Oral Answers
Monday 23 April 2012

Work and Pensions 637
      Childcare Support 639
      Employment and Support Allowance 647
      Flexible Support Fund 650
      Löfstedt Report 643
      Multiple Disadvantages 644
      New Enterprise Allowance 652
      Pension Funds 650
      Remploy 639
      Single-tier State Pension 637
      Single-tier State Pension 653
      Topical Questions 653
      Unemployment (Bristol) 651
      Universal Credit 642
      Work Capability Assessment 652
      Work Programme 649
      Youth Contract 641

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 23 April 2012

Communities and Local Government 30WS
      Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre 30WS
Defence 30WS
      Chemical Weapons Convention - Declaration of Protective Programmes 30WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 30WS
      Tackling Irresponsible Dog Ownership 30WS
Justice 33WS
      Reform of the European Court of Human Rights 33WS
Prime Minister 34WS
      Official Histories: Special Operations Executive in Italy 34WS
Treasury 29WS
      Improving Spending Control 29WS
      Infrastructure Cost Review 29WS
Work and Pensions 34WS
      Public Bodies (Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission: Transfer of Functions) Order 2012 34WS

Written Answers
Monday 23 April 2012

Attorney-General 575W
      Addison Lee 575W
      Animal Welfare: Filming 578W
      Crown Prosecution Service: Yorkshire and the Humber 575W
      Official Secrets 576W
      Prosecutions 576W
      Retirement 577W
      Witnesses 578W
Business, Innovation and Skills 728W
      Airbus: China 728W
      Apprentices 728W
      Apprentices: Environment Protection 728W
      Billing: EU Law 729W
      Business: Ethics 729W
      Business: Research 729W
      Business: West Midlands 730W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 732W
      Consumer Direct: Scotland 733W
      Consumer Focus Scotland: Manpower 733W
      Credit Cards 734W
      Employment: Regulation 734W
      Food Labelling 738W
      Higher Education 734W
      Higher Education: Admissions 736W
      Insolvency 736W
      Insurance 737W
      Intellectual Property 737W
      Legal Costs 738W
      Mobile Phones 738W
      National Careers Service 738W
      OECD: Multinational Companies 740W
      Postage Stamps 741W
      Public Sector: Staff 741W
      Retirement 742W
      Student Finance England 743W
      Student Loans 743W
      Sunday Trading 744W
      Sunday Trading: Olympic Games 2012 745W
      Taxis 746W
      Trading Standards: Scotland 746W
      UK Trade and Industry Defence and Security Organisation: Human Rights 747W
      Vodafone Group 747W
Cabinet Office 623W
      Civil Servants: Relocation 623W
      Electoral Register 623W
      Freedom of Information 624W
      Public Consultation 624W
      Public Expenditure 624W
Church Commissioners 580W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme 580W
Communities and Local Government 630W
      Empty Property: Greater London 630W
      Empty Property: Non-domestic Rates 631W
      Fire Services 632W
      Hayes McKenzie Partnership 632W
      High House Production Park 632W
      Housing 633W
      Local Government: Fees and Charges 635W
      Local Government Finance 634W
      Local Government Finance: Disclosure of Information 635W
      Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service 636W
      Non-domestic Rates 637W
      Planning Inspectorate: Noise 637W
      Public Houses 637W
      Retirement 638W
      Social Rented Housing 638W
Culture, Media and Sport 569W
      Addison Lee 569W
      Animation 569W
      Artworks 570W
      Broadband 570W
      Cultural Events: Impact Assessments 570W
      Departmental Staff 572W
      Digital Economy Act 2010 570W
      Film Policy Review 571W
      Johnston Press 571W
      Listed Buildings 571W
      Lords Lieutenant 572W
      Olympic Games 2012 573W
      One North East 573W
      Public Consultation 574W
      Radio Frequencies 574W
      Redundancy 574W
      Retirement 574W
Defence 714W
      AgustaWestland 714W
      Aircraft Carriers 714W
      Armed Forces 716W
      Army: Recruitment 716W
      Army: Scotland 717W
      Consultants 717W
      Defence Exports Support Group 718W
      Defence: Procurement 718W
      European Fighter Aircraft 719W
      Guided Weapons 719W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 719W
      Marines 720W
      Merlin Helicopters 720W
      Military Aircraft 720W
      Military Bases 720W
      Military Bases: Renewable Energy 721W
      Military Bases: Waterbeach 721W
      Ministerial Meetings 719W
      Procurement 721W
      Public Consultation 721W
      Public Expenditure 723W
      Retirement 724W
      Scotland: Sovereignty 724W
      Sentry Aircraft 725W
      Sovereignty: Scotland 725W
      Territorial Army: Pay 725W
      Tornado Aircraft 726W
      Vodafone Group 726W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 726W
Deputy Prime Minister 622W
      Bill of Rights 622W
      Official Hospitality 622W
      Public Consultation 622W
      Sarah Southern 623W
Education 640W
      Adult Education: Hearing Impairment 640W
      Families 641W
      Official Secrets Act 641W
      Pre-school Education: Redditch 641W
      Public Consultation 642W
      Retirement 642W
      Schools: Surrey 642W
      Third Sector 645W
      Vacancies 645W
      Vocational Guidance 646W
      Young People: West Midlands 647W
      Youth Clubs: Closures 647W
      Youth Services: Sponsorship 648W
Energy and Climate Change 612W
      Carbon Emissions 612W
      Climate Change 612W
      Community Energy Saving Programme 613W
      Energy: Conservation 614W
      Energy: Meters 614W
      Fossil Fuels 614W
      Fossil Fuels: Exploration 615W
      Green Deal Scheme 616W
      Legal Costs 616W
      Natural Gas: Exploration 616W
      Ofgem 617W
      Oil: Prices 618W
      Pension Credit 618W
      Public Consultation 618W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs 619W
      Retirement 619W
      Solar Power 619W
      Vacancies 620W
      Warm Front Scheme 620W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme 620W
      Wind Power 621W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 726W
      Fisheries 726W
      Meat 727W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 752W
      Arab Partnership Fund 752W
      Argentina 754W
      British Nationals Abroad: Death 754W
      British Overseas Territories 755W
      China 755W
      Democratic Republic of Congo 756W
      Diplomatic Service 756W
      EU Staff 757W
      Falkland Islands 757W
      India 758W
      Israel 760W
      Israel: Palestinians 761W
      Japan 762W
      Malta 762W
      Montserrat 762W
      South Sudan 763W
      Sri Lanka 763W
      Syria 763W
      Tibet 764W
      Tunisia 765W
      Turks and Caicos Islands 765W
      USA 767W
      Yemen 768W
Health 695W
      Accident and Emergency Departments 695W
      Alzheimer’s Disease 697W
      Autism 697W
      Breasts: Plastic Surgery 698W
      Care Homes: Standards 698W
      Dental Services 699W
      Drugs: Delivery Services 700W
      E-mail 700W
      Employment and Support Allowance 700W
      Epilepsy 701W
      General Practitioners: Foreign Nationals 701W
      Health and Social Care Act 2012 702W
      Health Services 702W
      Maternity Services 704W
      Midwives 704W
      NHS 705W
      NHS Property Services 705W
      Obesity 706W
      Prescription Drugs 706W
      Prostate Cancer: Surgery 706W
      Public Consultation 707W
      Retirement 708W
      Social Services 708W
      Surgery 710W
      Tuberculosis 713W
Home Department 625W
      Action for Employment 625W
      Association of Chief Police Officers 625W
      Aviation: Security 625W
      Circulars: Home Office 625W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students 626W
      Immigration: Romania 626W
      Police 626W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 626W
      Police: Bureaucracy 626W
      Police: Haringey 627W
      Police: Private Sector 627W
      Police: Sick Leave 628W
      Retirement 629W
      Vetting 629W
International Development 748W
      Burma 748W
      Developing Countries: Biofuels 748W
      Legal Costs 748W
      Nike Girl Hub 748W
      Palestinians 749W
      Private Sector 750W
      Public Consultation 751W
      Retirement 751W
      Southern Sudan 751W
      St Helena: Airports 751W
      Vacancies 752W
Justice 668W
      Claims Management Services 668W
      Disability Living Allowance: Appeals 669W
      Extradition: Children 671W
      Family Courts 671W
      Industrial Diseases: Compensation 671W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Domestic Violence 671W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Parents 672W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Police 672W
      Litter: Prosecutions 672W
      Pleural Plaques 681W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 681W
      Prison Sentences 681W
      Prison Service: Grievances 682W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals 685W
      Prisons: Drugs 688W
      Prisons: Females 691W
      Prisons: Trafficking 688W
      Reoffenders: Curfews 692W
      Staff 673W
      Translation Services 693W
      Young Offenders 694W
      Young Offenders: Haringey 694W
Northern Ireland 579W
      Legal Costs 579W
      Public Consultation 579W
      Retirement 579W
      Vacancies 580W
Prime Minister 568W
      10 Downing Street : Staff 568W
      Afghanistan: Military Operations 568W
      Official Hospitality 568W
      Peter Cruddas 569W
      Sarah Southern 569W
Transport 581W
      Airports: Thames Estuary 581W
      Aviation 581W
      Biofuels 581W
      Bus Services 581W
      Bus Services: Rural Areas 582W
      Carbon Reduction: Innovation 584W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 582W
      Consultants 583W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 584W
      Flowers 584W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line 585W
      Highways Agency 585W
      Members: Correspondence 586W
      Motorcycles 586W
      Oil: Exploration 587W
      Ports 587W
      Public Consultation 587W
      Railways: Driverless Trains 588W
      Railways: East of England 588W
      Railways: Electrification 589W
      Railways: North West 589W
      Rescue Services 589W
      Retirement 589W
      Road Traffic Offences 590W
      Roads: Finance 590W
      Safety Belts 591W
      Speed Limits 591W
      Tonnage Tax 591W
      Traffic Regulation Orders 592W
Treasury 592W
      Balance of Trade 592W
      Bank Services 592W
      Child Benefit 593W
      Credit 594W
      Crown Estate 594W
      Diesel: Smuggling 595W
      Driving 595W
      E-mail 595W
      Equitable Life: Compensation 596W
      Financial Services: EU Internal Trade 596W
      Funding and Loans 600W
      Gift Aid 596W
      Global Warming Policy Foundation 596W
      Housing: Sales 597W
      Income Tax 597W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 598W
      Inheritance Tax 599W
      Insolvency 600W
      Intellectual Property 600W
      Official Secrets 601W
      Parliamentary Scrutiny 601W
      PAYE 602W
      Research: Economy 602W
      Retirement 603W
      Sarah Southern 603W
      Smuggling 603W
      Staffing: Interim Posts 601W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax 603W
      State Retirement Pensions 604W
      Tax Allowances: Married People 604W
      Tax Allowances: Pensions 604W
      Tax Avoidance 605W
      Tax Collection: Disputes 605W
      Tax Simplification 605W
      Taxation: Families 606W
      Taxation: Gaming Machines 606W
      Taxation: Multinational Companies 607W
      Taxation: Small Business 606W
      Taxation: Solar Power 608W
      Taxis 608W
      Tourism 609W
      Vacancies 609W
      VAT 609W
      Vodafone Group 611W
      Welfare Tax Credits 611W
      Whole of Government Accounts 602W
      Working Tax Credit 611W
Wales 639W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 639W
      E-mail 639W
      Expenditure: Alcoholic Drinks 639W
      Ministerial Travel 640W
      Vodafone Group 640W
Women and Equalities 565W
      Equality Act 2010 565W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission 565W
      Legal Costs 565W
      Marriage 566W
      Pay: Gender 567W
      Retirement 567W
      Vacancies 567W
      Violence and Discrimination 566W
      Young People: Sexual Offences 568W
Work and Pensions 648W
      Annuities 648W
      Child: Maintenance 649W
      Consultants 650W
      Disability: Abuse 651W
      Disability Living Allowance 650W
      Employment 651W
      Employment and Support Allowance 652W
      Employment Schemes: Offenders 652W
      Foreign Workers 653W
      Housing Benefit 653W
      Jobcentre Plus 654W
      Motability 654W
      Pay 655W
      Personal Income 655W
      Personal Independence Payment 656W
      Schizophrenia 660W
      Single-tier State Pension 648W
      Social Security Benefits 660W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability 663W
      Social Security Benefits: Young People 663W
      Universal Credit 665W
      Universal Credit: Young People 665W
      Vetting 666W
      Work Capability Assessment 666W
      Work Experience 668W