Oral Answers
Tuesday 6 November 2012

      Affordable Housing709
      Affordable Housing719
      Bank Lending725
      Banking Reform722
      Cost of Living721
      Economic Growth724
      Employee Ownership714
      Job Creation: Private Sector710
      Labour Statistics713
      Long-term Unemployment717
      Public Sector Borrowing715
      Tax Evasion and Avoidance723
      Topical Questions726
      Unearned Wealth725

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 6 November 2012

      National Pupil Database35WS
      NHS Consultation36WS
Prime Minister37WS
      Intelligence and Security Committee Annual Report (Government Response)37WS
      Green Bus Fund37WS
Work and Pensions38WS
      Workplace Pension Reform38WS

Tuesday 6 November 2012

      Proposed closure of Wellingborough Prison1P

Written Answers
Tuesday 6 November 2012

      National Assembly for Wales548W
Business, Innovation and Skills589W
      Adult Education589W
      Arms Trade: Exports589W
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988592W
      European Space Council592W
      Exports: South East Asia593W
      Ford Motor Company593W
      Further Education: West Midlands594W
      Maternity Leave594W
      National Skills Academy for Nuclear594W
      Overseas Trade595W
Cabinet Office573W
      Construction: Standards573W
      Emergencies: Planning573W
      Government Departments: Buildings574W
      Immigration: Eastern Europe574W
      Press: Subscriptions575W
Communities and Local Government539W
      Affordable Housing539W
      EU Grants and Loans539W
      Housing: Construction540W
      Housing: Hampshire540W
      Local Government: Procurement541W
      Members: Correspondence541W
      Mobile Phones541W
      Non-domestic Rates541W
      Private Rented Housing: North West542W
      Public Libraries542W
      Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012543W
      Social Rented Housing: Greater London543W
      Tunnels: Greenwich544W
      Urban Areas544W
Culture, Media and Sport524W
      Broadband: Rural Areas525W
      Crimes of Violence: Females526W
      Departmental Staff527W
      Leveson Inquiry526W
      Meetings: Media526W
      Parliament Square: Flags527W
      Public Libraries: Closures527W
      Defence: Procurement519W
      Devonport Dockyard521W
      European Fighter Aircraft521W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft521W
      Marine Sciences522W
      Military Aircraft522W
      Mobile Phones522W
      United Arab Emirates524W
      Unmanned Air Vehicles524W
      Children in Care: Cumbria548W
      Free School Meals: Further Education552W
      Physical Education: Teachers553W
Energy and Climate Change586W
      Fossil Fuels: Scotland586W
      Nuclear Power587W
      Public Appointments589W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs545W
      Bovine Tuberculosis545W
      Floods: Insurance546W
      Sky Lanterns: South West547W
      Trees: Diseases547W
      Turtles: Cayman Islands548W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office516W
      Bülent Ecevit517W
      British Indian Ocean Territory516W
      Cayman Islands517W
      Drugs: Prices579W
      General Social Care Council579W
      Health Services: Leighton Buzzard580W
      Lung Diseases580W
      Meetings: Media580W
      Midwives: Foreign Workers581W
      Midwives: Training582W
      NHS: Drugs583W
      NHS: Lobbying584W
      NHS: Redundancy584W
      NHS: Training584W
      Prescription Drugs585W
      School Milk585W
      Social Workers585W
      Specialised Healthcare Alliance585W
Home Department528W
      Assaults On Police528W
      Asylum: Democratic Republic of Congo529W
      Crime: Cumbria529W
      Departmental Staff537W
      Driving Under Influence: Drugs535W
      Female Genital Mutilation536W
      Leveson Inquiry536W
      Metal: Theft538W
      Organised Crime: Sexual Offences536W
      Police: Pensions536W
      Police: Powers536W
      Public Appointments537W
      Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures537W
      Theft: Motor Vehicles538W
House of Commons Commission548W
      BBC Parliament: Subtitling548W
International Development598W
      Developing Countries: Schools604W
      Overseas Aid606W
      Assaults on Police554W
      Criminal Injuries Compensation: Cumbria553W
      Departmental Staff563W
      Judiciary: Pensions555W
      Legal Aid Scheme555W
      Organised Crime: Females555W
      Payment by Results555W
      Policy Research558W
      Prisoners: Death556W
      Prisons: Private Sector556W
      Public Expenditure556W
      Reoffenders: Medway557W
      Young Offender Institutions565W
Northern Ireland527W
Prime Minister518W
      Leveson Inquiry518W
      Meetings: Media519W
      Heathrow Airport511W
      King's Cross-Hartlepool Railway Line511W
      London Midland: Franchises511W
      Motorcycles: Training512W
      Railways: Freight512W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises512W
      Child Benefit575W
      Deficit Reduction575W
      European Central Bank576W
      Income Tax: Hampshire576W
      Job Creation: Private Sector577W
      Meetings: Media577W
      Mining: Takeovers577W
      Sovereignty: Scotland578W
      Tax Avoidance578W
      Taxation: Property579W
Women and Equalities567W
      Equality: Travellers568W
Work and Pensions569W
      Disability Living Allowance569W
      Housing Benefit571W
      Housing Benefit: North West571W
      Jobcentre Plus571W
      Social Security Benefits572W
      Work Capability Assessment572W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 6 November 2012

Communities and Local Government5MC
      Growth and Infrastructure Bill5MC