Written Ministerial Statements
Friday 13 July 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills67WS
      Community Learning Trust (Pilots)67WS
      European Structural and Cohesion Funds68WS
      Export Controls69WS
      Ordnance Survey (Performance Targets)68WS
Communities and Local Government74WS
      August 2011 Riots74WS
      Fire Service College (Performance Indicators)79WS
Communities and Local Government79WS
      Research Commissioned from the Previous Administration (Housing)79WS
      Youth Engagement81WS
Energy and Climate Change82WS
      Plutonium Management82WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs83WS
      Agriculture and Fisheries Council83WS
      Plasma Resources UK Ltd84WS
      “Charging Fees in Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal” (Government Response)89WS
      Community Payback86WS
      Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 (Public Records Provisions)85WS
      Criminal Justice Reform88WS
      Official for Judicial Complaints (Annual Report 2011-12)88WS
Prime Minister90WS
      Reports on Chief Surveillance, Interception of Communications, and Intelligence Services Commissioners90WS
      Annual EU Finances Statement70WS
      Cap on Income Tax Relief (Technical Consultation)70WS
      Counter-Terrorist Asset Freezing Regime71WS
      Inheritance Tax: Simplifying Charges on Trusts70WS
Work and Pensions91WS
      Child Maintenance91WS
      Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance (Duplicate Payments)92WS

Written Answers
Friday 13 July 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills401W
      Business: Government Assistance401W
      Business: Loans401W
      Company Liquidations402W
      Construction: Billing402W
      Directors: Disqualification403W
      Motor Vehicles: Safety403W
      Regional Growth Fund403W
      Students: Finance404W
Communities and Local Government406W
      Fire Services406W
      Information Officers406W
      Private Rented Housing: Regulation406W
Culture, Media and Sport407W
      Broadband: EU Action408W
      Ex Gratia Payments408W
      Mobile Phones: Radio Frequencies408W
      Public Expenditure409W
      Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders410W
      Astute Class Submarines410W
      Lost Working Days411W
      Military Alliances411W
      Nuclear Submarines: Wales411W
      Nuclear Weapons412W
      Public Expenditure412W
      Reserve Forces413W
      Royal Regiment of Scotland414W
      Veterans: Radiation Exposure415W
      E-mail: Freedom of Information415W
      Ex Gratia Payments415W
      Foster Care416W
      New Schools Network416W
      Offences against Children: Internet416W
      Official Visits421W
      Private Education: Education Maintenance Allowance417W
      Public Expenditure417W
      Schools: Finance418W
      Schools: Sports419W
      Teachers: Allowances419W
      Teachers: Coventry420W
      Teachers: Resignations420W
      Teachers: Veterans421W
      Written Questions: Government Responses421W
Energy and Climate Change421W
      Carbon Sequestration421W
      Departmental Pay422W
      Electricity Generation: Environment Protection422W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs424W
      Space Weather424W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs424W
      Air Pollution: EU Law424W
      Climate Change425W
      Departmental Pay427W
      Fishing Vessels: Scallops425W
      Lost Working Days426W
      Mutual Societies426W
      Public Expenditure427W
      Renewable Energy: Waste427W
      Telephone Services428W
      Whales: Conservation428W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office429W
      Abid Hussein429W
      Breast Cancer: Screening429W
      Health Service Commissioner430W
      Health Services430W
      Mental Health Services: Sussex431W
      NHS: Pay433W
      Ovarian Cancer433W
      Public Expenditure435W
Home Department435W
      Civil Disorder435W
      Equality and Human Rights Commission436W
International Development437W
      Commonwealth Development Corporation437W
      Ex Gratia Payments437W
      Overseas Aid: Arts437W
      Defamation Bill437W
Prime Minister438W
      Parliamentary Private Secretaries: Visits Abroad438W
      Ex Gratia Payments439W
      Lost Working Days439W
      Manchester Declaration439W
      Public Expenditure439W
      Public Sector Staff440W
      A3: Hampshire440W
      Blue Badge Scheme441W
      Driving Tests: Internet441W
      Driving Under Influence: Drugs442W
      Equality Act 2010443W
      Highways Agency443W
      Motorways: Speed Limits444W
      Public Expenditure444W
      Railways: Standards444W
      Rescue Services: Scotland445W
      Road Signs and Markings445W
      Shipping: Flags445W
      Tonnage Tax445W
      Travel: Concessions446W
      Air Passenger Duty446W
      Bank Services447W
      Business: Loans447W
      Child Benefit447W
      Equitable Life Assurance Society448W
      Government: Pay448W
      Personal Savings448W
      Public Expenditure449W
      Ex Gratia Payments450W
Work and Pensions450W
      Mortgages: Government Assistance450W
      Social Security Benefits450W
      Universal Credit451W
      Work Programme452W