers Service and “The Right Advice at the Right Time” 75WS
      Retail and Manufacturing Consultation 75WS
Communities and Local Government 78WS
      Disabled Facilities Grant Funding 78WS
      Traveller Site Provision 79WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 79WS
      Afghanistan Monthly Progress Report 79WS
Health 81WS
      Abortion Act 1967 81WS
Transport 81WS
      Additional Funding for Buses 81WS
Treasury 77WS
      ECOFIN (13 March 2012) 77WS
Work and Pensions 82WS
      Automatic Enrolment Timetable 82WS
      Discretionary Social Fund Scheme 82WS

Friday 23 March 2012

Education 15P
      School Transport (Darlington and Sedgefield) 15P

Written Answers
Friday 23 March 2012

Attorney-General 889W
      Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 889W
Business, Innovation and Skills 889W
      Climate Change 889W
      Departmental Manpower 891W
      Higher Education 890W
      Higher Education: Admissions 890W
Cabinet Office 892W
      Catering 892W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 892W
      Harassment 892W
      Lost Property 893W
      Media Monitoring 893W
      Ministers' Private Offices: Minister without Portfolio 893W
      Official Cars: Minister without Portfolio 893W
      Police: Private Sector 894W
      Work Experience 894W
Defence 894W
      Major Projects Review Board 894W
Deputy Prime Minister 895W
      Elections: Fraud 895W
      Electoral Register 895W
Education 896W
      Departmental Expenditure: Drinks 896W
      GCSE: Bracknell 896W
      GCSE: Sussex 897W
      Pupils: English Language 899W
      Secondary Education: North West 899W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 900W
      Food: Labelling 900W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 900W
      Bahrain 900W
      Nuclear Weapons: International Co-operation 901W
      Rockall 902W
      Somalia 902W
      Western Sahara 902W
      Work Experience 903W
Home Department 904W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Pricing 904W
      Entry Clearances: Tuberculosis 904W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs Council 904W
      Forensic Science 905W
      Metal Theft 905W
      Organised Crime: Proscribed Organisations 905W
      Terrorism 906W
International Development 906W
      Ethiopia: Human Rights 906W
Justice 907W
      Coroners 907W
      Harassment: Convictions 907W
      Harassment: Sentencing 908W
      Manpower 909W
      Reoffenders 909W
Transport 910W
      Aviation: Lasers 910W
      Lost Property 911W
      Railways: Electrification 911W
      Shipping: EU Law 911W
      Tractors 912W
      Work Experience 912W
Treasury 913W
      Consumers: EU Law 913W
      Taxation: Environment Protection 913W
Work and Pensions 914W
      Manpower 914W