Oral Answers
Tuesday 23 October 2012

      Ambulance Waiting Times815
      Clinical Trials819
      Community Hospitals821
      Diabetes and Asthma819
      Domiciliary Care822
      Health Allocation Formula822
      Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy827
      Mental Health Services825
      Multiple Learning Difficulties (School Provision)827
      National Pay Arrangements817
      NHS Cost813
      Pancreatic Cancer824
      Regional Pay826
      Topical Questions828

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 23 October 2012

Culture, Media and Sport45WS
      Government Olympic Executive (Quarterly Report)45WS
Foreign and46WS
      Balance of Competences Review (Progress Report)46WS
      British Embassy (Madagascar)48WS
      Schengen Evaluation Mechanism49WS
      Specified Proceedings Processes49WS
      Economic Crime Committed by Commercial Organisations: Deferred Prosecution Agreement (Government Response)50WS
      Effective Community Sentences (Consultation Response)50WS
      HGV Road User Levy51WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 23 October 2012

      Confiscation Orders755W
Business, Innovation and Skills850W
      Apprentices: North West850W
      British Antarctic Survey850W
      British Antarctic Survey: National Oceanography Centre851W
      Construction: Apprentices851W
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988852W
      Employee Ownership Scheme852W
      Flexible Working853W
      Manufacturing Industries: North East854W
      Regional Growth Fund854W
      Regional Growth Fund: East Midlands854W
      Sunday Trading855W
Cabinet Office842W
      Crimes of Violence842W
      Sportsgrounds: Safety847W
      Unemployment: Statistics848W
Communities and Local Government771W
      Council Housing771W
      Emergencies: Sportsgrounds772W
      Fire services772W
      Housing Benefit772W
      Housing: Construction773W
      Housing: Floods773W
      Land Auction Pilot Scheme773W
      Planning Permission774W
      Sportsgrounds: Safety774W
Culture, Media and Sport813W
      Commonwealth Institute813W
      Creative Partnerships814W
      Cultural Heritage814W
      Government Art Collection815W
      HMS Victory815W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers816W
      Music: Pilot Schemes816W
      Nick King817W
      Public Libraries818W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012818W
      Swimming Pools: Greater Manchester818W
      Television: Sports818W
      Aircraft Carriers806W
      Apache Helicopters806W
      Armoured Fighting Vehicles806W
      Challenger Tanks807W
      Defence Procurement807W
      Defence Technology Centres807W
      European Fighter Aircraft808W
      Fleet Air Arm808W
      Gibraltar: Spain808W
      Guided Weapons808W
      HMS Ocean808W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft809W
      Libya: Military Intervention809W
      Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre809W
      Military Aircraft810W
      Military Aircraft: Helicopters810W
      Military Exercises811W
      Territorial Army811W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles812W
      Voyager Aircraft812W
      Wildcat Helicopters813W
Deputy Prime Minister848W
      Child Care848W
      Education: Standards849W
      English Baccalaureate: Special Educational Needs849W
      Pre-school Education850W
Electoral Commission Committee755W
      Electoral Register755W
      Police and Crime Commissioners: Elections756W
Energy and Climate Change753W
      Electricity Generation753W
      Energy: Prices753W
      Nuclear Reactors754W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme754W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs799W
      Control of Dogs Order 1992799W
      Pets: Animal Welfare800W
      Plastics: Recycling800W
      Waste Management801W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office795W
      Capital Punishment795W
      Middle East798W
      Sierra Leone798W
      Bariatric Surgery775W
      Blood Diseases777W
      Care Homes777W
      Diabetes and Asthma775W
      Drugs: Misuse778W
      East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust778W
      Emergencies: Hazardous Substances778W
      Epilepsy: Children778W
      Health and Social Care Act 2012774W
      Health Services: Homelessness779W
      Health Services: Overseas Visitors779W
      Health Services: Rehabilitation780W
      Health Services: Weather780W
      Heart Diseases: Children780W
      Kent Health Commission775W
      Lung Diseases781W
      National Pay Arrangements776W
      NHS: Vetting781W
      NHS: Working Hours781W
      Regional Pay775W
      Sleep Apnoea783W
      Vulnerable Adults: Coastal Areas784W
      Warrington Hospital774W
Home Department757W
      Asylum: Greece757W
      Burglary: Greater Manchester757W
      Crimes of Violence758W
      Deportation: Offenders759W
      Emergencies: Hazardous Substances760W
      English Defence League: Rotherham761W
      Essex Police Authority761W
      Immigration: EU Nationals762W
      Licensing Act 2003762W
      Members: Correspondence763W
      Offences against Children763W
      Police and Crime Commissioners763W
      Police and Crime Commissioners: Wales764W
      Police Community Support Officers764W
      Police Community Support Officers: Lancashire764W
      Police: Early Retirement764W
      Police: Essex765W
      Police: Finance765W
      Police: ICT766W
International Development784W
      Developing Countries: Private Sector794W
      Members: Correspondence794W
      Overseas Aid794W
      Burglary: Crimes of Violence827W
      Fraud: Social Security Benefits827W
      Fraud: Welfare Tax Credits827W
      Homicide: Sentencing828W
      Legal Aid Scheme829W
      Police Cautions830W
      Prisons: Contracts for Services831W
      Prisons: Private Sector832W
      Protection from Enforced Disappearance828W
      Young Offenders: Domestic Violence833W
      Young Offenders: Prisoners’ Release833W
Prime Minister756W
      Jimmy Savile756W
      Bus Services: Bristol766W
      East Coast Railway Line767W
      Electric Vehicles767W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line768W
      Motor Vehicles: Insurance769W
      West Coast Railway Line: Fares770W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises770W
      Air Passenger Duty801W
      Air Passenger Duty: Northern Ireland802W
      Child Trust Fund802W
      Green Investment Bank802W
      Members: Correspondence802W
      National Loan Guarantee Scheme803W
      Non-domestic Rates803W
      Public Expenditure804W
      Revenue and Customs: Northern Ireland804W
Work and Pensions834W
      New Enterprise Allowance834W
      Occupational Pensions835W
      Pensioners: British Nationals Abroad835W
      Personal Independence Payment836W
      Remploy: Barrow in Furness838W
      Social Security Benefits838W
      State Retirement Pensions839W
      Universal Credit840W
      Universal Credit: Greater London840W
      Welfare Assistance Scheme841W
      Work Capability Assessment: South West841W
      Work Programme841W