Oral Answers
Monday 22 October 2012

      Advertising Spend688
      Afghan National Security Forces689
      BAE Systems/EADS Merger681
      Nuclear Fleet684
      Service Leavers (Support)679
      Service Personnel Children692
      Topical Questions693
      Type 26 Combat Ship686
      Veterans (Support)682
      Veterans (Support)691

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 22 October 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills43WS
      Contingency Fund Advance43WS
Home Department44WS
      Consultation on Firearms Control (Government Response)44WS
      Bilateral Loan to Ireland43WS
Work and Pensions44WS
      Equality 2025 (Triennial Review)44WS

Monday 22 October 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills7P
      Post Office facilities (Bargeddie)7P
      Post Offices (Clifton, Bristol)7P

22 Oct 2012 : Column 609

22 Oct 2012 : Column 609

Written Answers
Monday 22 October 2012

      Advanced Language Solutions632W
      Crime: Disability632W
      Crimes of Violence632W
      Offences against Children633W
      Police Custody633W
Business, Innovation and Skills748W
      Apprentices: Ashfield748W
      British Antarctic Survey749W
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988749W
      Females: Directors750W
      Students: Fees and Charges751W
      Wind Power752W
Cabinet Office669W
      Behavioural Insight669W
      Freedom of Information Act 2000: e-mail669W
      Miriam Maes670W
      Official Cars670W
      Unemployment: Ashfield670W
Church Commissioners634W
Communities and Local Government627W
      Electrical Safety627W
      Housing: Construction627W
      Local Government628W
      Local Government Finance628W
      Non-domestic Rates630W
      Planning Permission631W
      Property Development631W
      Regional Growth Fund631W
Culture, Media and Sport671W
      Betting Shops672W
      Boxing: Females672W
      Cultural Heritage672W
      Departmental Meetings676W
      Music: Pilot Schemes676W
      Public Consultation677W
      Tourism: North West680W
      Aircraft Carriers612W
      Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme613W
      Astute Class Submarines614W
      BAE Systems614W
      Defence Equipment and Support609W
      Defence Vetting Agency611W
      Guided Weapons614W
      Job Satisfaction614W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft615W
      Libya: Military Intervention615W
      Military Aircraft615W
      Military Aircraft: Helicopters616W
      National Security616W
      Nimrod Aircraft616W
      Operation Atalanta617W
      Radio Frequencies617W
      Second World War Arctic Convoys609W
      Service Personnel Children611W
      Territorial Waters618W
      World Land Speed Record (Bloodhound SSC Team)612W
      Care to Learn Scheme650W
      Education: West Midlands650W
      English Baccalaureate651W
      Free School Meals651W
      Primary Education: English Language652W
Energy and Climate Change661W
      British Energy661W
      Carbon Trust: Grants662W
      Electricity Generation663W
      Energy Distribution665W
      Energy: Private Rented Housing665W
      Gas and Electricity Markets Authority666W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers666W
      Miriam Maes667W
      Nuclear Power Stations668W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012668W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs624W
      Chemicals: Health Hazards624W
      Food: Waste Disposal625W
      Phytophthora Ramorum626W
      Plastic Bags626W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office740W
      Arms Trade: Treaties740W
      British Indian Ocean Territory740W
      Sri Lanka747W
      Accident and Emergency Departments: North East695W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Nitrogen696W
      Bisphenol A697W
      Caesarean Sections699W
      Care Homes: Finance699W
      Carers: Nottinghamshire700W
      Chemicals: Health Hazards701W
      Food Storage708W
      Genetically Modified Organisms: Maize705W
      Health Services: Homelessness707W
      Herbal Incense: Health Hazards707W
      Hospitals: Sexual Offences707W
      Infectious Diseases708W
      Kettering Hospital708W
      Learning Disability: Ashfield709W
      London Ambulance Service709W
      NHS Blood and Transplant: Floods709W
      NHS: Finance711W
      NHS: G4S712W
      Official Travel Costs716W
      Press Subscriptions713W
      Prostate Cancer713W
      Speech Therapy: Tees Valley716W
      University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust: Maternity Services716W
Home Department636W
      Antisocial Behaviour636W
      Antisocial Behaviour: Liverpool637W
      Antisocial Behaviour: Merseyside637W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Merseyside636W
      Asylum: Deportation638W
      Borders: Personal Records639W
      Burglary: Self-defence640W
      Chernobyl: Children641W
      Childbirth: Foreign Nationals642W
      Domestic Violence643W
      Domestic Violence: Greater London643W
      Drugs: Misuse643W
      Entry Clearances644W
      European Police College645W
      Firearms: Hampshire645W
      Human Trafficking645W
      Police: Lambeth646W
      Police: Overtime647W
      Police: Powers647W
      Sexual Offences647W
      UK Border Agency650W
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Committee636W
International Development716W
      Electoral Reform International Services732W
      Overseas Aid733W
      Sri Lanka733W
      Administration of Justice679W
      Bribery Act 2010679W
      Courts: Interpreters681W
      Debt Collection681W
      HMP Oakwood683W
      Legal Aid Scheme: Fraud682W
      Marriage: Ceremonies683W
      Offences Against Children686W
      Offensive Weapons686W
      Prison Service: Staff687W
      Prisons: Contracts690W
      Sexual Offences690W
Northern Ireland634W
Prime Minister635W
      Conservative Party: Conferences635W
      Members: Correspondence635W
      Members: Pensions635W
      Blue Badge Scheme653W
      Crossrail Line653W
      Cycling: Helmets654W
      Electric Vehicles655W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line656W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Licensing656W
      Liverpool Port656W
      Motor Vehicles657W
      Motor Vehicles: Insurance657W
      Motor Vehicles: Registration658W
      Public Transport: Disabled People658W
      Railways: Fares658W
      Railways: Franchises659W
      Rescue Services: Helicopters659W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises660W
      Banks: Loans619W
      Bumi PLC619W
      Child Benefit: EU Nationals619W
      Commodity Markets620W
      Conservative Party: Conferences620W
      Corporation Tax: Northern Ireland621W
      Debts: Iceland621W
      Financial Services621W
      Financial Services: Advisory Services621W
      Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme622W
      Non-domestic Rates622W
      Pay: North West623W
      VAT: Energy623W
      Welfare Tax Credits623W
      Welfare Tax Credits: EU Nationals624W
      Public Expenditure634W
Work and Pensions734W
      Atos Healthcare734W
      Employment: Advisory Services734W
      Employment: Retail Trade734W
      EU Nationals734W
      Future Jobs Fund735W
      Housing Benefit735W
      Income Support736W
      New Enterprise Allowance736W
      Social Security Benefits736W
      Social Security Benefits: British Nationals Abroad737W
      Social Security Benefits: Disqualification738W
      Universal Credit738W
      Winter Fuel Payments: West Midlands739W
      Work Capability Assessment739W
      Work Programme739W