Oral Answers
Wednesday 24 October 2012

Northern Ireland905
      Air Passenger Duty912
      Economic Development907
      Economic Policies910
      Fuel Laundering and Smuggling909
      Legacy Issues914
      Security Situation905
      Smithwick Tribunal913
Prime Minister914

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 24 October 2012

Home Department56WS
      College of Policing61WS
      EU Readmission Agreement with Turkey57WS
      Justice and Home Affairs Council57WS
      Northern Ireland (Threat Level)60WS
      Police (Remuneration)56WS
      Schengen Information System57WS
      Counter-Terrorist Asset Freezing Regime53WS
      Funding Reform (Wales)53WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 24 October 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills927W
      Bumi PLC927W
      Business: Government Assistance927W
      Business: Loans927W
      Business: Regulation928W
      Construction: Apprentices928W
      Construction: Scotland929W
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988929W
      Employee Ownership Scheme930W
      Employment: Greater Manchester930W
      In-flight Refuelling931W
      Local Enterprise Partnerships: East Midlands931W
      Members: Correspondence932W
      Music: Licensing932W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012932W
      Regional Growth Fund933W
      Regional Growth Fund: East Midlands933W
      Students: Loans933W
      Temporary Employment934W
      UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation934W
Cabinet Office935W
      Behavioural Insights Team935W
      Newspaper Licensing Agency936W
      Official Cars936W
      Private Education: Charities937W
      Unemployment: Ethnic Groups939W
Communities and Local Government887W
      Domestic Waste: Disposal887W
      Electric Cables887W
      English Defence League: Rotherham888W
      Family Intervention Projects888W
      Foster Care: Barnsley888W
      Mayors: Powers889W
      Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation889W
Culture, Media and Sport905W
      Broadband Delivery UK905W
      Broadcasting Reception905W
      GCSE: Pendle905W
      Members: Correspondence906W
      Non-departmental Public Bodies907W
      Armed Forces876W
      Armed Forces: Business Appointments877W
      Army: Recruitment877W
      BAE Systems877W
      Libya: Military Intervention878W
      NSA Menwith Hill878W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles878W
      Apprentices: Brighton, Kemptown912W
      Apprentices: Reading (Berkshire)912W
      Children in Care914W
      Commission On Childcare921W
      Domestic Violence921W
      Education: Assessments921W
      Free School Meals911W
      Free School Meals922W
      Further Education921W
      Higher Education: Admissions923W
      Independent Special Schools923W
      Literacy: Teaching Methods923W
      Pre-school Education: Blackpool924W
      Public Expenditure924W
      Pupils: Disadvantaged925W
      Schools: Attendance926W
      Schools: Finance926W
      Social Services: Public Appointments926W
      UK Council for Child Internet Safety926W
      Young People927W
Energy and Climate Change889W
      Energy Company Obligation889W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs907W
      Air Pollution: EU Law907W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control908W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Vaccination909W
      Dairy Products909W
      Food: Prices909W
      Low Emission Zones910W
      Milk: Prices910W
      Poultry: Animal Welfare910W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office902W
      Arms Trade: Treaties902W
      Middle East904W
      Ambulance Services: East of England879W
      Annual Leave883W
      Heart Diseases881W
      Hip Replacements882W
      Knee Replacements883W
      Medical Treatments Abroad883W
      Prostate Cancer885W
      Surgery: Age Groups885W
      Tobacco: Packaging886W
Home Department890W
      Offences against Children890W
      Written Questions: Government Responses891W
      Ashwell Prison857W
      Departmental Staff875W
      Family Proceedings857W
      HMP Oakwood859W
      Homicide: Prisoners' Release858W
      Prison Governors859W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals860W
      Prisoners' Release859W
      Prisons: Food861W
      Prisons: Marketing861W
      Probation: Essex861W
      Property: Boundary Disputes862W
      Prostitution: Lancashire862W
      Reoffenders: Essex863W
Northern Ireland900W
      Corporation Tax900W
      Human Trafficking901W
      Inward Investment901W
      Peace Walls900W
      Politics and Government901W
      Public Disorder: Vehicles and Equipment900W
      Welfare Reforms900W
      Bus Services891W
      Bus Services: EU Law892W
      Directly Operated Railways892W
      Durham Tees Valley Airport893W
      Heathrow Airport: Air Pollution893W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line893W
      Large Goods Vehicles: Rural Areas894W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012894W
      Public Transport: Rivers894W
      Railways: Franchises895W
      Thameslink Railway Line: Rolling Stock897W
      West Coast Railway Line897W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises897W
      Gift Aid: Private Education897W
      Income Tax: Self-assessment898W
      Personal Savings: Older People898W
      Revenue and Customs: ICT899W
      Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services899W
      Welfare Tax Credits899W
      Working Tax Credit: Wrexham899W
Work and Pensions940W
      Accidents: Children940W
      Atos Healthcare941W
      Carer’s Allowance941W
      Child Maintenance942W
      Community Care Grants946W
      Disability Allowance: Children945W
      Employment and Support Allowance947W
      Employment Schemes947W
      Housing Benefit: Wales947W
      Housing Benefit: Young People948W
      Incapacity Benefit948W
      Income Support949W
      Independent Living Fund949W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance949W
      Long-Term Unemployed People950W
      Olympic Games 2012951W
      Pensioners: British Nationals Abroad952W
      Pensioners: Personal Income952W
      Pensioners: Poverty952W
      Personal Independence Payment953W
      Social Fund954W
      Social Security Benefits955W
      Social Security Benefits: Disqualification955W
      Social Security Benefits: EU Nationals956W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud958W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations959W
      Social Security Benefits: Young People960W
      State Retirement Pensions959W
      Universal Credit961W
      Unsecured Pensions961W
      Welfare Reform Act 2012962W
      Work Capability Assessment962W
      Work Programme964W

Ministerial Correction
Wednesday 24 October 2012

      HS2 Ltd5MC