Oral Answers
Wednesday 18 April 2012

Prime Minister 311
      (Clauses 1, 4, 8, 189 and 209, Schedules 1, 23 and 33, and certain new Clauses and new Schedules relating to value added tax) 327
      Engagements 311
Scotland 301
      Age-related Personal Allowances 307
      Budget (Ministerial Meetings) 302
      Devo-Max 310
      Fuel Poverty 310
      Funding Formula 304
      Independence (Currency) 309
      Referendum Consultation 306
      Scotland Bill 301

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 18 April 2012

Attorney-General 21WS
      Interim Guidelines for Prosecutors on Assessing the Public Interest in Cases Affecting the Media 21WS
Treasury 21WS
      Informal ECOFIN 21WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 18 April 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 380W
      Action for Employment 380W
      Apprentices: Wrexham 380W
      Business: Government Assistance 381W
      Business: Research 381W
      Local Government: Apprentices 383W
      Ministerial Meetings 382W
      Research 384W
      Research: EU Grants and Loans 384W
      Students: Finance 385W
Cabinet Office 410W
      Business 410W
      Deaths: Mesothelioma 410W
      Employment: Younger People 411W
      Ministerial Meetings 411W
      Official Hospitality 411W
      Unemployment: Older Workers 412W
Church Commissioners 429W
      Churches: Repairs and Maintenance 429W
Communities and Local Government 405W
      Families 405W
      Families: Expenditure 405W
      Fire Services: Pensions 406W
      Insulation: Housing 408W
      Non-domestic Rates: Public Lavatories 407W
      Official Gifts 408W
      Procurement 409W
      Social Rented Housing 409W
Culture, Media and Sport 356W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012 356W
      Nuisance Telephone Calls 357W
Defence 369W
      Afghanistan 369W
      Afghanistan and Iraq 370W
      Aircraft Carriers 370W
      Armed Forces: Recruitment 371W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 371W
      Defence Business Services 371W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 372W
      Military Aircraft 373W
      Military Bases: Telephone Systems 373W
      MOD St Athan 374W
      Trident 374W
      USA 374W
      Veterans: Radiation Exposure 374W
      Vodafone Group 375W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 375W
      Yorkshire Regiment 375W
Education 386W
      Departmental Responsibilities 386W
Energy and Climate Change 361W
      Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 361W
      Electricity 363W
      Energy 364W
      Energy: Droughts 364W
      Gas-fired Power Stations: Carbon Emissions 365W
      Green Deal Scheme 365W
      Methane 365W
      Nuclear Power 366W
      Renewable Energy 366W
      Retirement 366W
      Warm Front Scheme 366W
      Wind Power 367W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 376W
      Afghanistan 376W
      Diplomatic Service: Official Cars 376W
      Israel 377W
      Israel: Palestinians 378W
      Jewish National Fund 378W
      North Korea 378W
      Official Hospitality 378W
      Peter Cruddas 379W
      Sarah Southern 379W
      South Sudan 380W
Health 412W
      Abortion 412W
      Air Ambulance Services 413W
      Alcoholic Drinks 413W
      Antidepressants 413W
      Arthritis 414W
      Cancer 415W
      Care Quality Commission 415W
      Employment and Support Allowance 416W
      General Practitioners 416W
      Genetics: Screening 416W
      Health and Social Care Act 2012 417W
      Health Services: Private Sector 417W
      Hearing Impairment 418W
      Home Care Services 418W
      Hospitals: Admissions 418W
      Japan Tobacco International 421W
      Jenny Jackson 421W
      Maternity Services 422W
      Mesothelioma 422W
      Midwives 424W
      Ministerial Travel 429W
      NHS 425W
      NHS Foundation Trusts 425W
      NHS Property Services 426W
      Prescription Drugs 427W
      Sarah Southern 427W
      Sickle Cell Diseases 428W
      Suicide 428W
      Taxis 428W
Home Department 359W
      Counterfeit Manufacturing: Euro 359W
      DNA: Databases 359W
      Office of Surveillance Commissioners: Public Appointments 360W
      Youth Offending Teams 360W
International Development 367W
      Democratic Republic of Congo 367W
      Global Schools Partnership Scheme 368W
      National Income 368W
      Overseas Aid 368W
Justice 430W
      British Nationals Abroad 430W
      Civil Disorder 431W
      Confiscation Orders 431W
      Crimes of Violence: Mental Health Services 432W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation 432W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Appeals 432W
      Human Trafficking 433W
      Human Trafficking: Victim Support Schemes 434W
      LGC Forensics 435W
      Prisoners on Remand 435W
      Reparation by Offenders 436W
      Youth Custody: Yorkshire and the Humber 436W
Prime Minister 357W
      Burma 357W
      Families 357W
Scotland 358W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation 358W
      Economy 358W
      Employment Legislation 358W
      Employment Schemes: Young People 359W
      Independence: Intergovernmental Discussions 358W
Transport 351W
      Aviation: Working Hours 351W
      Cycling 351W
      Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 351W
      Railways: Tickets 351W
      Roads: Repairs and Maintenance 352W
Treasury 352W
      Child Benefit 352W
      Excise Duties: Fuels 353W
      Housing: Scotland 353W
      Media Monitoring 354W
      Public Sector: Construction 354W
      Public Sector: Pay 354W
      Taxation: Bingo 355W
      Taxation: Scotland 356W
      Taxation: Self-assessment 356W
Work and Pensions 387W
      Child Maintenance 388W
      Child Support Agency 387W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 390W
      Credit Unions 391W
      Departmental Pay 391W
      Disability and Carers Service 396W
      E-mail 396W
      Employment and Support Allowance 398W
      Funeral Payments 397W
      Jobcentre Plus 399W
      Older Workers 399W
      Parkinson’s Disease 400W
      Peter Cruddas 402W
      Sarah Southern 402W
      Social Security Benefits 402W
      Strychnine 403W
      Unemployment: Older People 404W