Oral Answers
Tuesday 17 April 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 151
      Afghanistan 151
      Ethiopia 156
      Iran 164
      Israel/Palestine 162
      Russian Federation 158
      Sri Lanka 166
      Syria 159
      Topical Questions 166
      UK Economy 157

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 17 April 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 15WS
      Export Controls (Additional Measures) 15WS
Cabinet Office 15WS
      Big Society Capital 15WS
      Ministerial Responsibilities 16WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 17WS
      Neil Heywood 17WS
Home 18WS
      Abu Qatada 18WS
Scotland 19WS
      Scottish Law Reform 19WS
Treasury 17WS
      Bilateral Loan to Ireland 17WS

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Scotland 1P
      Redevelopment of Tesco Site in Linwood (Renfrewshire) 1P

17 Apr 2012 : Column 303

17 Apr 2012 : Column 303

Written Answers
Tuesday 17 April 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 332W
      English Language: Education 332W
      Intellectual Property Office 332W
      Mature Students 333W
      Procurement 334W
      Student Loans 334W
      Undertakers: Standards 334W
Communities and Local Government 313W
      Affordable Housing: Construction 313W
      Business Improvement Districts 314W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 314W
      Council Tax 315W
      Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal 315W
      EU Grants and Loans 315W
      Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 314W
      Fire Services: Finance 316W
      Fire Services: Pensions 317W
      Housing: Construction 317W
      Local Authorities: Collective Worship 317W
      Local Government Finance 318W
      Planning Permission 318W
      Planning Permission: Appeals 319W
      Planning Permission: Radlett 319W
      Vodafone Group 319W
Culture, Media and Sport 310W
      Broadband 310W
Defence 321W
      Afghanistan 321W
      Centre for Defence Enterprise 322W
      Defence Equipment: Internet 322W
      E-mail 323W
      Nuclear Submarines: Devonport Dockyard 323W
      Plymouth 324W
Education 326W
      Adoption: Kent 326W
      CAFCASS: Stoke-on- Trent 327W
      Government Art Collection 328W
      Members: Correspondence 329W
      Taxis 329W
      Vodafone Group 329W
Energy and Climate Change 324W
      Feed-in Tariffs 324W
      Green Deal Scheme 325W
      Renewable Energy 325W
      Renewables Obligation 326W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 326W

17 Apr 2012 : Column 304

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 349W
      Farmers: Loans 349W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 335W
      Afghanistan 335W
      Falklands 336W
      India 336W
      Iran 335W
      Iraq 335W
      North Korea 337W
      Sri Lanka 336W
      Sudan and South Sudan 336W
      Tibet 337W
Health 307W
      Congenital Abnormalities 307W
      Departmental Buildings 307W
      Expenditure: Christmas 307W
      Expenditure: Televisions 309W
      Medical Treatments: Research 308W
      Training 309W
Home Department 303W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 303W
      Crime 303W
      Crime: Wales 304W
      Criminal Investigation 304W
      Firearms: Licensing 304W
      Police: Communications Systems 305W
      Police: Income Tax 305W
      Prisoners: Repatriation 305W
      Suicides and Homicides 305W
      UK Border Force 307W
International Development 330W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 330W
      Developing Countries: Carbon Emissions 330W
      Developing Countries: Education 330W
      Developing Countries: HIV Infection 331W
      Developing Countries: Water and Sanitation 331W
      Vodafone Group 332W
Justice 321W
       Prisons: Drugs 321W
Northern Ireland 312W
      Catering 312W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 312W
      E-mail 312W
      Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 312W
      Vodafone Group 313W
Prime Minister 310W
      Official Hospitality 310W
      Peter Cruddas 311W
      Prime Minister's Policy Unit 311W
      Sovereignty: Scotland 311W
Transport 320W
      Green Bus Fund 320W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 320W
      Transport: Finance 320W
Treasury 337W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 338W
      Excise Duties: Fuels 338W
      Expenditure: Catering 337W
      Housing: Carbon Emissions 339W
      Loans: Republic of Ireland 339W
      Lost Property 339W
      Pay 338W
      Procurement 340W
      Project Merlin 340W
      Smuggling 341W
      Solar Power 341W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax 342W
      Taxation: Bingo 342W
      Taxation: Gambling 342W
      Tonnage Tax 342W
      Vodafone Group 343W
      Work Experience 343W
Wales 313W
      Commission on Devolution in Wales 313W
Work and Pensions 344W
      Access to Work Programme: Birmingham 344W
      Atos 344W
      Care Homes: Disability 344W
      Child Benefit 345W
      Child Maintenance 345W
      Disability Living Allowance 347W
      Housing Benefit 347W
      Pay 346W
      Pensions 348W
      Personal Independence Payments 348W
      Personal Independence Payments: Fylde Coast 349W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 17 April 2012

Treasury 3MC
      Tax Avoidance 3MC