Oral Answers
Thursday 26 April 2012

Church Commissioners 1092
      VAT (Listed Buildings) 1092
Electoral Commission committee 1092
      House of Lords Reform (Referendum) 1096
      Neighbourhood Planning Referendums 1092
      Police and Crime Commissioners 1095
      Voter Registration 1097
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1077
      Agriculture Council 1084
      Air Quality 1077
      Dangerous Dogs 1079
      Drought 1085
      Rivers and Waterways 1083
      Rural Communities 1087
      Topical Questions 1088

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 26 April 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 43WS
      Export Control Policy 43WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 43WS
      Rural Payments Agency Framework Document 43WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 44WS
      Afghanistan Monthly Progress Report (March 2012) 44WS
      Asia-Pacific Network 45WS
      Belarus 45WS
Justice 46WS
      Disclosure in Criminal Proceedings 46WS
Leader of the House 47WS
      Parliamentary Privilege 47WS

Written Answers
Thursday 26 April 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills 1007W
      Assets 1007W
      Bankruptcy: North Lanarkshire 1007W
      Biofuels 1008W
      Business: Government Assistance 1008W
      Business: Regulation 1008W
      Business: United Arab Emirates 1009W
      Consultants 1009W
      Economic Growth 1009W
      Economic Growth: EU Law 1010W
      EU Action 1010W
      Exports: Angola 1011W
      Government Departments: Private Sector 1012W
      Higher Education: Access 1012W
      Higher Education: Community Development 1013W
      Higher Education: Standards 1013W
      Land: Registration 1014W
      Manufacturing Industries 1015W
      Overseas Trade: Caribbean 1015W
      Overseas Trade: Surveys 1016W
      Postgraduate Education 1016W
      Postgraduate Education: Finance 1017W
      Postgraduate Education: Overseas Students 1017W
      Procurement: Human Rights 1018W
      Regional Growth Fund 1018W
      Student Loans 1020W
      Students: Finance 1018W
      Trading Standards 1020W
      UK Trade & Investment: Human Rights 1021W
      Young People: Greater London 1021W
Cabinet Office 1053W
      Addison Lee 1053W
      Civil Servants: Code of Practice 1054W
      Contracts for Services 1054W
      Employment: Private Sector 1055W
      Foreign Nationals 1055W
      G20 1056W
      Government Departments: Pay 1057W
      Ministerial Meetings 1057W
      National Lottery 1058W
      Official Secrets Act 1059W
      Peel Group 1059W
      Public Expenditure 1060W
      Staff 1058W
      Telephone Services 1060W
Church Commissioners 976W
      Churches: Repairs and Maintenance 977W
      VAT: Listed Buildings 976W
Communities and Local Government 991W
      Affordable Housing: Construction 991W
      Community Development 992W
      Departmental Travel Costs 993W
      Fires: Housing 992W
      Job Vacancies 994W
      Risk Assessment 993W
      Written Questions: Government Responses 994W
Culture, Media and Sport 974W
      Charitable Donations 974W
      Listed Buildings 974W
      St George's Day 974W
      Television 975W
      Writers: Females 976W
Defence 987W
      Addison Lee 987W
      Armed Forces: Elections 987W
      Armed Forces: Pay 988W
      Armed Forces: Redundancy 988W
      Egypt 989W
      Harrier Aircraft 989W
      Media Monitoring 989W
      Military Bases: Scotland 990W
      Navy: Housing 990W
      Submarines 990W
      War Widows 991W
Education 1031W
      Children Act 1989 1031W
      Departmental Travel Costs 1037W
      Dyslexia 1031W
      Education Welfare Officers 1033W
      Free Schools 1033W
      Human Rights: Children 1034W
      Numeracy 1034W
      Private Education 1035W
      Schools: Hygiene 1035W
      Schools: Vocational Guidance 1036W
      Teachers: First Aid 1036W
      Teachers: Pay 1036W
Energy and Climate Change 981W
      Energy 981W
      Energy: Conservation 982W
      Energy: Housing 982W
      Green Deal Scheme 982W
      Ministerial Meetings 984W
      Public Consultation 984W
      Renewable Energy: Heating 984W
      Renewable Energy: Research 986W
      Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme 987W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 977W
      Agriculture 977W
      Air Pollution 978W
      Air Quality: London 977W
      Animals 978W
      Crops 978W
      Dangerous Dogs 979W
      Droughts 979W
      Food Exports 977W
      Horses 979W
      Inland Waterways 980W
      Rural Areas: Finance 980W
      Veterinary Services 980W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1021W
      Afghanistan 1021W
      Bahrain 1023W
      Bangladesh 1024W
      Egypt 1025W
      Israel: Palestinians 1025W
      Libya 1026W
      Malawi 1026W
      Middle East 1027W
      Middle East and Africa 1028W
      Pakistan 1029W
      Retirement 1029W
      Russia 1029W
      Sudan 1030W
      Syria 1030W
      Western Sahara 1031W
Health 1039W
      Accident and Emergency Departments 1039W
      Ambulance Services 1039W
      Anti-depressants 1039W
      Care Quality Commission 1040W
      Dental Services 1043W
      Food Labelling 1044W
      Food Safety 1044W
      General Practitioners 1044W
      Industrial Relations 1045W
      Liver Diseases 1045W
      NHS: Foreign Workers 1045W
      NHS: Private Sector 1045W
      NHS: Screening 1046W
      Nurses: Training 1047W
      Nutrition 1049W
      Organs: Donors 1049W
      Primary Care Trusts: Foreign Nationals 1050W
      Sleep Apnoea 1051W
      Speech Therapy: Children 1051W
      Surgery: Waiting Times 1051W
      Tobacco: Packaging 1052W
Home Department 965W
      Arrest Warrants 965W
      Arrests: Children 965W
      Civil Disorder 965W
      Computers: Crime 966W
      Crime: Haringey 966W
      Crimes of Violence: Sports 967W
      Databases: Telecommunications 967W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students 968W
      Forensic Science: Manpower 969W
      Job Vacancies 973W
      Metal Theft 972W
      National Crime Agency: Northern Ireland 969W
      Police and Crime Commissioners 969W
      Police: Consultants 971W
      Police Custody 970W
      Police: Football 971W
      Police: Nottinghamshire 971W
      Public Consultation 971W
      Public Order Offences: Police 972W
      Serious Organised Crime Agency: Northern Ireland 972W
      Smuggling 968W
      UK Border Force 973W
International Development 987W
      Sri Lanka 987W
Justice 1071W
      Crime: Victims 1071W
      Electronic Tagging 1072W
      Prisons: Construction 1072W
      Probation 1073W
Prime Minister 974W
      Nuclear Power Stations 974W
Scotland 973W
      Aviation: Scotland 973W
Transport 994W
      Dual Carriageways 994W
      E-mail 995W
      Liverpool Cruise Terminal 995W
      Official Secrets Act 995W
      Public Consultation 996W
      Railways: Franchises 996W
      Road Signs and Markings 997W
Treasury 1060W
      Bank Services 1060W
      Child Benefit 1060W
      Departmental Expenditure: Flowers 1061W
      Devolution: Scotland 1061W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks 1061W
      Income Tax 1062W
      Income Tax: Colchester 1063W
      Income Tax: Rates and Bands 1063W
      Meetings 1064W
      PAYE 1065W
      Pensioners 1065W
      Personal Income: Wales 1066W
      Public Sector: Pensions 1066W
      Tax Allowances: Charitable Donations 1067W
      Tax Allowances: Pensioners 1067W
      Taxation: Bingo 1068W
      Taxation: Multinational Companies 1069W
      Taxation: Self-assessment 1069W
      Tobacco: Smuggling 1070W
      VAT 1071W
Women and Equalities 1074W
      Sexual Harassment 1074W
Work and Pensions 997W
      Child Maintenance 997W
      Disability Living Allowance 1002W
      Employment Schemes: Young People 1001W
      Housing Benefit 1002W
      Housing Benefit: Glasgow 1003W
      National Insurance Credits 1003W
      New Enterprise Allowance 1004W
      Pensioners: Council Tax Benefits 1004W
      Pensioners: Postage Stamps 1004W
      Remploy 1004W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability 1005W
      State Retirement Pensions 1005W
      Unemployment: Speech Therapy 1006W
      Universal Credit 1007W