Oral Answers
Wednesday 6 February 2013

Cabinet Office259
      Civil Service Pensions265
      Civil Society Organisations (Financial Support)259
      Contracts Finder Website264
      Cyber-security Partnership263
      Information Technology Management262
      National Citizen Service265
      Tax Avoidance (Government Contracts)261
      Topical Questions266
      Voluntary and Community Sector260
Prime Minister268

Written Ministerial Statements
Wednesday 6 February 2013

Energy and Climate Change15WS
      Electricity Market Reform15WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs15WS
      Irresponsible Dog Ownership15WS
Home Department18WS
      EU/Cape Verde Readmissions Agreement18WS

Written Answers
Wednesday 6 February 2013

      Government Procurement Card223W
Business, Innovation and Skills275W
      Construction: Billing275W
      Government Procurement Card275W
      Minimum Wage280W
      Prisoners: GCE A-level284W
      Science: Israel285W
      Students: Scotland286W
      Teachers: Training286W
Cabinet Office259W
      Digital Technology259W
      Intelligence Services260W
      Public Sector: Mutual Societies260W
Communities and Local Government255W
      Government Procurement Card255W
      Housing and Regeneration Act 2008255W
      Housing: Construction256W
      Olympic Games 2012256W
      Retail Trade257W
Culture, Media and Sport271W
      Broadband: Greater Manchester271W
      Direct Selling271W
      Multinational Companies273W
      Sports: Clubs273W
      Telephone Preference Service274W
      Telephone Preference Service: Scotland274W
      Television: Licensing274W
      Air Force: Military Bases223W
      Armed Forces: Fuel Poverty224W
      Armed Forces: Languages224W
      Armed Forces: Redundancy227W
      Armed Forces: Tees Valley227W
      Conditions of Employment228W
      Defence Equipment and Support233W
      Defence Infrastructure Organisation233W
      Depleted Uranium233W
      EU Defence Policy234W
      Military Aircraft235W
      Military Bases: Kirknewton235W
      RAF Lossiemouth236W
      Reserve Forces236W
      World War II: Military Decorations237W
      Written Questions: Government Responses237W
Deputy Prime Minister335W
      Referendums: British Nationals Abroad335W
      16-19 Bursary Fund327W
      Child Protection327W
      Government Procurement Card328W
      Pupils: English Language328W
      Schools: Inspections329W
      Schools: Kent329W
      Schools: Libraries331W
      Schools: Sports331W
      Schools: Standards332W
      Teachers: Pay333W
      Teachers: Scotland334W
      Teachers: Training334W
      Young People: Sports335W
Energy and Climate Change239W
      Energy Companies Obligation239W
      Government Procurement Card240W
      Green Deal Scheme241W
      Nuclear Installations: Insurance241W
      Radioactive Waste: Cumbria242W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs260W
      Beef: Horsemeat260W
      Chelsea Flower Show262W
      Circuses: Animal Welfare262W
      Employment Agencies263W
      Flood Control263W
      Floods: Insurance264W
      Genetically Modified Organisms264W
      Livestock: Exports264W
      Phytophthora Ramorum265W
      Polar Bears265W
      Press: Subscriptions265W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments266W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office288W
      Government Procurement Card289W
      Alexandra Hospital Redditch336W
      Cancer: Drugs336W
      Diabetes: Lancashire338W
      Drugs: Death338W
      Food: Children339W
      Government Procurement Card339W
      HIV Infection340W
      Maternity Services341W
      Organs: Donors342W
      South London Healthcare NHS Trust346W
      Tobacco: Packaging349W
Home Department248W
      Antisocial Behaviour Orders248W
      Asylum: Detainees249W
      Crimes of Violence250W
      Daniel Morgan250W
      Entry Clearances: China250W
      Illegal Immigrants: Lancashire251W
      Immigration: Appeals251W
      Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration252W
      Individual Support Orders252W
      Industrial Disputes: Shrewsbury253W
      National Crime Agency: Northern Ireland253W
      Overseas Students: Employment253W
      Parenting Orders253W
      Police: Recruitment254W
      UK Border Agency254W
International Development293W
      Armed Forces: Children293W
      Developing Countries: Forests294W
      Developing Countries: Religious Freedom295W
      Government Procurement Card296W
      Sub-Saharan Africa300W
      Alternatives to Prosecution300W
      Citizens Advice Bureaux315W
      Civil Proceedings: Legal Costs316W
      Crime Prevention: Young People316W
      Debt Collection316W
      Driving Under Influence317W
      Electronic Tagging319W
      Personal Injury320W
      Prescriptions: Fraud320W
      Prison Sentences321W
      Prisoner Escapes321W
      Prisoners: Unemployment322W
      Prisons: Drugs322W
      Prisons: Food323W
      Prisons: Sefton324W
      Prisons: Sports324W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments325W
      Written Questions325W
      Young Offenders: Greater London326W
Northern Ireland237W
      Government Procurement Card237W
      Conditions of Employment257W
      Government Procurement Card258W
      Conditions of Employment243W
      Government Procurement Card244W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line243W
      Motorcycles: Driving Tests246W
      Roads: East Sussex247W
      Transport: Fire Hazards247W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises247W
      Bank Notes266W
      Bingo Association266W
      Conditions of Employment266W
      Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks267W
      Government Procurement Card267W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line267W
      Infrastructure UK268W
      International Monetary Fund268W
      Personal Income: Scotland269W
      Revenue and Customs269W
      Tax Avoidance270W
      Taxation: Gambling270W
      Taxation: Whisky270W
      Government Procurement Card287W
Women and Equalities286W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments286W
Work and Pensions349W
      Atos Healthcare349W
      Conditions of Employment349W
      Construction (Head Protection) Regulations 1989349W
      Disability Living Allowance350W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Scotland350W
      Employment Schemes: Disability350W
      Future Jobs Fund351W
      Incapacity Benefit351W
      Jobcentre Plus351W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance352W
      Materials Handling Equipment353W
      Mining: Industrial Health and Safety353W
      Poverty: Children354W
      Social Enterprises355W
      Social Rented Housing355W
      Social Security Benefits355W
      Social Security Benefits: Appeals356W
      Social Security Benefits: Kilmarnock357W
      Social Security Benefits: Uprating357W
      Telephone Services360W
      Unemployment Benefits360W
      Universal Credit361W
      Universal Credit: Newcastle Upon Tyne362W
      Welfare State: Reform362W
      Work Capability Assessment363W
      Work Capability Assessment: West Midlands364W
      Work Experience: Surrey364W
      Working Tax Credit365W