Oral Answers
Monday 4 February 2013

Communities and Local Government1
      Council Tax Benefit1
      Fire and Rescue Service5
      Fire and Rescue Service15
      House Building12
      Illegal Encampment11
      Local Government Finance9
      Local Government Finance10
      Local Government Finance16
      Redundancy (Local Government)15
      Refuse Collection (Derby)7
      Right to Buy13
      Small Shops (Rates)3
      Social Housing (Under-occupancy)6
      Topical Questions16
      Troubled Families14

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 4 February 2013

Communities and Local Government1WS
      Local Government Finance1WS
Energy and Climate Change3WS
      Committee on Climate Change (Triennial Review)3WS
Home Department3WS
      Police Grant Report England and Wales (2013-14)3WS
Northern Ireland6WS
      National Security in Northern Ireland6WS

Monday 4 February 2013

      Families Against Suicide Today1P

Written Answers
Monday 4 February 2013

      Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act 187562W
      Human Trafficking62W
      Minimum Wage: Prosecutions61W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments63W
Business, Innovation and Skills103W
      Apprentices: North West104W
      Business: Government Assistance104W
      Citizens Advice Bureaux104W
      Higher Education: Admissions106W
      Higher Education: Finance106W
      Medicine: Research107W
      Overseas Students: Syria108W
      Schools: Vocational Guidance110W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments110W
      University Marine Biological Station Millport110W
Cabinet Office111W
      Business: East Yorkshire111W
      Business: Lancashire111W
      Charities: Fraud111W
      Government Departments: Billing113W
      Government Departments: Internet113W
      Minimum Wage114W
      Public Expenditure115W
      Voluntary Work116W
Communities and Local Government41W
      Council Tax Benefit42W
      Families: Disadvantaged42W
      Local Government Finance41W
      Ministers’ Private Offices42W
      Non-domestic Rates43W
      Parish Councils43W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments44W
Culture, Media and Sport52W
      ArtCo Trading52W
      Arts: Brigg53W
      Artworks: Loans52W
      BBC Radio53W
      Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press Inquiry54W
      Culture: Voluntary Work54W
      Internet: Scotland55W
      Music: Young People56W
      Armed Forces: Housing Benefit74W
      Army: Scotland74W
      Bomb Disposal: Northern Ireland77W
      C-17 Aircraft77W
      Cemeteries: Bassetlaw77W
      Defence Infrastructure Organisation78W
      Depleted Uranium78W
      Duke of Lancaster's Regiment78W
      Indian Ocean Tsunami79W
      Lord Britten of Aldeburgh79W
      Military Aircraft80W
      Nimrod Aircraft80W
      RAF Lossiemouth80W
      Reserve Forces81W
      Royal Corps of Signals: Redundancy81W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments81W
Deputy Prime Minister44W
      Children: Day Care58W
      Children's Centres: Newcastle upon Tyne57W
      GCSE: Birmingham58W
      Information Commissioner59W
      Schools: Construction59W
      Schools: Voluntary Work60W
      Visits Abroad61W
Energy and Climate Change9W
      Energy: Expenditure10W
      Energy: Meters10W
      Natural Gas: Reserves11W
      Natural Gas: Storage11W
      Nuclear Power Stations12W
      Radioactive Waste12W
      Renewables Obligation12W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments13W
      Wind Power: Republic of Ireland14W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs6W
      Ash Dieback Disease6W
      Bovine Tuberculosis7W
      Livestock: Exports8W
      Livestock: Transport8W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office1W
      Private Military and Security Companies2W
      Shaker Aamer3W
      Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation82W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Rehabilitation83W
      Alexandra Hospital Redditch83W
      Babies: Screening84W
      Beef: Horse Meat85W
      Breast Cancer85W
      Carbon Monoxide: Alarms87W
      Clinical Trials87W
      Domestic Violence87W
      Health Services89W
      Medical Records: Disability90W
      Pharmacy: Crime91W
      Prescription Drugs92W
      Snow and Ice: Accidents92W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments92W
Home Department21W
      Asylum: Sexuality21W
      Coral: Smuggling22W
      Court Orders: Greater London22W
      Deportation: Syria22W
      Detention Centres: Internet23W
      Entry Clearances23W
      Entry Clearances: Overseas Students24W
      Entry Clearances: Yemen24W
      Human Trafficking: Children25W
      Immigration Controls: Data Protection27W
      Lost Property28W
      Members: Correspondence29W
      Offenders: Passports29W
      Prisoners: Foreign Nationals30W
      Theft: Denton31W
      Travellers: Animal Welfare32W
      UK Border Agency32W
      West Midlands Police33W
      Written Questions33W
International Development34W
      Darwin Initiative36W
      Democratic Republic of Congo36W
      Developing Countries: Debts Written Off36W
      Developing Countries: Human Rights37W
      International Climate Fund37W
      Overseas Aid38W
      Community Orders46W
      Homicide: Prisoners Release47W
      Judicial Review48W
      Members: Correspondence51W
      National Archives51W
      UK Membership of EU52W
Northern Ireland3W
      Conditions of Employment3W
      Police Service of Northern Ireland4W
Prime Minister34W
      Food Banks34W
      Iraq Committee of Inquiry34W
      A1: North Yorkshire63W
      Buses: First Aid65W
      Car Tax65W
      Durham Tees Valley Airport66W
      Great Western Railway Line66W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line66W
      Large Goods Vehicles69W
      Motor Vehicles: Registration69W
      Public Transport70W
      Public Transport: Disability70W
      Railways: Fares71W
      Skinningrove Jetty71W
      Waterloo Station71W
      West Coast Railway Line72W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises72W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks15W
      Financial Services15W
      Food Banks15W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line16W
      Income Tax17W
      Individual Savings Accounts17W
      Minimum Wage18W
      National Insurance Contributions18W
      Payments Council19W
      Personal Income: Birmingham19W
      Revenue and Customs19W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments20W
      Working Tax Credit: Reserve Forces21W
      Conditions of Employment5W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments5W
Work and Pensions93W
      Child Maintenance93W
      Conditions of Employment95W
      Employment Schemes: Disability95W
      Food Banks96W
      Housing Benefit96W
      Incapacity Benefit: Offenders97W
      Jobcentre Plus97W
      Office for National Statistics97W
      Personal Independence Payment97W
      Social Security Benefits99W
      Social Security Benefits: Disability100W
      Social Security Benefits: Polygamy100W
      Unemployed People: Travel100W
      Unemployment Benefits102W
      Unemployment Benefits: West Midlands102W
      Work Programme103W

Ministerial Correction
Monday 4 February 2013

      RSPCA (Prosecutions)1MC