Oral Answers
Tuesday 17 July 2012

      Children's Heart Services835
      Clinically Led Commissioning823
      Health Allocation Formula834
      Health Inequalities831
      Insulin Pumps829
      NHS Performance827
      NHS (Whistleblowers)836
      Nursery Milk Scheme830
      Residential Care (Funding)835
      Social Care825
      Social Care828
      Topical Questions837
      Wythenshawe Hospital A and E832

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 17 July 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills115WS
      Capital for Enterprise Ltd (Triennial Review)116WS
      Competition and Markets Authority115WS
      Green Technologies (UKTI/ECGD Support)115WS
Cabinet Office117WS
      Government Consultation117WS
Communities and Local Government121WS
      Local Government Finance121WS
      Local Government Pension Scheme123WS
      Defence Materiel Strategy123WS
Deputy Prime Minister124WS
      Individual Electoral Registration124WS
      Education Services Reform125WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office126WS
      British Council (Annual Report)126WS
      Building Stability Overseas126WS
      Informal Health Council128WS
      Boundary Commission for England (Reappointment of Deputy Chair)129WS
      Detainee Inquiry132WS
      Judicial Pensions Reform131WS
      Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (Civil Litigation and Funding Costs)129WS
      Prison Capacity Management131WS
      Senior Civil Service Appointments (Correction to Parliamentary Answer)129WS
Prime Minister132WS
      Military Medals Review132WS
      Special Advisers132WS
      DVLA Office Closures (Correction to Parliamentary Answer)137WS
      High Speed 2 (Consultation Update)139WS
      Red Tape Challenge138WS
      Vehicle Identity Check Scheme137WS
      Money Laundering117WS
      Tax Policy (Consultation)120WS
Work and Pensions140WS
      Jobseeking (Additional Support)140WS
      Workplace Pension Reform140WS

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Presented Petition3P
      Cyber bullying3P

Written Answers
Tuesday 17 July 2012

      Steroid Drugs: Prosecutions617W
Business, Innovation and Skills784W
      3D Copying784W
      Aerospace Industry785W
      Business: Regulation788W
      Business: Rural Areas789W
      Conditions of Employment789W
      Construction: Nottinghamshire789W
      Debts: Advisory Services790W
      Environment Protection: Sevenoaks791W
      EU Internal Trade792W
      Ex Gratia Payments792W
      Foreign Investment in UK792W
      Green Investment Bank793W
      Higher Education: Admissions793W
      Housing: Construction794W
      Insolvency Service: Medway794W
      Local Enterprise Partnerships795W
      Manufacturing Industries795W
      Ministerial Meetings: EU796W
      Motor Vehicles: Manufacturing Industries796W
      Origin Marking: Israel796W
      Overseas Students: Japan797W
      Postal Services797W
      Regional Growth Fund798W
      Regional Growth Fund: Birmingham798W
      Technology and Innovation Centres798W
      Training: Shipping800W
Cabinet Office684W
      Breast Cancer684W
      Charity Commission687W
      Civil Servants: Training687W
      Electronic Government687W
      Ex Gratia Payments688W
      Internet: Regulation688W
      NDPBs: Public Appointments688W
      Orders and Regulations689W
      Permanent Secretaries689W
      Press Officers690W
      Public Sector: Mobile Phones690W
      Public Sector Pay689W
      Public Sector: Procurement690W
      Senior Civil Servants: Pay691W
Communities and Local Government644W
      Council Housing: Construction644W
      Families: Disadvantaged644W
      Free Schools: Planning Permission645W
      Housing: Bedfordshire647W
      Parks: Standards647W
      Planning Permission648W
      Public Sector Pay647W
      Social Rented Housing649W
Culture, Media and Sport613W
      Mobile Phones: Radio Frequencies613W
      Odyssey Marine Exploration614W
      Olympic Games 2012614W
      Olympic Games 2012: Tickets615W
      Royal Archives616W
      Telephone Services: Unsolicited Goods and Services616W
      Afghanistan and Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations749W
      Amanatullah Ali750W
      Armed Forces: Homelessness750W
      Armed Forces: Mass Media751W
      Armed Forces: Postal Services751W
      Armed Forces: Sexual Offences752W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles752W
      Army: Germany756W
      Defence Equipment757W
      Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme757W
      Departmental Staff768W
      European Defence Agency758W
      Ex Gratia Payments758W
      Hercules Aircraft760W
      HMS Victory760W
      Lost Property761W
      Military Bases762W
      Olympic Games 2012762W
      Radio Frequencies764W
      Reserve Forces764W
      Royal Regiment of Scotland767W
      Trident Submarines769W
      Veterans: Radiation Exposure769W
      Veterans: Teachers769W
      Wimbledon Tennis Championships769W
Deputy Prime Minister800W
      Public Sector Pay800W
      Academies: Middlesbrough730W
      Academies: Worcestershire730W
      Children: Day Care732W
      Children in Care732W
      Children’s Rights734W
      Disclosure of Information735W
      Education: Assessments735W
      Education: Qualifications736W
      e-mail: Policy Advisers737W
      Freedom of Information737W
      GCSE: York737W
      Newham Free Academy738W
      Pre-school Education738W
      Runaway Children: Missing Persons738W
      Schools: Peterborough739W
      Schools: Yorkshire and Humberside742W
      Special Educational Needs743W
Energy and Climate Change605W
      Carbon Sequestration605W
      Departmental Pay611W
      Energy: Infrastructure605W
      Energy: Prices606W
      Environment Protection: Employment608W
      Fuel Poverty609W
      Natural Gas: Exploration610W
      Nuclear Power611W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs612W
      Windows: Energy612W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs619W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses620W
      Animal Welfare: Circuses623W
      Cattle: Mastitis620W
      Farmers: Graduates621W
      Food: Labelling621W
      Greenhouse Gas Emissions621W
      Waste: Exports623W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office721W
      Departmental Staff727W
      Diplomatic Service723W
      Middle East726W
      Occupied Territories726W
      Sudan: South Sudan728W
      UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara729W
      Western Sahara729W
      Cancer: Drugs699W
      Cancer: Older People700W
      Care Homes700W
      Care Homes: Fees and Charges703W
      Care Homes: Vetting703W
      Clinical Trials: Older People704W
      Community Health Services: Suffolk704W
      Dialysis Machines705W
      Fractures: Older People706W
      General Practitioners: Telephone Services707W
      Health Services: Equality707W
      Health Services: Older People708W
      Health Services: Social Services709W
      Hospitals: Waiting Lists710W
      Learning Disability: Sussex710W
      NHS Commissioning Board710W
      NHS: Fees and Charges711W
      NHS: Finance711W
      NHS: Financial Stability696W
      NHS: Innovation712W
      NHS: Property712W
      NHS: Standards712W
      NHS Walk-in Centres697W
      Palliative Care715W
      Patient Outcomes697W
      PFI Contracts697W
      Reconfiguration: South-east London697W
      School Milk716W
      Steroid Drugs716W
      Trade Unions720W
      Workplace Flour706W
Home Department649W
      101 Calls649W
      Association of Chief Police Officers650W
      Civil Disorder652W
      Closed Curcuit Television652W
      Convictions: Nottinghamshire653W
      Detention Centres653W
      Draft Communications Data Bill653W
      Drugs: Misuse654W
      e-mail: Policy Advisers660W
      Entry Clearances: Carers654W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students655W
      First Offenders656W
      Immigration Controls656W
      Immigration Controls: St Pancras Station658W
      Independent Police Complaints Commission659W
      Manchester Airport: Security659W
      Members: Correspondence659W
      Metal Theft660W
      Passports: Lost Property661W
      Police and Crime Commissioners661W
      Police: Bureaucracy662W
      Police: Conditions of Employment662W
      Police: Court Orders662W
      Police: Pay663W
      Police: Scotland663W
      Prisons: Mental Health Services664W
      Prostitution: Greater London664W
      Public Expenditure664W
      Road Traffic Offences: Fixed Penalties665W
      Schengen Agreement: ICT665W
      Schengen Agreement: Switzerland665W
      Shipping: Work Permits666W
      Staff: Surveys666W
      Steroid Drugs666W
      UK Border Agency666W
      UK Border Agency: Scotland667W
      Victim Support Schemes668W
      Work Permits669W
House of Commons Commission625W
      Members: ICT625W
      Switchboard Staff: Relocation625W
International Development691W
      Commonwealth Development Corporation691W
      Developing Countries: Education692W
      Developing Countries: Poliomyelitis693W
      Food: Prices693W
      Overseas Aid694W
      South Sudan695W
      Sub-Saharan Africa695W
      UN Women696W
      Community Orders638W
      Data Protection: EU Action638W
      Employment Tribunals Service639W
      Fines: Surcharges639W
      Human Trafficking: Victim Support Schemes640W
      Immigration Advisory Service641W
      Legal Aid Scheme641W
      Life Imprisonment641W
      Prisoners: Females642W
      Prisoners’ Release641W
      Prostitution: Greater London642W
      Sentencing: Females643W
      Unpaid Fines643W
Leader of the House618W
Northern Ireland618W
      Assisted Areas618W
      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency619W
      Parades Commission619W
      Ulster Bank619W
Prime Minister617W
      United Nations: European Union618W
      Maritime and Coastguard Agency624W
      Work Experience624W
      Airports: Transport626W
      bmibaby: Redundancy629W
      Driving: Licensing629W
      Ex Gratia Payments629W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line629W
      HS2 Ltd630W
      Network Rail632W
      Public Sector Staff637W
      Rail Freight636W
      Railways: Freight632W
      Railways: Scotland634W
      Road Traffic Control634W
      Roads: Accidents635W
      South East Airports Taskforce636W
      Southeastern Railways637W
      Thameslink Railway Line: Rolling Stock637W
      Aggregates Levy: Northern Ireland671W
      Air Passenger Duty671W
      Banks: Regulation671W
      Banks: Unfair Practices672W
      Business: Barnsley672W
      Business: Government Assistance672W
      Charities: Occupied Territories672W
      Child Care Tax Credit673W
      Commodity Markets673W
      Company Accounts: Disclosure of Information674W
      Finance Act 2008675W
      Financial Services: Advisory Services675W
      Freezing Orders: Egypt675W
      Government Departments: Conditions of Employment676W
      HM Revenue and Customs679W
      Income Tax: Kilmarnock676W
      Individual Savings Accounts676W
      Landfill Communities Fund677W
      Loans: Republic of Ireland678W
      Prudential Regulatory Authority678W
      Public Sector Debt678W
      Taxation: Offshore Industry681W
      Taxation: Olympic Games 2012681W
      Tobacco: Packaging682W
      Trade Union Officials682W
      VAT: Further and Higher Education683W
      Welfare Tax Credits683W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Fraud683W
      Written Questions: Government Responses684W
      Lost Working Days623W
      Personal Income623W
Women and Equalities626W
      Females: Victim Support Schemes626W
Work and Pensions770W
      Atos Healthcare770W
      bmibaby: Redundancy770W
      Child Maintenance771W
      Departmental Pay780W
      Employers' Liability771W
      Employment and Support Allowance772W
      Employment Schemes772W
      Employment Schemes: Bexley773W
      Employment Schemes: Birmingham774W
      Employment Schemes: Scotland774W
      Employment Schemes: Young People777W
      Housing Benefit: Young People777W
      Incapacity Benefit777W
      Income Support778W
      Jobcentre Plus778W
      Jobseeker's Allowance779W
      Part-time Employment779W
      Pension, Disability and Carers Service780W
      Post Office Card Account780W
      Public Expenditure781W
      Social Security Benefits781W
      Social Security Benefits: Lone Parents782W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations783W
      Work Capability Assessment784W
      Work Capability Assessment: Mental Illness784W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 17 July 2012

Communities and Local Government1MC
      Council Tax Benefit Localisation1MC