Oral Answers
Tuesday 27 March 2012

Health 1317
      111 Telephone Service 1326
      Adult Congenital Cardiac Services 1328
      Care at Home 1325
      Defective Breast Implants 1321
      End-of-life Care 1317
      GPs (Performance Management) 1323
      Health Care (Professional Standards) 1331
      NHS Reorganisation (Costs) 1318
      Nurse to Patient Ratio 1327
      Private Finance Initiatives (North-East) 1323
      Raynaud’s Disease and Scleroderma 1328
      Services for Older People 1330
      Topical Questions 1331
      Tuberculosis 1320
      Vision Screening (Children) 1329
      Walk-in Centres 1322

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 27 March 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 101WS
      Bursaries for Initial Teacher Training 102WS
      Companies House (Public Targets 2012-13) 101WS
      Financial Reporting Council 104WS
      Her Majesty's Land Registry (Performance Targets) 103WS
      Regional Development Agencies Operational Closure 105WS
Cabinet Office 108WS
      Election and Referendum Guidance 108WS
Communities and Local Government 108WS
      Post Public Disturbances (Payments to Local Authorities) 108WS
      Research Commissioned by the Previous Administration 113WS
Culture, Media and Sport 114WS
      The Tote 114WS
Defence 115WS
      Defence Police and Guarding Agency 116WS
      EU Foreign Affairs Council (Defence) 115WS
      Joint Forces Command 116WS
      Nuclear Security Summit 119WS
Education 119WS
      Carbon Capture and Storage 122WS
      Early Years Foundation Stage 119WS
      Quango Reform 121WS
      Teachers' Powers to Discipline 121WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 122WS
      Parliamentary Written Question (Correction) 122WS
Health 125WS
      Public Health Workforce Consultation 125WS
Home Department 126WS
      Migration Advisory Committee and the Technical Advisory Board 128WS
      Police Air Support (Collaboration Agreement) 126WS
      Police Officers and Staff (Remuneration and Conditions of Service) 126WS
Justice 129WS
      Community Sentences and Probation Consultation 129WS
      Coroner Services 131WS
Transport 132WS
      Driving Tests (Taking Testing to the Customer) 135WS
      EU Transport Council 132WS
      High Speed Rail 134WS
      Motoring Agencies Business Plans and Performance Frameworks 132WS
Treasury 106WS
      Planned Tax Consultations (Publication) 106WS
      Royal Mint Advisory Committee 107WS
      UK Convergence Programme 107WS
Work and Pensions 136WS
      Universal Credit (Passported Benefits) 136WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 27 March 2012

Attorney-General 1027W
      Work Experience 1027W
Business, Innovation and Skills 1132W
      Arms Trade 1132W
      Basic Skills 1133W
      Business: Loans 1133W
      Catering 1134W
      Duke of York 1134W
      EU Internal Trade 1135W
      Exports: Bahrain 1135W
      Exports: Egypt 1136W
      Exports: Libya 1136W
      Exports: Syria 1137W
      Exports: Tunisia 1137W
      Exports: Yemen 1139W
      Foreign Companies 1140W
      Higher Education: Private Sector 1141W
      Intellectual Property 1141W
      Intellectual Property Office 1141W
      Mature Students 1142W
      Property Development 1146W
      Research 1146W
      Technology Strategy Board: Expenditure 1147W
      Training 1147W
Cabinet Office 1062W
      Business Appointments Advisory Committee 1062W
      Manpower 1062W
      Statistics 1063W
      Transport: Costs 1063W
Communities and Local Government 1064W
      Affordable Housing: Birmingham 1064W
      Community Relations 1065W
      Fire Extinguishers: Schools 1065W
      Fire Prevention: Free Schools 1065W
      Housing: Energy 1066W
      Housing: Rural Areas 1066W
      Shared Ownership Schemes 1067W
      Social Rented Housing 1067W
      Temporary Accommodation: Rural Areas 1067W
      Troubled Families Initiative: Peterborough 1068W
      Wind Power: Planning Permission 1069W
Culture, Media and Sport 1020W
      Arts: Crime Prevention 1020W
      Betting: Dormant Accounts 1021W
      Broadband 1021W
      Broadband: North East 1022W
      Leisure: Industry 1022W
      Manpower 1022W
      Olympic Games 2012 1023W
      Radio Frequencies 1023W
      Remploy 1023W
      Sports 1024W
      Sports: Schools 1024W
Defence 1048W
      Afghanistan 1048W
      Air Force: Languages 1049W
      Air Travel 1049W
      Aircraft Carriers 1049W
      Armed Forces 1050W
      Armed Forces: Police 1051W
      Armed Forces: Scotland 1051W
      Defence 1051W
      Falkland Islands 1052W
      Intellectual Property 1052W
      Intelligence and Security Committee 1052W
      Iraq Conflict: Depleted Uranium 1053W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 1053W
      Military Aircraft 1054W
      Military Bases 1054W
      Ministry of Defence Police 1055W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Safety 1055W
      RAF Menwith Hill 1055W
      Somalia: Piracy 1056W
      Syria 1056W
      Taxis 1056W
Education 1028W
      Academies: Pensions 1028W
      Catering 1028W
      Children’s Centres: Leeds 1029W
      Citizenship: Education 1029W
      Day Care: North East 1029W
      Departmental Expenditure: Drinks 1030W
      English Baccalaureate 1030W
      English Language: National Curriculum Tests 1030W
      Free Schools 1032W
      Free Schools: School Meals 1032W
      GCSEs: GCE A-Levels 1032W
      Intellectual Property 1035W
      Literacy: Teaching Methods 1035W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged 1035W
      Remploy 1036W
      Schools: Admissions 1036W
      Schools: Birmingham 1036W
      Schools: Fire Extinguishers 1036W
      Schools: Inspections 1037W
      Schools: Sanitation 1037W
      Teachers: Trade Unions 1037W
      Teachers: Training 1037W
      Teachers: Wales 1038W
      Truancy: Leeds 1039W
      Young People: Alcoholic Drinks 1039W
Energy and Climate Change 1079W
      Clean Coal Technology 1079W
      Combined Heat and Power: Biofuels 1080W
      Energy: Carbon Emissions 1080W
      Energy: Disconnections 1081W
      Energy: Meters 1081W
      Energy: Prices 1082W
      Environment Protection 1082W
      Environment Protection: Taxation 1083W
      Green Deal Scheme 1083W
      Manpower 1084W
      Power Stations: Carbon Emissions 1085W
      Renewable Energy 1085W
      Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme 1085W
      Renewables Obligation 1086W
      Wind Power 1086W
      Wind Power: Seas and Oceans 1087W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1024W
      Dogs: Electronic Training Aids 1024W
      Food 1025W
      Food: Exports 1025W
      Manpower 1026W
      Nature Conservation: EU Law 1026W
      Rural Areas: Broadband 1026W
      Schmallenberg Virus 1027W
      Taxis 1027W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1087W
      1 Carlton Gardens 1087W
      Intellectual Property 1088W
      Iraq 1089W
      Libya 1090W
      Mauritania 1091W
      Syria 1091W
Health 1100W
      Asperger’s Syndrome 1101W
      Care Quality Commission 1102W
      Care Quality Commission: Consultants 1102W
      Cholesterol 1105W
      Contraceptives 1105W
      Crosby-Textor 1105W
      Doctors: Training 1106W
      Epilepsy: Health Services 1106W
      General Practitioners 1107W
      General Practitioners: Management Consultants 1108W
      GP Waiting Times 1100W
      Health Allocation Formula 1101W
      Health: Management Consultants 1109W
      Health Visitors: Crimes of Violence 1108W
      Herbal Medicine: EU Law 1109W
      Hospital Beds 1110W
      Maternity Services: Greater London 1110W
      Monitor: Consultants 1110W
      Monitor: McKinsey and Company 1112W
      Muscular Dystrophy: East Midlands 1112W
      NHS: Advocacy 1113W
      NHS Foundation Trusts 1112W
      NHS: Management Consultants 1114W
      NHS: Scotland 1100W
      NHS: Scotland 1101W
      NHS: Standards 1115W
      NHS: Theft 1115W
      Pancreatic Cancer: Health Services 1115W
      Private Health Care Sector 1100W
      Prostate Cancer 1117W
      Public Health Responsibility Deal 1100W
      Royal Sussex County Hospital 1117W
      Tuberculosis 1118W
Home Department 1119W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Excise Duties 1119W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse 1119W
      Aviation: Security 1119W
      British Nationality: Families 1119W
      Crime Prevention: Motor Vehicles 1120W
      Drugs: Crime 1120W
      Drugs: Regulation 1121W
      Entry Clearances: Foreign Workers 1122W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 1123W
      Foreign Workers: Domestic Service 1123W
      Freezing Orders: EU Action 1124W
      Immigration 1124W
      Immigration Controls: Olympic Games 2012 1125W
      Immigration: Lewisham 1125W
      Immunity Certificates 1125W
      Intellectual Property 1126W
      Lasers 1126W
      Lost Property 1126W
      Metal Theft 1131W
      Metropolitan Police: Public Appointments 1127W
      Money Laundering 1127W
      Olympic Games 2012 1127W
      Organised Crime 1128W
      Organised Crime: EU Action 1128W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 1128W
      Police: Private Sector 1129W
      Proceeds of Crime: EU Action 1130W
      Security: Football 1130W
      Taxis 1131W
      UK Border Agency: Manpower 1131W
      UK Border Force 1131W
      UK Border Force: Manpower 1132W
      War Crimes: EU Action 1132W
International Development 1078W
      Developing Countries: Tuberculosis 1078W
      Iraq 1079W
      Sri Lanka 1079W
Justice 1069W
      Bill of Rights 1070W
      Chief Coroner 1070W
      Corruption: EU Action 1071W
      Courts: Translation Services 1071W
      Criminal Records: EU Action 1072W
      Departmental Expenditure 1072W
      Employment Tribunals Service 1073W
      Family Courts: Expert Evidence 1074W
      Fines: EU Law 1074W
      Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction 1074W
      Legal Aid Scheme 1075W
      Location 1076W
      Prisoners 1076W
      Prisons: Private Sector 1077W
      Remand in Custody: Expenditure 1069W
      Telephone Tapping: Business 1078W
Northern Ireland 1018W
      Departmental Responsibilities 1018W
      Police Service of Northern Ireland 1018W
      Serious Organised Crime Agency 1019W
Prime Minister 1024W
      Early Intervention Foundation 1024W
Scotland 1019W
      Media Monitoring 1019W
Transport 1056W
      Cycling: Safety 1056W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 1058W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 1059W
      Intellectual Property 1059W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Fees and Charges 1059W
      Olympic Games 2012 1060W
      Railways: Fares 1060W
      Rescue Services 1060W
      Traffic Penalty Tribunal 1061W
Treasury 1092W
      Child Benefit 1092W
      CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme 1094W
      Employment Agencies 1095W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks 1096W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 1096W
      Minimum Wage 1097W
      PAYE 1097W
      Recruitment 1094W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax 1098W
      Taxation: Multinational Companies 1098W
      Tobacco: Smuggling 1098W
      VAT 1099W
      Welfare Tax Credits 1099W
Wales 1019W
      Devolution 1019W
      Health and Social Care Bill 1019W
      Public Sector: Pay 1020W
      Remploy 1020W
Women and Equalities 1017W
      Business: Females 1017W
      Fiscal Policy: Females 1017W
      Work Experience 1018W
Work and Pensions 1040W
      Action for Employment 1040W
      Apprentices: Pay 1040W
      Consultants 1041W
      Disability 1041W
      Disability Living Allowance 1041W
      Fuel Poverty 1042W
      Housing Benefit 1042W
      Intellectual Property 1043W
      New Enterprise Allowance 1043W
      Occupational Pensions 1043W
      Pay 1044W
      Personal Income 1044W
      Personal Independence Payment 1045W
      Remploy 1046W
      Remploy: Wales 1046W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud 1047W
      Unemployed People: Travel 1047W
      Universal Credit 1047W
      Work Capability Assessment 1048W