Oral Answers
Monday 11 February 2013

      Antisocial behaviour560
      College of Policing556
      Female Genital Mutilation549
      Gang and Youth Violence559
      Human Trafficking562
      Independent Police Complaints Commission (Hillsborough Inquiry)556
      National Crime Agency563
      Residence Cards559
      Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures562
      Topical Questions563
      UK Border Agency554
      UK Immigration (Bulgaria and Romania)550
      Violent Crime561

Written Ministerial Statements
Monday 11 February 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills33WS
      Regional Growth Fund (Update)33WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs34WS
      Horsemeat and Contaminated Food34WS
      Scotland in the UK35WS
      Road Network (Economic Growth)35WS
Work and Pensions36WS
      Social Fund Schemes36WS

Written Answers
Monday 11 February 2013

Business, Innovation and Skills538W
      Bank Cards: Surcharges541W
      British Standards Institution541W
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988542W
      Electronic Commerce543W
      Energy: Industry543W
      EU Emissions Trading Scheme544W
      Foreign Investment in UK544W
      Further Education: Scotland545W
      Higher Education: Admissions545W
      Land Registry546W
      Medicine: Research547W
      Members: Correspondence547W
      Royal Mail547W
      School Leaving: Bassetlaw548W
Cabinet Office492W
      Average Earnings494W
      Charities Act 2011495W
      Civil Servants: Pay495W
      Communities First Fund495W
      Employment: Disability496W
      Harvey Nash497W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance: Ethnic Groups497W
Communities and Local Government473W
      Early Intervention Grant473W
      Homelessness: Brighton and Hove474W
      Local Government Finance475W
      Lydd Airport475W
      Right to Buy Scheme476W
      Social Rented Housing476W
      Vacant Land477W
Culture, Media and Sport480W
      National Lottery: Brigg and Goole481W
      Sex Discrimination481W
      Armed Forces: Carer’s Allowance439W
      Armed Forces: Compensation440W
      Armed Forces: Credit Unions439W
      Armed Forces: Pensions440W
      Defence: Research441W
      Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft442W
      Military Aid442W
      North Africa443W
      Nuclear Weapons443W
      RAF Lossiemouth443W
Deputy Prime Minister467W
      Nuclear Weapons468W
      Further Education477W
      Schools: Information Regulations477W
      Schools: Inspections479W
      Schools: Standards480W
Energy and Climate Change449W
      Carbon Emissions: Industry451W
      Carbon Monoxide: Alarms452W
      Electricity Interconnectors: Hebrides453W
      Energy Companies Obligation453W
      Fuel Poverty453W
      Green Deal Scheme455W
      Nuclear Power Stations455W
      Renewable Energy456W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs463W
      Coal Fired Power Stations463W
      Coastal Areas: Flood Control464W
      Fisheries Regional Advisory Councils464W
      Horses: Slaughterhouses465W
      Livestock: Exports465W
      Members: Correspondence467W
      Waste: Exports467W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office484W
      Capital Punishment485W
      Democratic Republic of Congo485W
      Diplomatic Service486W
      Middle East490W
      Occupied Territories491W
      Western Sahara491W
      Accident and Emergency Departments: Greater London515W
      Alcoholic Drinks: Yorkshire and the Humber515W
      Aluminium: Health Hazards516W
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome517W
      Disability Aids518W
      Heart Diseases: Babies520W
      Heart Diseases: Children521W
      Horses: Slaughterhouses522W
      Hospital Wards: Disability524W
      Hospital Wards: Dorset525W
      Human Papillomavirus525W
      Kidneys: Diseases527W
      Maternity Services528W
      Maternity Services: Greater London528W
      Medical Equipment528W
      Muscular Dystrophy: Tees Valley529W
      NHS: Disclosure of Information537W
      NHS: Procurement529W
      Nurses: South East530W
      Ovarian Cancer533W
      Patients: Compensation534W
      Rare Diseases535W
      Smoking: Diseases536W
      University Hospital Lewisham537W
Home Department469W
      Alcohol-related Crime469W
      Criminal Records470W
      Domestic Violence469W
      Entry Clearances470W
      Immigration Controls472W
      Marine Policing Unit472W
      Telecommunications: Databases472W
      UK Immigration: Bulgaria and Romania470W
International Development482W
      Overseas Aid482W
      Sudan and South Sudan483W
      Community Orders548W
      Driving Offences: Mobile Phones549W
      Government Procurement Card549W
      Industrial Disputes: Shrewsbury551W
      Legal Aid Scheme554W
      Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012555W
      Magistrates Courts: Sentencing556W
      Prison Sentences556W
      Youth Offending Teams593W
Prime Minister462W
      Arab States462W
      Climate Change462W
      Collective Responsibility462W
      Iraq Committee of Inquiry463W
      Aviation: Security456W
      Bus Services: Disability456W
      Crossrail Line: Stansted Airport457W
      Driving: Licensing458W
      Driving Offences: Mobile Phones457W
      Driving Tests458W
      High Speed 2 Railway Line459W
      Lydd Airport459W
      Motor Vehicles: Registration460W
      Railways: Franchises460W
      Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield461W
      Severn River Crossing461W
      Transport: Finance461W
      Transport: Per Capita Costs462W
      Charities: Publicity444W
      Credit Unions: Northern Ireland445W
      Crossrail Line445W
      Cybercrime: Financial Services445W
      Excise Duties: Tobacco446W
      Income Tax: Swindon446W
      Stamp Duty Land Tax447W
      Taxation: Northern Ireland447W
      Welfare Tax Credits: Dudley448W
      Working Tax Credit: Liverpool449W
      Working Tax Credit: Self-employed449W
Women and Equalities482W
      Written Questions482W
Work and Pensions501W
      Carer’s Allowance: Armed Forces502W
      Crisis Loans502W
      Employment Schemes502W
      Employment: Young People503W
      Government Procurement Card503W
      Housing Benefit504W
      Housing Benefit: Wales505W
      Jobcentre Plus506W
      Jobseeker’s Allowance513W
      Occupational Pensions507W
      Pension Credit507W
      Pensions: Widowed People508W
      Personal Independence Payment508W
      Poverty: Disability508W
      Rented Housing: Wales509W
      Social Security Benefits509W
      Social Security Benefits: Fraud510W
      State Retirement Pensions510W
      Telephone Services511W
      Travel and Subsistence Payments511W
      Unemployment: Ethnic Groups512W
      Work Capability Assessment512W
      Work Programme513W