Oral Answers
Tuesday 24 April 2012

Treasury 791
      Age-related Income Tax Allowances 797
      Bank Bonus Tax 791
      Budget Changes 803
      Budget Deficit 794
      Caravans (VAT) 801
      Euro Preparations Unit 802
      Growth Strategy 800
      Income Tax 799
      Income Tax 805
      Manufacturing Sector 793
      National Infrastructure Plan 798
      Small Businesses 796
      Small Businesses 805
      Tax Collection 801
      Tax Incremental Finance Scheme 804
      Topical Questions 806
      Working Tax Credit 804

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 24 April 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office 35WS
      Malawi 35WS
Transport 36WS
      Parliamentary Written Answer (Correction) 36WS
Work and Pensions 36WS
      Social Fund Budgeting Loans 36WS

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Communities and Local Government 3P
      Prevention of Development on Green Belt Land 3P

Written Answers
Tuesday 24 April 2012

Attorney-General 772W
      Vacancies 772W
Business, Innovation and Skills 815W
      Apprentices 815W
      Aviation: Treaties 816W
      Business: Government Assistance 816W
      Companies: United Arab Emirates 817W
      English Language: Training 817W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme 818W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Aviation 818W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Manufacturing Industries 819W
      Fossil Fuels: Export Credit Guarantees 819W
      Higher Education 819W
      Industrial Development Act 1982: Northern Ireland 820W
      Manpower 820W
      Motor Vehicles 820W
      National Careers Service 821W
      National Careers Service: Location 822W
      Overseas Trade: Human Rights 827W
      Pay 822W
      Postgraduate Education 822W
      Public Consultation 823W
      Public Consultation: Internet 823W
      Regional Planning and Development 824W
      Sunday Trading 823W
      Trade Competitiveness 825W
Cabinet Office 796W
      Charities 796W
      Contracts for Services 796W
      Deaths: Asbestos 796W
      Divorce 797W
      Electronic Government 797W
      Third Sector 798W
Communities and Local Government 783W
      Addison Lee 783W
      Building Regulations 783W
      Debt Collection 783W
      Homes and Communities Agency 784W
      Housing: Disabled 784W
      Housing: Energy 785W
      Incinerators: Nottinghamshire 785W
      Legal Costs 785W
      Planning Permission 786W
      Procurement 787W
      Public Sector: Land 787W
      Travellers: Caravan Sites 787W
      Tuberculosis 787W
Defence 769W
      Afghanistan 769W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft 769W
      Lynx Helicopters 769W
      Military Bases: Carbon Emissions 770W
      Official Secrets Act 770W
      Research 770W
      Submarines: Accidents 771W
Deputy Prime Minister 801W
      Addison Lee 801W
      Peter Cruddas 801W
Education 802W
      Adoption: Birmingham 802W
      Child Rearing 803W
      Children: Armed Forces 804W
      Curriculum: Sustainable Development 804W
      Dyslexia 804W
      Free School Meals 805W
      Free Schools 805W
      Park Lane School: Halifax 805W
      Pre-school Education 806W
      Schools: Hygiene 808W
      Teachers: First Aid 808W
Energy and Climate Change 773W
      Addison Lee 773W
      Electricity 773W
      Energy: Billing 773W
      Energy: Conservation 773W
      Legal Costs 774W
      Meters 774W
      Meters: Rural Areas 774W
      Nuclear Power 775W
      Official Secrets Act 775W
      Procurement 775W
      Public Consultation 776W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 779W
      Animal Welfare 779W
      Animal Welfare: Slaughterhouses 780W
      Badgers 780W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control 781W
      Horses: Tagging 781W
      Pigs: Animal Welfare 782W
      Rabbits: Animal Welfare 782W
      Shellfish: Animal Welfare 783W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 832W
      Afghanistan 832W
      Egypt 832W
      EU Staff 833W
      India 834W
      Israel: Palestinians 834W
      Ministerial Travel 837W
      Overseas Companies 834W
      Public Consultation 835W
      Somalia 835W
      Sudan and South Sudan 836W
      Syria 836W
      Yemen 837W
Health 850W
      Abortion 850W
      Aerials: Health Hazards 850W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse 851W
      Birth Certificates 852W
      Cancer 852W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 858W
      Colorectal Cancer 860W
      Complex Disability Equipment Clinical Reference Group 860W
      Diabetes 861W
      Drugs: Prices 862W
      General Practitioners 863W
      Health Education 863W
      Health Services: Detention Centres 863W
      Legal Costs 865W
      Mental Health Services 865W
      Multiple Sclerosis: Palliative Care 869W
      NHS: Innovation 869W
      NHS: Negligence 870W
      NHS: Reorganisation 870W
      Non-communicable Diseases 862W
      Palliative Care 870W
      Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman 871W
      Plastic Surgery 871W
      Prostate Cancer 871W
      Radiotherapy 872W
      Retirement 873W
      Skin Cancer 874W
      Social Services 874W
      Thalidomide 875W
      Tuberculosis 875W
      Vacancies 878W
Home Department 777W
      Kidnapping: Children 777W
      Police: Corruption 777W
House of Commons Commission 776W
      Listed Buildings 776W
International Development 843W
      Children's Rights 843W
      Climate Change 843W
      Developing Countries 844W
      Developing Countries: Females 846W
      Developing Countries: Health Services 846W
      Developing Countries: Minerals 847W
      Developing Countries: Sustainable Development 847W
      Egypt 847W
      Horn of Africa 848W
      Ministerial Meetings 848W
      Morocco 848W
      Official Secrets Act 849W
      Palestinians 849W
      Public Consultation 849W
      South Sudan 850W
      St Helena: Airports 850W
Justice 808W
      Children: Custody 809W
      Domestic Violence 809W
      Kennet Prison 809W
      Law Society 808W
      Legal Aid Scheme 809W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Domestic Violence 810W
      Prisons: Mental Health Services 810W
      Public Consultation 811W
      Vacancies 811W
      Witnesses 812W
      Young Offenders: Greater Manchester 812W
Leader of the House 772W
      e-Petitions 772W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 772W
Northern Ireland 801W
      Political Parties 801W
Scotland 829W
      Devolution 829W
      Legal Costs 829W
      Public Consultation 829W
      Retirement 830W
      Sovereignty 830W
      Vacancies 831W
Transport 777W
      Night Flying 777W
      Railways: Disability 778W
      Railways: Tickets 778W
      Rescue Services 778W
      Traffic Orders 779W
Treasury 838W
      Bank Services: Fees and Charges 839W
      Business 839W
      Communications Capabilities Development Programme 839W
      Exports: Licensing 839W
      Income Tax 840W
      Income Tax Threshold 838W
      Interest Rates 839W
      Maternity Payments 841W
      Ministerial Meetings 840W
      Public Appointments 841W
      Tax Allowances: Charitable Donations 842W
      Tobacco 842W
      Unemployment 838W
      VAT 842W
      Working Tax Credit 843W
Wales 827W
      Legal Costs 827W
      Ministerial Meetings 827W
      Public Consultation 827W
      Public Sector: Pay 828W
      Retirement 828W
      Vacancies 828W
Work and Pensions 788W
      Council Tax Benefits 788W
      Employment Schemes 789W
      Foreign Workers 789W
      Housing Benefit 790W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance 790W
      Motability 790W
      Remploy 790W
      Retirement 792W
      Social Security Benefits 792W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability 792W
      State Retirement Pensions 793W
      Universal Credit 793W
      Work Capability Assessment 794W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 24 April 2012

Defence 5MC
      Action for Employment 5MC