Oral Answers
Monday 16 July 2012

      Armed Forces Pay655
      Army Recruiting Policy659
      Defence Equipment and Support664
      Defence Manufacturing Industry667
      Employment (Veterans)664
      Equipment and Support Contracts (SMEs)662
      Farnborough Air Show660
      Helicopter Capability670
      Joint Strike Fighter658
      Mental Health (Soldiers)666
      Middle East656
      New Regiments (2006-07)669
      Regimental Disbandment668
      Topical Questions670

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 16 July 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills98WS
      Retail and Manufacturing Consultation (Government Response)98WS
Cabinet Office99WS
      2011 Census Results (England and Wales)99WS
      Logistic Commodities and Services (Transformation)101WS
Deputy Prime Minister101WS
      “Introducing a Statutory Register of Lobbyists” (Summary of Responses)101WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs102WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office103WS
      Afghanistan (Monthly Report)103WS
      Sector Regulation - Consultation and Implementation105WS
      Strategic Needs Assessment and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies104WS
Home Department105WS
      Domestic Violence106WS
      Equality and Human Rights Commission (Annual Report and Accounts)106WS
      Police Professional Body107WS
      The Police ICT Company105WS
      Inquests (Service Personnel Overseas)108WS
Northern Ireland109WS
      Northern Ireland Security (Update)109WS
      EU Bus and Coach Passenger Rights111WS
      Fuel Quality Directive112WS
      Penfold Review112WS
      Rail Investment113WS
      Environmental Taxes95WS
      Non-departmental Public Body (Pension Reform)97WS

Written Answers
Monday 16 July 2012

      Crimes of Violence: Females464W
      Police: Surveillance465W
Business, Innovation and Skills570W
      British Chambers of Commerce571W
      Business: Government Assistance573W
      Businesses: Government Assistance570W
      Directors: Disqualification574W
      Equal Pay574W
      Higher Education575W
      Higher Education: VAT576W
      Industry: Scotland576W
      New Businesses: Government Assistance576W
      New Businesses: Kent577W
      Postal Services577W
      Students: Loans578W
      Technology and Innovation Centres579W
Cabinet Office536W
      Aerospace Industry536W
      Census: Illegal Immigrants537W
      Construction: Employment538W
      Employment: East Midlands538W
      Former Prime Ministers: Allowances539W
      Performance Appraisal542W
      Public Sector: Billing542W
      Renewable Energy: Employment543W
      Space Weather543W
      Work Experience544W
Communities and Local Government482W
      Homelessness and Repossession Orders483W
      Homelessness: Greater London483W
      Homelessness: Veterans484W
      Housing Benefit485W
      Housing: Construction486W
      Public Expenditure486W
      Public Sector: Land487W
      Quarrying: Kent487W
      Social Rented Housing: Birmingham487W
Culture, Media and Sport458W
      Broadband: Kent458W
      Mobile Phones: Fees and Charges459W
      Olympic Games 2012460W
      Olympic Games 2012: Kent461W
      Sports: VAT461W
      Armed Forces499W
      Armed Forces: Gender Identity Disorder499W
      Armed Forces: Learning Disability500W
      Armed Forces: Mental Illness500W
      Armed Forces Presentations: Schools498W
      Budget Reductions: Local Economies498W
      Defence Equipment510W
      Discrimination: Armed Forces499W
      Electronic Warfare513W
      Nuclear Submarines514W
      Nuclear Weapons515W
      Prime Regional Contract515W
      Public Sector Staff517W
      Reserve Forces516W
      Royal Regiment of Scotland517W
      Scout Specialist Vehicle498W
      Veterans: Employment Schemes518W
Deputy Prime Minister496W
      House of Lord Reform496W
      Monarchy: Succession496W
      Holiday Playschemes497W
      Young People: Drugs498W
Energy and Climate Change525W
      Climate Change and Renewable Energy525W
      Electricity Generation525W
      Energy: Conservation527W
      Energy: Housing527W
      Energy Performance Certificates527W
      Energy: Prices527W
      Ex Gratia Payments528W
      Fuel Poverty528W
      Fuel Poverty: Merseyside529W
      Green Deal Scheme530W
      Microgeneration: Merseyside531W
      Natural Gas: Exploration532W
      Nuclear Power Stations: Construction532W
      Public Expenditure533W
      Renewable Energy533W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs534W
      Warm Front Scheme534W
      Wind Power535W
      Work Experience535W
      Youth Advisory Panel535W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs477W
      Food: Charitable Donations477W
      Food: Labelling478W
      Food: Waste478W
      Horses: Transport479W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office560W
      Air Travel560W
      Arab Partnership Participation Fund560W
      Crisis Management Centre561W
      Data Protection561W
      Diamond Jubilee 2012562W
      EU Institutions562W
      European External Action Service563W
      European External Action Service: Secondment564W
      Ex Gratia Payments565W
      GREAT Campaign566W
      Official Hospitality566W
      Photoshoots and Videos567W
      Public Expenditure567W
      Public Sector Staff568W
      Third Sector568W
      Western Sahara569W
      Air Ambulance Services: Taxation580W
      Care Homes580W
      Carers’ Benefits582W
      Chronic Illnesses: Bexley582W
      Complementary Medicine583W
      Dietary Supplements: EU Law586W
      Drugs: Driving Under Influence587W
      Drugs: Rehabilitation587W
      Drugs: Safety589W
      Ex Gratia Payments591W
      General Practitioners591W
      Health Services: Older People593W
      Healthcare Assistants: Registration593W
      Healthwatch England594W
      Home Care Services594W
      Hospitals: Greater London595W
      Hospitals: Staff595W
      Kidney Disease596W
      Medical Treatments: Research598W
      NHS: Correspondence598W
      NHS: Drugs598W
      NHS: Finance599W
      NHS: Pay599W
      NHS: Standards600W
      North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust600W
      Obesity: Children600W
      Palliative Care600W
      Public Sector Staff602W
      Sexually Transmitted Infections601W
      Social Services601W
      Tobacco: Advertising602W
      Tobacco: Packaging602W
      Vulnerable Adults: Social Services603W
Home Department465W
      Animal Experiments: Botulinum Toxin465W
      Antisocial Behaviour: Young People466W
      Assaults on Police466W
      Crime: USA467W
      Customs Officers: North East467W
      Domestic Violence: West Midlands467W
      Domestic Violence: Young People468W
      Driving Offences: Nottinghamshire468W
      Drugs: Decriminalisation468W
      Gender Recognition469W
      Licensed Premises: Closures470W
      National Crime Agency470W
      National Police Memorial Day470W
      Offences Against Children: Internet471W
      Police and Crime Commissioners471W
      Police: Birth Certificates473W
      Police Community Support Officers472W
      Police: Computers473W
      Police: Finance473W
      Police: Horses474W
      Police: Job Satisfaction474W
      Riot Control Weapons474W
      Schengen Agreement: ICT475W
      Stop and Search: Birmingham476W
      Victim Support Schemes477W
House of Commons Commission481W
      Data Security481W
International Development556W
      Commonwealth Development Corporation557W
      Developing Countries: Education557W
      Dotun Oloko558W
      Human Trafficking558W
      Overseas Aid: Fraud559W
      Public Sector Staff560W
      Chief Coroner544W
      Claims Management Services545W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation: Scotland545W
      Driving Offences: Nottinghamshire545W
      Employment Tribunals Service: Scotland546W
      Ex Gratia Payments547W
      HM Courts and Tribunals Service547W
      Legal Aid Scheme547W
      Offenders: Females548W
      Police Custody: Young People548W
      Prisoners: Kent549W
      Public Sector Staff553W
      Reoffenders: Females550W
      Sentencing: Females551W
      Solicitors: Fees and Charges551W
      Young Offenders: Nottinghamshire553W
      Youth Custody: Education556W
Northern Ireland481W
      Corporation Tax481W
Prime Minister481W
      Official Visits481W
      Post Offices480W
      A3: Hampshire488W
      Aviation: EU Action488W
      Aviation: Fees and Charges488W
      Blue Badge Scheme: Thalidomide489W
      British Midland Airways: Pensions490W
      East Coast Railway Line490W
      Heathrow Airport490W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Epilepsy491W
      Manchester Declaration491W
      Railway Stations: Bradford491W
      Railways: Barnsley492W
      Railways: Bicycles492W
      Railways: Freight493W
      Railways: Shrewsbury493W
      Railways: Standards494W
      Rescue Services: Fareham494W
      Rescue Services: South Lanarkshire494W
      Taxis: Disabled494W
      West Anglia Railway Line496W
      Air Passenger Duty518W
      Air Passenger Duty: International Cooperation519W
      Child Trust Fund519W
      Commodity Markets519W
      Ex Gratia Payments520W
      Financial Services Authority521W
      Public Expenditure522W
      Public Sector Pay522W
      Revenue and Customs522W
      Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services524W
      VAT: Energy524W
      VAT: Scotland524W
      VAT: Sports524W
      Manchester Declaration479W
      Public Sector Staff480W
Work and Pensions453W
      Employment and Support Allowance453W
      Employment Schemes453W
      Housing Benefit454W
      Housing Benefit: Monmouthshire455W
      National Insurance Contributions455W
      Pensioners: Poverty455W
      Social Security Benefits456W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations456W
      Universal Credit457W
      Work Capability Assessment458W