Written Ministerial Statements
Friday 9 November 2012

      Reserves (Call-Out Order) (Afghanistan)47WS
      Reserves (Call-Out Order) (Global Security Objectives)48WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs48WS
      Ash Tree Dieback48WS
      Social Science Research Committee50WS
International Development51WS
      India (Aid)51WS
      Heavy Goods Vehicles52WS
      Cash Management Operations47WS

Written Answers
Friday 9 November 2012

Business, Innovation and Skills775W
      Credit: Interest Rates776W
      Galileo System776W
      New Businesses: Havering777W
      Olympic Games 2012777W
      Public Houses: Closures778W
      Regional Growth Fund779W
      Sickness Absence779W
      Students: Loans781W
      Trade Promotion781W
      Working Hours: EU Law782W
      Written Questions782W
Cabinet Office790W
      Freedom of Information790W
Church Commissioners761W
      Plough Sunday761W
Communities and Local Government787W
      Housing: Construction787W
      Planning Permission787W
      Regional Spatial Strategies788W
      Service Charges788W
Culture, Media and Sport814W
      Arts Council England815W
      Arts: English Baccalaureate815W
      Broadband Delivery UK816W
      Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press Inquiry817W
      Departmental Staff821W
      Health Lottery818W
      Local Broadcasting: Television818W
      Mobile Phones819W
      Music: Young People819W
      Public Appointments820W
      Recordings: Equipment820W
      Remembrance Day820W
      Sickness Absence814W
      Sickness Absence821W
      Telephone Services: Unsolicited Goods and Services822W
      Written Questions822W
Deputy Prime Minister798W
      Academies: Brighton and Hove761W
      Children: Abuse762W
      Children: Day Care762W
      Children's Centres763W
      Departmental Staff772W
      English Baccalaureate763W
      Free Schools764W
      GCE A-level764W
      Health Education: Sex765W
      History: Curriculum767W
      History: GCSE767W
      Languages: GCE A-level768W
      Leveson Inquiry769W
      Mathematics and Science: Education769W
      Members: Correspondence:770W
      National Curriculum Tests770W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education771W
      Pupils: Bullying771W
      Schools: Libraries772W
      World War I: Education773W
Energy and Climate Change789W
      Renewable Energy: Feed-in Tariffs789W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs790W
      Plastic Bags790W
      Trees: Diseases790W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office812W
      Papua New Guinea812W
      Sickness Absence813W
      Corporate Hospitality798W
      Doctors: Working Hours799W
      Driving Under Influence799W
      Eyesight: Testing799W
      NHS: Drugs800W
      NHS: Finance801W
      NHS: Private Finance Initiative801W
      NHS: Procurement802W
      Nurses: Vacancies802W
      Sickness Absence802W
      Sudden Adult Death Syndrome803W
      Visual Impairment803W
Home Department773W
      Children in Care: Missing Persons773W
      Driving: Eyesight773W
House of Commons Commission795W
      Fire Prevention795W
      Table Office796W
      Written Questions797W
International Development811W
      Written Questions812W
      Communications Act 2003824W
      Courts: Interpreters823W
      Prisoners' Incentives and Earned Privileges Scheme825W
      Sexual Offences: Sentencing825W
      Sickness Absence825W
      Victim Support Schemes826W
      Young Offenders827W
      Youth Offending Teams827W
Northern Ireland803W
      Sickness Absence803W
      Written Questions804W
      Driving: Eyesight792W
      Driving: Licensing793W
      Driving: Older People793W
      Driving Under Influence791W
      Helicopters: Safety793W
      London Midland: Franchises794W
      Transport: Exhaust Emissions794W
      Child Benefit784W
      Railways: Capital Allowances785W
      Third Sector785W
      Universal Credit785W
      Written Questions786W
      Sickness Absence806W
      Written Questions806W
Women and Equalities805W
      Written Questions805W
Work and Pensions807W
      Employment and Support Allowance807W
      Employment Schemes: Young People807W
      Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefits808W
      Jobseeker's Allowance808W
      New Enterprise Allowance809W
      Social Security Benefits: Disqualification809W
      Universal Credit809W