Oral Answers
Wednesday 7 November 2012

Cabinet Office843
      Big Society Projects847
      Civil Service Reform Plan843
      Government Contracts848
      Government Transparency850
      National Citizen Service848
      Statutory Register of Lobbyists844
      Topical Questions851
Prime Minister853

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 7 November 2012

      Adoption Legislation39WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office40WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 7 November 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills661W
      Apprentices: North East661W
      Employment Agencies: Performing Arts662W
      Groceries Code Adjudicator662W
      Higher Education: Business662W
      Higher Education: Research663W
      Institute for Employee Ownership664W
      Research: Marine Environment665W
      Students: Complaints664W
      Students: Work Experience665W
      Trade Agreements666W
      UK Equity Markets662W
Cabinet Office637W
      Emergency Services638W
      Quango Reform637W
      Trade Unions640W
Communities and Local Government611W
      Housing: Construction611W
      Local Government Finance611W
      Planning Permission611W
      Sickness Absence611W
      Waste Disposal: Renewable Energy613W
Culture, Media and Sport622W
      Broadband Delivery UK622W
      Cultural Heritage622W
      National Lottery623W
      Trident Submarines629W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse616W
      Child Protection620W
      Children: Abuse619W
      Children: Disability619W
      Children in Care617W
      Children in Care: Missing Persons618W
      Children: Performing Arts619W
      Social Services621W
      Social Workers: Training621W
Electoral Commission Committee609W
      Political Parties: Finance610W
Energy and Climate Change631W
      Carbon Emissions631W
      Climate Change632W
      Energy: Prices633W
      Fuel Poverty633W
      Local Government635W
      Marine Environment635W
      Warm Front Scheme: Brighton and Hove636W
      Wind Power636W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs645W
      Forestry Commission645W
      Marine Conservation Zones646W
      Rural Development Programme647W
      Sickness Absence647W
      Trees: Diseases649W
      Turtles: Cayman Islands650W
      Water Abstraction650W
      Water Supply650W
      Written Questions651W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office656W
      British Council656W
      Cayman Islands656W
      Prisoners on Remand660W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Children640W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse641W
      Blood: Contamination641W
      Health Services: Foreign Nationals643W
      Maternity Services Liaison Committees643W
      Occupational Health644W
      Written Questions644W
Home Department624W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Prices624W
      Asylum: Housing624W
      Female Genital Mutilation625W
      Foreign Workers625W
      Immigration: Papua New Guinea626W
      Passports: Photographs626W
      Police and Crime Commissioners627W
      Police: Pensions627W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals628W
      Violence against Women and Domestic Violence628W
      Work Permits628W
      Courts: Colchester629W
      Female Genital Mutilation630W
      Legal Aid Scheme630W
Northern Ireland629W
      Official Visits629W
Prime Minister637W
      Driving: Eyesight613W
      Railways: Freight615W
      Air Passenger Duty: Scotland653W
      Employee Ownership Scheme653W
      EU Budget653W
      Income Tax Rates652W
      Loans: Republic of Ireland653W
      Public Expenditure654W
      Royal Bank of Scotland655W
      Sickness Absence655W
      Tax Allowances656W
Work and Pensions607W
      Community Care Grants: Halton607W
      Disability Living Allowance608W
      Housing Benefit609W