Oral Answers
Monday 29 October 2012

      Academy Schools15
      Early Intervention5
      English and Mathematics12
      GCSE English Results12
      Literacy and Numeracy (Attainment)9
      Literacy and Numeracy (Attainment)16
      Mathematics Teaching14
      Pupil Premium3
      Studio Schools7
      Topical Questions17
      University Technical Colleges11
      Vocational Education8
      Worcestershire Schools15

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 29 October 2012

      South London Healthcare NHS Trust2WS
      Winterbourne View4WS
      Asset Protection Agency (Interim Report)1WS
      City Deals1WS

Written Answers
Monday 29 October 2012

      Offences against Children2W
      Unsolicited Goods and Services3W
Business, Innovation and Skills107W
      Business: Billing109W
      Business: Loans110W
      Construction: Industry110W
      Credit: Licensing111W
      Drugs: Labelling111W
      Electric Cables: Imports111W
      Graduates: Employment112W
      Hawk Aircraft: Bahrain112W
      Higher Education: Admissions113W
      Languages: Higher Education113W
      Mobile Phones113W
      Postage Stamps114W
      Regional Growth Fund114W
      Saudi Arabia: Festivals and Special Occasions115W
      Shipping: Conditions of Employment116W
      Trading Standards117W
Cabinet Office40W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line40W
      Shops: Empty Property40W
Communities and Local Government41W
      Affordable Housing41W
      Arson: Gravesham43W
      Communications: Planning Permission41W
      Council Tax43W
      Council Tax Benefits43W
      Electric Cables43W
      European Year of Citizens43W
      Housing Benefit44W
      Local Government Finance44W
      Non-domestic Rates45W
      Parish Councils: Complaints45W
      Planning Permission46W
Culture, Media and Sport76W
      Broadcasting Reception77W
      Creative Partnerships77W
      Equal Civil Marriage79W
      HMS Victory78W
      Local Broadcasting: Television78W
      Public Lending Right80W
      Public Libraries78W
      Sports: Disadvantaged80W
      Tourism: Devon81W
      UK Sport81W
      Military Exercises30W
      Nuclear Submarines30W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles31W
      US Airbases32W
      Veterans: Grace and Favour Housing31W
      Teachers: Training122W
Energy and Climate Change31W
      Cleaning Services32W
      Energy: Conservation33W
      Industrial Diseases: Compensation33W
      Mobile Phones34W
      Off-grid Households34W
      Renewable Energy: Heating35W
      Sickness Absence36W
      Water Power37W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs117W
      Bovine Tuberculosis117W
      Bovine Tuberculosis: Disease Control118W
      Common Agricultural Policy119W
      Common Land120W
      Countryside: Access120W
      Floods: Insurance121W
      Floods: South West121W
      Marine Environment: Research122W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office14W
      British Council14W
      British Indian Ocean Territory15W
      British Overseas Territories16W
      Cayman Islands18W
      Cleaning Services18W
      Democratic Republic of Congo19W
      EU Budget21W
      Henderson Island22W
      Horn of Africa22W
      Ilois: Resettlement23W
      Middle East23W
      Pitcairn Islands25W
      South Sudan26W
      Tristan da Cunha27W
      Turks and Caicos Islands27W
      World War II: Military Decorations28W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse82W
      Blood: Contamination82W
      Cancer: North West83W
      Christie NHS Foundation Trust84W
      Clinical Trials84W
      Drugs: Labelling84W
      Friarage Hospital85W
      Health Services85W
      Health Services: Foreign Nationals85W
      Hospitals: Parking87W
      Medicine: Education87W
      NHS: Correspondence88W
      NHS: Innovation88W
      NHS: Redundancy90W
      NHS: Staff Funding93W
      NHS: Telephone Services95W
      Older People: Loneliness95W
      Paramedical Staff96W
      Smoking: Motor Vehicles99W
      University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust99W
Home Department68W
      BAE Systems68W
      Criminal Records: Freedom of Information70W
      Cycling: Pedestrian Areas70W
      Deportation: Offenders71W
      Emergency Calls72W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students72W
      EU Justice and Home Affairs73W
      Freedom of Information73W
      Immigration: Leicester73W
      Members: Correspondence74W
      Passports: Lost Property74W
      Police and Crime Commissioners74W
      Police: Emergency Calls74W
      Police: Training75W
      Social Networking: Data Protection75W
      Telecommunications Act 198475W
International Development37W
      Cleaning Services37W
      St Helena38W
      Community Orders46W
      Debt Collection47W
      Employment Tribunals Service: Hastings47W
      Freedom of Information Act 200048W
      Latchmere House Prison49W
      Marriage: Ceremonies49W
      Payment by Results49W
      Public Order Offences: Greater London52W
      Sir Edward Heath52W
      Video Games52W
      Voting Rights: Prisoners53W
      Work Capability Assessment54W
Northern Ireland1W
      Official Visits1W
Prime Minister2W
      Aviation: Security4W
      Blue Badge Scheme4W
      Bus Services5W
      Driving: Licensing7W
      Driving under Influence: Drugs5W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line7W
      Network Rail9W
      Pedestrian Crossings: Schools9W
      Rail Delivery Group10W
      Railways: Franchises10W
      Rescue Services: Northern Ireland11W
      Shipping: Fuels12W
      Shipping: Safety13W
      West Coast Railway Line13W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises13W
      Wheels to Work Schemes14W
      Budget Scrutiny100W
      Business: Peterborough100W
      Child Benefit101W
      Cleaning Services102W
      Corporation Tax102W
      Energy: Private Rented Housing102W
      European Central Bank103W
      Green Deal Scheme104W
      Revenue and Customs104W
      Revenue and Customs: Correspondence105W
      Sovereignty: Scotland105W
      Tax Avoidance105W
      Tax Evasion106W
      VAT: Boilers106W
      Welfare Tax Credits106W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Complaints107W
      Cleaning Services1W
      Press: Subscriptions1W
Work and Pensions54W
      Child Maintenance54W
      Employment and Support Allowance56W
      Employment: Discrimination58W
      Employment Schemes: Young People57W
      Housing Benefit59W
      Housing Benefit: Wales60W
      Jobseeker's Allowance60W
      Mental Function Champions60W
      Occupational Pensions60W
      Social Fund61W
      Social Security Benefits61W
      Social Security Benefits: Disqualification63W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud63W
      Social Security Benefits: Medical Examinations64W
      Universal Credit64W
      Work Capability Assessment67W
      Work Programme67W