Oral Answers
Tuesday 5 February 2013

      Community Sentences110
      Criminal Proceedings: Delays104
      Employment and Support Allowance113
      Joint Committee on Human Rights103
      Judicial Review113
      Magistrates’ Sentencing Powers106
      Offender Rehabilitation107
      Prison Estate108
      Prison Places112
      Prison Review99
      Prisoner Transfer Agreements112
      Prisoners: Drug Addiction109
      Probation Service102
      Probation Service (Low and Medium-risk Offenders)101
      Topical Questions114
      Work Capability Assessment105

Written Ministerial Statements
Tuesday 5 February 2013

Cabinet Office7WS
      Committee on Standards in Public Life (Triennial Review)7WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office9WS
      Government Wine Cellar9WS
      Mental Health (Registered Practitioners and Approved Clinicians)9WS
      Judicial Pensions Reform10WS
Prime Minister11WS
      Communications Data (Intelligence and Security Agencies)11WS
      Driving Test Language Support12WS
      Equitable Life Payment Scheme8WS
      Public Service Pensions (Up-Rating 2013)8WS
Work and Pensions12WS
      Universal Credit12WS

Written Answers
Tuesday 5 February 2013

      Serious Fraud Office124W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments124W
Business, Innovation and Skills191W
      British Antarctic Survey191W
      Business: Loans191W
      Foreign Investment in UK: South West191W
      Multinational Companies192W
      Oil: Prices192W
      Overseas Trade: EU Countries193W
      Overseas Trade: Scotland193W
      Regional Growth Fund: West Midlands194W
      Trade Promotion194W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments195W
      Vocational Training195W
Cabinet Office152W
      Civil Servants: Scotland152W
      Cleveland Fire Brigade152W
      Efficiency and Reform Group153W
      Employment: East Sussex153W
      Employment: East Yorkshire154W
      Employment: Lancashire154W
      Government Procurement Card155W
      Pay: Scotland159W
      Public Sector: East Midlands159W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments161W
Church Commissioners209W
      Churches: Repairs and Maintenance209W
Communities and Local Government125W
      Community Infrastructure Levy125W
      Council Tax125W
      Environmental Impact Assessment125W
      Fire Services126W
      Food Banks126W
      Mobile Homes128W
      Social Rented Housing128W
      Social Rented Housing: North West128W
      Swimming Pools and Gyms129W
      Temporary Accommodation: Children129W
      Urban Areas129W
Culture, Media and Sport117W
      Broadband: Wales117W
      Olympic Games 2012: Tickets118W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments118W
      Video Games: Taxation119W
      Adjutant General's Corps: Redundancy202W
      Armed Forces: Conditions of Employment202W
      Army Air Corps: Redundancy203W
      Departmental Responsibilities203W
      Economic Community of West African States203W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft203W
      Lost Property204W
      Military Aircraft207W
      Military Bases207W
      Navy: Australia207W
      Royal Army Dental Corps: Redundancy208W
      Royal Army Medical Corps: Redundancy208W
      Royal Logistic Corps: Redundancy208W
Deputy Prime Minister136W
      Primary Elections136W
      Children: Human Trafficking151W
      Schools: Freedom of Expression152W
Energy and Climate Change136W
      Energy: Billing136W
      Fuel Poverty: Wales137W
      Green Deal Scheme137W
      Multinational Companies137W
      Radioactive Waste: Cumbria137W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs131W
      Ash Dieback Disease131W
      Beef: Horse Meat132W
      Bees: Pesticides132W
      Energy: Waste133W
      Horse Passports133W
      Horses: Imports133W
      Horses: Slaughterhouses133W
      Pate de Foie Gras135W
      Pesticides: Scotland135W
      Plastic Bags135W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office162W
      Babar Ahmed162W
      British Nationals Abroad: Capital Punishment162W
      British Nationals Abroad: EU Countries162W
      Democratic Republic of Congo163W
      Middle East166W
      North Africa167W
      North Korea167W
      Occupied Territories167W
      Private Military and Security Companies171W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments172W
      Depression: Older People173W
      Golden Jubilee National Hospital Glasgow174W
      Health Services174W
      Lead: Health Hazards174W
      Mental Health Services: Birmingham175W
      Mental Health Services: Lancashire175W
      Mental Illness: Children175W
      National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence176W
      Nurses: West Midlands177W
      Obesity: Children179W
      Organs: Donors180W
      Primary Care Trusts189W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments190W
Home Department119W
      Crime: Merseyside119W
      Crime Prevention: Females119W
      Driving Under Influence120W
      Entry Clearances120W
      Entry Clearances: China120W
      Human Trafficking121W
      Human Trafficking: Children121W
      Ibrahim Magag121W
      Immigrants: English Language122W
      Members: Correspondence122W
      National Fraud Intelligence Bureau122W
      Parenting Contracts123W
      Romania and Bulgaria123W
House of Commons Commission124W
      All-party Groups124W
International Development209W
      Democratic Republic of Congo209W
      Developing Countries: Human Trafficking210W
      Mali and Algeria211W
      Overseas Aid212W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments213W
      Community Orders: Greater London197W
      Conditions of Employment198W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Appeals199W
      Human Trafficking196W
      Interest Rate Swap Products197W
      Law of Property Act 1925199W
      Members: Correspondence199W
      Minimum Wage199W
      New Prison196W
      Prisoner Escapes200W
      Prisons: Wales200W
      Sentencing Policy196W
      Sexual Offences201W
      Shrewsbury Pickets196W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments201W
      Witnesses: Protection202W
Northern Ireland144W
      National Crime Agency144W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments145W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments130W
      UK Membership of EU131W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line138W
      Public Transport: Disability142W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments144W
      Child Benefit146W
      Public Sector: East Midlands147W
      Revenue and Customs147W
      Revenue and Customs: Correspondence147W
      Revenue and Customs: Telephone Services148W
      UK Membership of EU149W
Work and Pensions214W
      Cold Weather Payments: Scotland214W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Kilmarnock215W
      Housing Benefit215W
      Housing Benefit: Coastal Areas216W
      Housing Benefit: Liverpool216W
      Housing Benefit: Scotland217W
      Housing: North West217W
      Jobcentre Plus217W
      National Insurance Credits218W
      New Enterprise Allowance218W
      Social Security Benefits218W
      Travellers: Scotland219W
      Universal Credit219W
      Winter Fuel Payments: Birmingham219W
      Work Capability Assessment220W
      Work Programme220W
      Written Questions220W

Ministerial Correction
Tuesday 5 February 2013

      Topical Questions3MC