Children and Families Bill

Memorandum submitted by Bristol Grandparents Support Group (CF 87)

1.Legislation for Shared Parenting is imperative within the Bill.

2.Parents must understand that if they make the decision to separate that there is set down legislation with regard to Shared Parenting, although there is a presumption that is the case already, in reality thousands of children are being denied that right, to be part of a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents, unless proven to be unsafe for them to do so.

3.Legislation would not be about 50/50 shared parenting as that is unworkable.

4.If there is legislation then there is no doubt that the best interest of the child is being addressed.

5.There must be a consequence if a contact order is broken, at present resident parents know that the likelihood of repercussion’s is very remote indeed.

6.If there is legislation then they would be clearly breaking the law if they did not adhere.

April 2013

Prepared 19th April 2013