Oral Answers
Thursday 8 November 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills985
      Business Olympics988
      Business Start-ups985
      Business Start-ups991
      Business Start-ups999
      Construction Output997
      Engineering Careers996
      Experience and Training995
      Female Board Members (Quotas)1000
      Green Manufacturing Jobs995
      New Businesses (Outstanding Debts)998
      Regional Growth Fund1000
      Research Partnerships990
      Student Loans988
      Tied Landlords992
      Topical Questions1001
      Wind Farms994

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 8 November 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills43WS
      Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 200843WS
      Prison Competition and Efficiency44WS
      Waterhouse Inquiry44WS
      ECOFIN (Budget)43WS

Written Answers
Thursday 8 November 2012

      Police Custody: Death673W
      Prisoners: Death673W
Business, Innovation and Skills694W
      Business: Government Assistance694W
      Executives: Pay694W
      Gangmasters Licensing Authority695W
      Groceries Code Adjudicator695W
      Higher Education: Admissions696W
      Regional Growth Fund697W
Cabinet Office719W
      Civil Servants: Scotland719W
      Government Departments: ICT719W
      Government Procurement Card720W
      Meetings: Media720W
      Public Services720W
Communities and Local Government729W
      Construction: Industrial Health and Safety729W
      Council Tax730W
      Growth and Infrastructure Bill730W
      Meetings: Media731W
      National Parks731W
      Planning: Hackney731W
      Planning Permission731W
      Sickness Absence732W
      Slovak Roma733W
      Armed Forces: Sexual Offences704W
      Army: Germany704W
      Corporate Gifts and Hospitality705W
      Defence Infrastructure Organisation705W
      Military Police706W
      Reserve Forces708W
      Children: Corporal Punishment688W
      Children in Care687W
      Children: Poverty688W
      English Baccalaureate691W
      Free School Meals691W
      Free Schools: Special Educational Needs692W
      Outdoor Education693W
      Primary Education: Teachers693W
      Teachers: Pensions693W
      Young People: Employment Schemes693W
Energy and Climate Change709W
      Electricity Generation: Scotland709W
      Energy: Meters710W
      Macquarie Group711W
      Nuclear Power: Emergencies711W
      Renewable Energy712W
      Sickness Absence712W
      Tidal Power: River Severn713W
      Wind Power713W
      Written Questions715W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs725W
      Agriculture: South West725W
      Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency725W
      Gangmasters Licensing Authority727W
      Macquarie Infrastructure Group728W
      Oysters: Colchester728W
      Plants: EU Law728W
      Turtles: Cayman Islands729W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office734W
      Arms Trade Treaty734W
      British Council735W
      British Indian Ocean Territory736W
      Cayman Islands736W
      Falkland Islands737W
      Maqbool Butt739W
      Written Questions739W
      Cystic Fibrosis: Drugs673W
      Drugs: Babies674W
      Drugs: Rehabilitation675W
      HIV Infection676W
      HIV Infection: Brighton and Hove678W
      Low Birthweight677W
      NHS: Drugs678W
      NHS: Redundancy679W
      Press: Subscriptions680W
      School Milk684W
      Smoking: Young People685W
      Throat Problems675W
Home Department716W
      Alternatives to Prison716W
      Antisocial Behaviour716W
      Illegal Immigrants717W
      Members: Correspondence718W
International Development667W
      Developing Countries: Primary Education667W
      Indian Subcontinent669W
      Overseas Aid: Education669W
      Papua New Guinea670W
      Sickness Absence670W
      Driving Offences740W
      Offenders: Housing749W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals749W
      Young Offender Institutions753W
Northern Ireland708W
      Prison Service: Protection708W
Prime Minister718W
      Macquarie Group718W
      Sickness Absence671W
      Written Questions671W
      Bus Services: Environment Protection754W
      Driving: Eyesight754W
      Press: Subscriptions754W
      Public Expenditure756W
      Railways: Freight755W
      Sickness Absence758W
      Written Questions757W
      Balance of Trade721W
      Business: Loans721W
      Excise Duties: Beer722W
      Ford Motor Company: Turkey722W
      Individual Savings Accounts722W
      Individual Savings Accounts: Tax Allowances723W
      Pensions: Tax Allowances723W
      Press: Subscriptions723W
      Tax Avoidance724W
Women and Equalities686W
Work and Pensions698W
      Community Care Grants: Warrington698W
      Future Jobs Fund699W
      Personal Independence Payment699W
      Universal Credit701W
      Work Programme703W
      Working Conditions703W