Written Ministerial Statements
Friday 26 October 2012

Communities and Local Government71WS
      Planning Applications71WS
      Ofsted Report (Armed Forces Initial Training)72WS
      Voluntary and Community Sector Prospectus72WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs73WS
      Convention on Biological Diversity (Hyderabad Conference)73WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office75WS
      Foreign Affairs/Development Foreign Affairs/General Affairs Councils75WS
      Tier 2 Regulatory Capital71WS

Written Answers
Friday 26 October 2012

      Bovine Tuberculosis1076W
Business, Innovation and Skills1065W
      Apprentices: Hastings1065W
      Basic Skills1066W
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 19881067W
      Mature Students: Parents1067W
      Motor Sports1067W
      Post Offices: Scotland1067W
Cabinet Office1068W
      Civil Servants: Scotland1068W
      Drugs: Crime1069W
      Internet: Devon1069W
      Older Workers: Devon1070W
Communities and Local Government1082W
      Council Tax Benefits1082W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 20121084W
      Sleeping Rough1085W
      Temporary Accommodation1085W
Culture, Media and Sport1072W
      Cleaning Services1072W
      Entertainments: Tickets1072W
      Olympic Games 20121072W
      Armed Forces: Sexual Offences1073W
      Service Prosecuting Authority1075W
Energy and Climate Change1071W
      Utilities: Tenants1071W
      Warm Home Discount Scheme: Coventry1071W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs1077W
      Agriculture: Subsidies1077W
      Animals: Tuberculosis1077W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control1078W
      Cattle: Death1080W
      Dogs: Breeding1080W
      Hill Farming1080W
      Sky Lanterns1081W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office1100W
      Foreign Students1100W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Nitrogen1085W
      Food: Diabetes1086W
      Health Services1086W
      Health Services: Wales1087W
      Heart Diseases: Children1087W
      Medical Records: Hereditary Diseases1088W
      NHS: Per Capita Costs1089W
      Palliative Care1089W
      Sickle Cell Diseases1090W
      Smoking: Motor Vehicles1091W
Home Department1081W
      Drugs: Imports1081W
      Drugs: Misuse1082W
House of Commons Commission1076W
      Cleaning Services1076W
International Development1099W
      Peacekeeping Operations1100W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation1061W
      Prisons: Repairs and Maintenance1062W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals1064W
      Armed Forces1075W
      Electoral Register: Young People1075W
      London Midland1077W
      Banks: Pay1091W
      Business: Scotland1091W
      Capital Allowances1092W
      Capital Gains Tax1092W
      Energy: Private Rented Housing1093W
      Research and Development Tax Credit1093W
Work and Pensions1094W
      Atos Healthcare1094W
      Employment and Support Allowance1094W
      Employment Schemes: Young People1094W
      Mental Health Function Champions1095W
      Postal Services1095W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 20121096W
      Reserve Forces1096W
      Universal Credit1096W
      Work Capability Assessment1097W
      Work Programme1098W