Oral Answers
Thursday 19 April 2012

Transport 483
      Bus Fares 483
      Bus Services 484
      Bus Services (Competition Commission Report) 486
      Fuel Costs 491
      High Speed 2 488
      Local Transport Schemes (Funding) 494
      Midland Main Line 489
      Rail Fares 492
      Roadworks 487
      Topical Questions 495
Women and Equalities 499
      Age Discrimination 504
      Child Care 501
      (Clauses 1, 4, 8, 189 and 209, Schedules 1, 23 and 33, and new Clauses and new Schedules relating to value added tax) 546
      Same-sex Marriages 502
      Unemployment 499

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 19 April 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 25WS
      Foreign Affairs Council and General Affairs Council 25WS
Home Department 27WS
      Abu Qatada 27WS
Transport 28WS
      Highways Agency and Network Rail (Fire Risk Audit Reports) 28WS
Treasury 25WS
      UK Convergence Programme (2011-12) 25WS

Written Answers
Thursday 19 April 2012

Attorney-General 455W
      Prosecutions 455W
      Prosecutions: Business 455W
Business, Innovation and Skills 557W
      Airbus SAS: China 557W
      Antarctic 557W
      Aviation: EU Emissions Trading Scheme 558W
      Export Controls: Drugs 560W
      Higher Education: Admissions 560W
      OECD: Multinational Companies 562W
      Office of Fair Trading 563W
      Postage Stamps: Prices 563W
      Small Business: Research 559W
      Small Businesses 558W
      Students: Fees and Charges 564W
Cabinet Office 554W
      Buildings 554W
      Charities 554W
      Departmental Standards 555W
      Efficiency and Reform Group 556W
      Entry Clearances: Iran 556W
      National Lottery 557W
Church Commissioners 456W
      Metal Theft 456W
Communities and Local Government 518W
      Disabled Facilities Grants 518W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 519W
      High Street Review 520W
      Infrastructure: Environment Protection 520W
      Local Nature Partnerships 520W
      Localism Act 2011 521W
      Parking: Fees and Charges 521W
      Peter Cruddas 522W
      Planning Permission 522W
      Sarah Southern 523W
Culture, Media and Sport 513W
      Broadband 513W
      Broadband: Liverpool 515W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme 515W
      Members: Correspondence 516W
      Ministerial Meetings 515W
      Olympic Games 2012 516W
      Sports: Charitable Donations 517W
      Travel 518W
Defence 523W
      Aircraft Carriers 523W
      Armed Forces: Allowances 524W
      Armed Forces: Housing 524W
      Armed Forces: Surveillance 525W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles 525W
      Army: Scotland 526W
      Assets 526W
      Defence Equipment 526W
      Defence Equipment and Support 526W
      Falkland Islands 527W
      Military Aircraft 527W
      Research 527W
      Sentry Aircraft 528W
Education 534W
      Academies 534W
      Children: Obesity 534W
      GCSE 534W
      GCSE: Disadvantaged Pupils 535W
      Music Education 539W
      Nursery Schools 541W
      Ofsted 541W
      Pupil Exclusions 541W
      Special Educational Needs 542W
Electoral Commission Committee 481W
      Electoral Register: Students 481W
Energy and Climate Change 482W
      Carbon Emissions 482W
      Community Energy Saving Programme 482W
      Community Energy Saving Programme 483W
      Energy 483W
      Environment Protection 484W
      Fuel Poverty 484W
      Green Deal Scheme 486W
      Official Visits 488W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 488W
      Renewables Obligation 489W
      Sarah Southern 489W
      Solar Power 489W
      Tidal Power 490W
      Warm Front Scheme 491W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 495W
      Agriculture: Droughts 495W
      Animal Welfare 495W
      Droughts 496W
      Electricity Generation 496W
      Farms: Taxation 498W
      Fisheries 498W
      Fishery Agreements 499W
      Peat 499W
      Public Bodies 499W
      UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 500W
      Water Supply 500W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 491W
      Afghanistan 491W
      Democratic Republic of Congo 492W
      India 493W
      Libya 493W
      Mali 493W
      Private Military and Security Companies 494W
      Rendition 494W
      Somalia 495W
Health 468W
      Abortion 468W
      Antibiotics 468W
      Asperger’s Syndrome 468W
      Brain Tumours 469W
      Cleveland Fire Brigade 470W
      Health Services: North Yorkshire 470W
      Information Officers 470W
      Leukaemia: Drugs 470W
      NHS North of England Strategic Health Authority 471W
      North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust 471W
      Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust 471W
      Obesity 472W
      Prescription Drugs 474W
      Radiotherapy 475W
      Schizophrenia 477W
      Social Services 477W
      Thromboembolism 477W
      Tuberculosis 478W
Home Department 455W
      Animal Experiments 455W
      Asylum 456W
      Child Protection 457W
      Cycling: Pavements 457W
      Deportation: Gary McKinnon 458W
      Female Genital Mutilation 458W
      Hizb ut-Tahrir 458W
      Human Trafficking 458W
      Human Trafficking 460W
      Human Trafficking: Children 459W
      Immigration: Students 459W
      Members: Correspondence 460W
      Metal Theft 463W
      National Policing Improvement Agency 460W
      Passports 460W
      Passports: Scotland 461W
      Peter Cruddas 461W
      Preventing Programme 461W
      Proceeds of Crime 462W
      Refugees: Asylum 462W
      Refugees: Kuwait 462W
      Rob Whiteman: Pay 463W
      Sarah Southern 463W
      Travellers 464W
      UK Borders 465W
International Development 501W
      Developing Countries: Children 501W
      Developing Countries: Females 502W
      Developing Countries: Food Prices 501W
      Sahel 502W
Justice 503W
      Confiscation Orders 503W
      Corston Review 503W
      Crime: Victims 504W
      Foreign Companies 504W
      Legal Profession: Pay 504W
      Prison Sentences: Females 504W
      Prison Service 505W
      Prisoners: Self-Harm 505W
      Prisoners: Voting Rights 505W
      Translation Services 506W
      Young Offenders: Haringey 507W
Scotland 480W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 480W
      E-mail 480W
      Sovereignty 480W
      Vodafone Group 480W
Transport 543W
      Airport Expansion: South-East 543W
      Blue Badge Scheme 545W
      Bus Fares 545W
      Bus Service Operator Grant 543W
      Driving: Licensing 545W
      Energy Use 544W
      Heathrow Airport 546W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 544W
      Local Transport Schemes: Funding 544W
      Motor Vehicles: Excise Duties 546W
      Official Cars 546W
      Public Transport: London 544W
      Railways 547W
      Railways: Electrification 549W
      Railways: Franchises 549W
      Rolling Stock 550W
      Shipping 550W
      Shipping: Government Assistance 550W
      Shipping: Pollution 551W
      Tonnage Tax 553W
      Trunk Roads 543W
      Vodafone Group 553W
Treasury 528W
      Bankruptcy 528W
      Budget March 2012 528W
      Child Benefit 529W
      Credit 529W
      Income Tax: Tax Rates and Bands 529W
      Land: Sales 530W
      Loans 530W
      Money Advice Service 530W
      Public Sector: Pay 531W
      Tax Allowances: Motor Vehicles 531W
      VAT 531W
      Welfare Tax Credits 531W
Women and Equalities 478W
      Black and Minority Ethnic Communities 478W
      Christianity 479W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 479W
      Human Rights: Religion 479W
      Marriage: EU Action 479W
      Sexual Harassment 478W
      Unemployment 478W
Work and Pensions 465W
      Child Maintenance 465W
      Deep-vein Thrombosis 466W
      Guaranteed Minimum Pensions 466W
      Housing Benefit 467W
      Pension Credit 467W
      Universal Credit 467W