Children and Families Bill

Memorandum submitted by False Allegation Support Organisation (UK) (CF 124)

Children and Families Bill

Who we are

1. FASO (UK) is a voluntary group run by volunteers and has been supporting the public since Sep 2001. FASO is a refuge for the innocent not a safe house for abusers in denial.


2. FASO cannot provide written evidence, only our experiences taken form the helpline from the past 11.5. years, of what callers to our help line have told us.

3. Those accused maintaining factual innocence of child protection issues, unexplained damage to children, rape, indecent assault, and domestic violence for which the child is ostracised form the parent/carer by the LA are not being allowed a family life often because of verbal evidence, not factual evidence as in the case of unexplained damage to a child, and without medical evidence.

Assertions made to FASO (UK)

4. The base line is that there is not in place accountability for the LA to be judged by, with consequences when lack of high standards of investigation into all manners pertaining to each case.

5. Full medical reports are not obtained prior to the medical/related authority reporting cases to the LA for on-going child protection issues. Specialists in place looking after children and their illnesses are oft ignored, and Judges do not call foreword their expertise on children presented through the system.

6. Schools are immune to complaints on how child protection issues are reported.

7. Statementing of children by bot education and LA is ignored, even when parents provide information on problems they perceive in their child. When asking for help of either Education or LA support they are ignored, despite the evidence of the child.

7. Vexatious parents are allowed to disrupt court procedures, along with social services in extending the court sittings and not providing information on time.

8. Judges out of their field, way too heavily on the reports of the LA, CAFCAS or LA funded specialists, without allowing parents to too present their evidence.

9. The whole system needs to be examined for accountability and a balance in investigation procedures – so that children are given a fair chance to continue with their lives, at home with loving parents, having had a fair and just examination of their particular case. Something which does not happen now.

April 2013

Prepared 26th April 2013