Oral Answers
Tuesday 30 October 2012

Foreign and Commonwealth Office141
      4G (Interference)61WH
      Court-appointed Deputies53WH
      Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit30WH
      Occupied Palestinian Territories150
      Oil and Gas (Cyprus)151
      Shaker Aamer152
      Sudan/South Sudan141
      Topical Questions157
      UK Exports154
      Westminster Hall1WH

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 30 October 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills7WS
      Nuttall Review on Employee Ownership7WS
      UK Green Investment Bank7WS
Cabinet Office8WS
      Cabinet Committees List8WS
      Charitable Incorporated Organisation8WS
Culture, Media and Sport9WS
      Parliamentary Question (Correction)9WS
Energy and Climate Change10WS
      UK Carbon Capture and Storage Commercialisation Competition10WS
      Advisory Committee on Civil Costs12WS
      Inquests (Service Personnel)12WS
Work and Pensions14WS
      National Employment Savings Trust14WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 30 October 2012

      Tobacco: Smuggling163W
Business, Innovation and Skills185W
      Business: Billing185W
      Business: Government Assistance185W
      Business: Loans186W
      Cleaning Services187W
      Employee Ownership Scheme187W
      Employment: Advisory Services188W
      Green Investment Bank188W
      Nuclear Power188W
      Overseas Trade: China189W
      Post Offices189W
      Shipping: Conditions of Employment191W
      Sickness Absence191W
      Vocational Guidance: Young People193W
Communities and Local Government163W
      Cleaning Services163W
      Council Housing164W
      Repossession Orders164W
Culture, Media and Sport169W
      Broadband Delivery UK170W
      Local Press170W
      Mobile Phones171W
      Olympic Games 2012: Marketing171W
      Press: Subscriptions171W
      Tourism: Newton Abbot171W
      Aircraft Carriers165W
      Defence Equipment165W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft165W
      Academies: Tameside and Stockport195W
      Adoption: Sunderland196W
      Children: Abuse197W
      Children: Disability198W
      Children in Care196W
      Cleaning Services199W
      Disabled Children194W
      English Baccalaureate199W
      GCE A-level200W
      General Studies: GCE A-level203W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers203W
      Press: Subscriptions204W
      Schools: Sports204W
      Special Educational Needs205W
      Surplus School Places194W
      Young People: Carers207W
Energy and Climate Change157W
      Carbon Sequestration157W
      Nuclear Power Stations157W
      Water Power: South West158W
      Wind Power: Bournemouth158W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs159W
      Badgers: Disease Control159W
      Mobile Phones160W
      Sickness Absence160W
      Wheels to Work Schemes161W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office172W
      Arms Trade: Treaties173W
      British Indian Ocean Territory174W
      Diplomatic Bags175W
      EU Budget175W
      EU Staff175W
      Market Share: Growing Economies172W
      Single Market172W
      Trade Promotion176W
      UK Market Share177W
      Cleaning Services144W
      Food: Charitable Donations146W
      General Practitioners146W
      Health Services: Foreign Nationals146W
      Health Services: Homelessness147W
      Heart Diseases: Children147W
      NHS: Foreign Workers148W
      NHS: Innovation148W
      NHS: Reorganisation149W
      Palliative Care149W
Home Department177W
      Armed Conflict: Anniversaries177W
      Children: Abuse184W
      Cleaning Services178W
      Deportation: Offenders179W
      Drugs: Crime179W
      Drugs: Misuse179W
      Entry Clearances: Balkans180W
      Immigration Controls180W
      Metropolitan Police181W
      Organised Crime182W
      Public Order: Arrests182W
      Sickness Absence183W
      UK Border Agency183W
      Work Permits: Shipping183W
International Development161W
      Disability Living Allowance: Appeals124W
      Drugs: Misuse125W
      European Court of Human Rights125W
      Magistrates’ Courts: Translation Services126W
      Prisoner Escapes126W
      Prisoners on Remand128W
      Prisons: Restraint Techniques131W
Northern Ireland159W
      Cleaning Services159W
Prime Minister166W
      Diplomatic Service166W
      Press: Subscriptions142W
      Aviation: EU Action167W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line167W
      Rail Delivery Group167W
      Railways: Barrow in Furness168W
      Railways: Franchises168W
      Railways: Nature Conservation168W
      West Coast Railway Line: Cumbria169W
      Child Benefit208W
      Individual Savings Accounts208W
      Money Advice Service209W
      Tax Avoidance: Temporary Employment210W
      Tobacco: Smuggling210W
      VAT: Construction212W
      VAT: Electronic Publishing212W
      Mobile Phones157W
      Press: Subscriptions157W
Work and Pensions150W
      Atos Healthcare150W
      Civil Servants: Business Interests151W
      Employment and Support Allowance151W
      Housing Benefit153W
      Social Rented Housing153W
      Social Security Benefits154W
      Sportsgrounds: Disasters155W
      Universal Credit155W
      Work Capability Assessment156W