Oral Answers
Thursday 7 February 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills403
      Business Certainty408
      Debt Advice414
      Export Support Services415
      Higher Education (Student Fees)409
      Life Sciences Sector407
      Net Lending (Businesses)404
      Regional Growth Fund (North-west)411
      Royal Mail Privatisation411
      Strategic Defence Review413
      Tobacco Industry Exports (Egypt)413
      Topical Questions417
      Workplace (Women)403

Written Ministerial Statements
Thursday 7 February 2013

      International Defence Engagement Strategy21WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs24WS
      Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (England)24WS
Foreign and Commonwealth Office25WS
      Foreign Affairs Council/General Affairs Council25WS
Home Department29WS
      CCTV and other Surveillance Camera Technology29WS
      Bus and Coach Passenger Rights30WS
      Finance Bill 201321WS
Work and Pensions31WS
      International Labour Conference31WS

Written Answers
Thursday 7 February 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills385W
      EU Internal Trade387W
      Foreign Direct Investment386W
      Graphene Research385W
      Green Investment Bank388W
      Groceries Code Adjudicator385W
      Public Bodies388W
      Regional Growth Fund385W
      Space Industry385W
Cabinet Office428W
      Electoral Register428W
      Part-time Employment: Self-Employed429W
      Voluntary Work431W
Culture, Media and Sport388W
      Broadband: South West389W
      Growth and Infrastructure Bill390W
      Mayors: Tower Hamlets391W
      Armed Forces: Food382W
      Defence: Procurement383W
      Members: Correspondence384W
      Red Arrows384W
      Trooping the Colour384W
      Children: Day Care405W
      Education: Qualifications405W
      GCE AS-level406W
      GCSE: Lancashire406W
      Ministers' Private Offices and Advisers407W
      Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education407W
      Primary Education407W
      School Meals409W
      Schools: Snow and Ice409W
      Special Educational Needs411W
      Students: Vetting413W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments414W
Energy and Climate Change379W
      Energy Companies Obligation380W
      Nuclear Power381W
      Office for Unconventional Gas and Oil381W
      Public Expenditure381W
      Wind Power381W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs371W
      Agricultural Wages Board371W
      Bees: Pesticides371W
      Floods: Insurance372W
      Genetically Modified Organisms373W
      Greenhouse Gas Emissions: EU Action373W
      Horses: Slaughterhouses373W
      Stone Theft374W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office367W
      Cancer: Drugs374W
      Doctors: Vacancies375W
      General Practitioners375W
      Health Services376W
      Kidneys: Diseases376W
      Medical Treatments377W
      NHS: Private Sector377W
      NHS Trusts377W
      South London Healthcare NHS Trust378W
Home Department391W
      Conditions of Employment391W
      Dangerous Driving391W
      Detention Centres: Children394W
      Government Procurement Card395W
      Police: Public Appointments399W
International Development368W
      Developing Countries: Climate Change369W
      Developing Countries: Tuberculosis370W
      International Assistance370W
      Overseas Aid370W
      Driving under Influence414W
      Offenders: Deportation417W
      Prisoner Escapes: Greater London419W
      Prisons: Alcoholic Drinks422W
      Prisons: Television422W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments424W
Prime Minister368W
      Ministerial Policy Advisers368W
      Environment Protection367W
      Manufacturing Industries367W
      A1: Newcastle Upon Tyne424W
      Aircraft: Air Conditioning424W
      Driving: Blood Alcohol Levels425W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line425W
      Network Rail426W
      Rail Franchising Programme Review426W
      Railway Stations: Wales427W
      Railways: Franchises427W
      Road Traffic Control427W
      West Coast Railway Line: Franchises428W
      Capital Gains Tax431W
      Carbon Monoxide: Alarms432W
      Corporation Tax432W
      Debts: Advisory Services433W
      Individual Savings Accounts433W
      Minimum Wage433W
      Minimum Wage: Scotland434W
      NHS: Private Sector434W
      Social Security Benefits: Immigrants435W
      Taxation: Fraud435W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Birmingham436W
Work and Pensions400W
      Employment and Support Allowance: Appeals400W
      Foster Care: Housing Benefit401W
      Housing Benefit401W
      Personal Independence Payment401W
      Social Rented Housing402W
      Social Security Benefits: Greater London403W
      Social Security Benefits: Uprating403W
      Work Programme403W