Oral Answers
Wednesday 11 July 2012

International Development291
      Bilateral Aid Review291
      Development Aid (Legislation)292
      Overseas Territories White Paper296
      Syrian Refugees294
      Topical Questions298
Prime Minister300

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 11 July 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills25WS
      Employment Tribunals25WS
Communities and Local Government26WS
      Fire and Rescue National Framework for England26WS
      Afghanistan Autumn 2012 Roulement27WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs29WS
      Managing the Impacts of Flooding29WS
Home Department30WS
      Stephen Lawrence30WS
      European Union Act 2011 (Section 8)31WS
Work and Pensions32WS
      “Bereavement Benefits for the 21st Century”32WS
      Workplace Pension Reform32WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 11 July 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills282W
      Adult Education: Blackpool282W
      Departmental Pay286W
      Directors: Disqualification286W
      Retail Trade: Newspaper Press286W
Communities and Local Government247W
      Departmental Pay250W
      Housing Benefit: Greater London247W
      Housing: Construction247W
      Housing: Greater London247W
      Land Investment Companies248W
      Local Government Finance248W
      Manchester Declaration249W
      Non-domestic Rates249W
      Planning Permission250W
      Rented Housing250W
      Social Impact Bonds and Home Bonuses251W
Culture, Media and Sport215W
      Departmental Pay216W
      Mobile Phones215W
      Work Experience217W
      Aircraft Carriers269W
      Armed Forces: Pay270W
      Armed Forces: Vaccination270W
      Electronic Warfare273W
      Iraq-Kuwait Conflict273W
      Nuclear Weapons274W
      The Rifles Regiment274W
      Free School Meals: Further Education268W
Energy and Climate Change274W
      Electricity: Meters274W
      Energy: Meters275W
      Energy: Prices276W
      Fuel Poverty276W
      Green Deal Scheme277W
      Manchester Declaration278W
      Warm Front Scheme: Coventry278W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs244W
      Carbon Emissions: Business244W
      Common Fisheries Policy245W
      Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Business246W
      Natural Capital Committee246W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office213W
      Democratic Republic of Congo213W
      Israel: Palestinians214W
      Middle East215W
      Dental Services233W
      Drugs: Prisons235W
      Health Services: Tower Hamlets235W
      Hospital Beds236W
      Hospitals: Admissions237W
      Lost Working Days238W
      Manchester Declaration239W
      Mental Health Services: Kent239W
      NHS: Drugs242W
      Palliative Care242W
      Prescription Drugs243W
      Private Finance Initiative244W
Home Department221W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Prices221W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Scotland222W
      Child Protection223W
      Drugs: Crime224W
      Extradition: EU Action225W
      Heathrow Airport: Immigration Controls225W
      Immigration Controls225W
      Licensing Laws225W
      Missing Persons226W
      Schengen Agreement227W
      Sexual Offences: Regulations228W
      Terrorism: EU Action228W
International Development287W
      Aid Effectiveness288W
      Bilateral Aid Review287W
      Developing Countries: Debts288W
      Developing Countries: Family Planning288W
      Developing Countries: Malaria290W
      Development Aid: Legislation288W
      Diarrhoeal Disease287W
      Overseas Aid290W
      The Sahel287W
      UN Arms Trade Treaty287W
      Lost Working Days251W
      Probation: Essex252W
      Road Traffic Offences: Cycling252W
      Roads: Accidents267W
      Young Offenders267W
Northern Ireland209W
      Departmental Pay209W
      Welfare Reform209W
Prime Minister247W
      Departmental Pay209W
      Olympic Games 2012209W
      Blue Badge Scheme228W
      Departmental Pay230W
      Electric Vehicles229W
      Lost Working Days229W
      Motor Vehicles: Exhaust Emissions230W
      Railways: Safety231W
      Roads: Safety231W
      Rolling Stock: Procurement231W
      Transport: Infrastructure232W
      Business: Barnsley218W
      Departmental Pay219W
      EU Grants and Loans218W
      Financial Services: Advisory Services218W
      Financial Services Authority218W
      Money Advice Service219W
      Public Sector Pay219W
      Quantitative Easing220W
      Regional Pay220W
      Tax Evasion221W
      Tonnage Tax221W
      Ministerial Meetings210W
      Official Visits210W
      Poverty: Children211W
      Poverty: Ministerial Meetings210W
      Third Sector211W
Women and Equalities282W
      Protection of Freedoms282W
Work and Pensions278W
      Housing Benefit278W
      Housing Benefit: Greater London278W
      Jobseeker's Allowance: Young People279W
      Personal Independence Payment279W
      Poverty: Young People280W
      Universal Credit281W