Oral Answers
Monday 26 March 2012

Defence 1137
      Armed Forces Act 2011 1149
      Armed Forces Community Covenant Scheme 1150
      Armed Forces Morale 1147
      Carrier Programme 1142
      Defence Equipment (UK-France Co-operation) 1140
      Eurofighter Typhoon 1141
      Iran 1148
      Middle East 1146
      Military Personnel (Training) 1151
      Service Accommodation 1144
      Service Families (Welfare) 1138
      Topical Questions 1151
      United Arab Emirates 1137

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 26 March 2012

Business, Innovation and skills 85WS
      Intellectual Property Office (Performance Targets) 85WS
Cabinet Office 85WS
      Principal Civil Service Pensions Scheme 85WS
Defence 86WS
      HMS Vengeance (Long Overhaul Period) 86WS
      Iraq Historic Allegations Team 87WS
Education 88WS
      School Reform 88WS
Energy and Climate Change 89WS
      CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme 89WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 90WS
      Waste Water National Policy Statement 90WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 90WS
      International Criminal Tribunals 90WS
      Parliamentary Written Question (Correction) 91WS
      Public Records (Colonial Documents) 91WS
Health 92WS
      Alcohol Guidelines (Science and Technology Committee Report) 93WS
      Dementia 92WS
Home Department 94WS
      National Policing Improvement Agency 94WS
      Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (David Anderson Report) 94WS
      Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures 94WS
Justice 95WS
      Secure Estate for Children and Young People (Response to Consultation) 95WS
Transport 96WS
      Bus Policy, Regulation and Funding 96WS
      Night Flying Restrictions (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted) 97WS
      Olympic Penalty Charges 97WS
Work and Pensions 98WS
      Personal Independence Payment 100WS
      Social Fund Allocations (2012-13) 98WS
      State Pension Age Changes (Bridging Pensions) 99WS
      Workplace Pension Reform 100WS

Written Answers
Monday 26 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 996W
      Aerospace Industry 996W
      Business 996W
      Business: Government Assistance 997W
      Export Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme 998W
      Foreign Companies: Debts 999W
      Northwest Regional Development Agency: Government Procurement Card 999W
      Overseas Students: Entry Clearances 999W
      Overseas Trade: West Africa 1000W
      Research 1000W
      Square Kilometre Array Telescope 1000W
      Student Loans 1002W
      Students: Fees and Charges 1001W
      Students: Finance 1002W
      Sunday Trading: Olympic Games 2012 1003W
      Yorkshire Forward: Government Procurement Card 1003W
Communities and Local Government 938W
      Aerials: Planning Permission 938W
      Community Relations 938W
      Employment Schemes: Ethnic Groups 938W
      Fire Services: South Yorkshire 939W
      Floods: South Yorkshire 939W
      Growing Places Fund 939W
      Housing: Construction 940W
      Housing: Rents 940W
      Intellectual Property 941W
      Planning Permission: Bournemouth 941W
      Right to Buy Scheme: Greater London 941W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 941W
      Travellers: Finance 942W
      Urban Areas 942W
Culture, Media and Sport 932W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Advertising 932W
      Arts 933W
      Arts: Charitable Donations 934W
      Broadband 934W
      Catering 935W
      Culture 935W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 935W
      Folk Music 935W
      Heritage Lottery Fund: Consultants 936W
      Intellectual Property 936W
      Radio Frequencies 937W
      Tourism 937W
      Video Games: Age 937W
Defence 954W
      Afghanistan 954W
      Armed Forces 957W
      Armed Forces: Accommodation 957W
      Children: Service Personnel 956W
      Conflict Prevention 956W
      Criminal Investigations 954W
      Defence Equipment and Support 958W
      HMS Vengeance: HMS Vanguard 958W
      Major Projects Review Board 959W
      Ministry of Defence Police Criminal Investigation Department: Public Finance 959W
      Royal Navy: Redundancy 960W
      Syria 957W
      Trident 957W
Education 1003W
      Academies: Nottingham 1003W
      Domestic Visits 1004W
      Free School Meals 1004W
      Free Schools 1004W
      Further Education 1005W
      Harassment 1005W
      Higher Education: Admissions 1006W
      Lost Property 1006W
      Manpower 1006W
      Pupils: Per Capita Costs 1007W
      Sustainable Development 1014W
      Teaching Aids: Video Games 1014W
      Youth Clubs 1014W
Energy and Climate Change 942W
      Climate Change 942W
      Electricity Generation: Carbon Emissions 943W
      Electricity: Prices 944W
      Energy: EU Action 945W
      Energy Supply: Security 944W
      Food Procurement 945W
      Green Deal Scheme 946W
      McKinsey and Company 946W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 946W
      Solar Power 947W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 924W
      Air Pollution 924W
      Air Pollution: Greater London 925W
      Air Pollution: Local Government 926W
      Airports: Thames Estuary 926W
      Animal Welfare: Pigs 926W
      Carbon Emissions 927W
      Energy: EU Law 927W
      Floods 928W
      Floods: Housing 928W
      Hunting 928W
      Information Commissioner 929W
      Lost Property 929W
      McKinsey and Company 930W
      Media Monitoring 930W
      Nature Conservation: Crime 930W
      Phosphates: Western Sahara 930W
      Reservoirs 931W
      Rural Areas 931W
      Waste Management 931W
      Work Experience 932W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 975W
      Bahrain 975W
      Bosnia and Herzegovina 975W
      Catering 976W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 978W
      Egypt 976W
      EU Law: Disclosure of Information 977W
      Lebanon: Syria 978W
      Taxis 979W
      Western Sahara 979W
Health 980W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse 980W
      Baby Care Units 983W
      Cancer 985W
      Catering 985W
      Childbirth 985W
      Consultants 986W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 987W
      Drugs: Misuse 986W
      General Practitioners: Bolton 987W
      Genetics: Screening 987W
      Gifts and Endowments 988W
      Headaches 988W
      Herbal Medicine: EU Law 989W
      Hospitals: Parking 989W
      Infectious Diseases 989W
      Manpower 990W
      Medical Equipment: Safety 991W
      Medicine: Education 991W
      Neurology: East Midlands 992W
      Organs: Donors 992W
      Patients 993W
      Perinatal Mortality 993W
      Prescription Drugs 993W
      Taxis 994W
      Tobacco: Packaging 994W
      Tuberculosis 994W
Home Department 959W
      Catering 959W
      Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre 959W
      Cybercrime 961W
      Immigration Controls 961W
      Missing Persons: West Midlands 961W
      Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner 962W
      Passports 962W
      Passports: Databases 963W
      Private Investigators 963W
      Proceeds of Crime: EU Action 963W
      UK Border Force 963W
House of Commons Commission 915W
      Labour Party: Expenses 915W
International Development 971W
      Catering 971W
      Central Africa 971W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 972W
      Developing Countries: Disease Control 972W
      Developing Countries: Tuberculosis 972W
      Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 973W
      Intellectual Property 974W
      McKinsey and Company 973W
      Media Monitoring 974W
      Rwanda 974W
      Syria 975W
      Taxis 975W
Justice 952W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Excise Duties 952W
      Debt Collection: Regulation 953W
      Fraud: Social Security Benefits 953W
      Media Monitoring 954W
Northern Ireland 921W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 921W
      Intellectual Property 922W
      Overseas Students: Entry Clearances 922W
      Taxis 922W
Prime Minister 920W
      Members: Correspondence 920W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers 920W
Scotland 920W
      Catering 920W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 920W
      Immigration 921W
      Money Advice Service 921W
      Rescue Services 921W
Transport 947W
      Air Traffic Control 947W
      Aviation: Working Hours 948W
      Driving Offences: Insurance 948W
      Driving Under Influence 949W
      DVLA 949W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 949W
      Motor Vehicles: Exhaust Emissions 950W
      Office of Rail Regulation 950W
      Pay 950W
      Rail Freight: Radlett 947W
      Railway Stations: Parking 951W
      Railways: Northumberland 951W
      Traffic Penalty Tribunal 951W
      Transport: Further Education 952W
Treasury 915W
      Capital Gains Tax 915W
      Credit Unions 915W
      Crime: Assets 916W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme 916W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks 917W
      Income Tax: Tax Rates and Bands 917W
      Northern Rock Asset Management 919W
      Revenue and Customs: Scotland 919W
      Working Tax Credit: Clwyd 919W
Wales 922W
      Catering 922W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 923W
      First Time Buyers 923W
      Immigration 923W
      Intellectual Property 923W
      National Assembly for Wales 924W
      Taxis 924W
Work and Pensions 964W
      Apprentices: Remploy 964W
      Asylum: Finance 964W
      Council Tax Benefits 965W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 966W
      Employment Schemes 965W
      Food Procurement 966W
      Housing Benefit: Scotland 967W
      Jobcentre Plus 967W
      Media Monitoring 968W
      Occupational Pensions 968W
      Remploy 968W
      Social Security Benefits 969W
      Students: Social Security Benefits 969W
      Universal Credit 969W

Ministerial Correction
Monday 26 March 2012

International Development 3MC
      Democratic Republic of the Congo 3MC