Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

Memorandum submitted by Hambleton District Council, North Yorkshire (ERR 17)

1.0 Hambleton is a rural authority with nearly 2000 Listed Buildings and 48 Conservation Areas. The Council’s annual advertising costs for planning applications within a Conservation Area or for Listed Building Consent amounts to circa £23,000.

2.0 Hambleton District Council supports the proposal within the Bill to merge Conservation Area Consent with Planning Permission.

3.0 Commonly, CAC applications are submitted in parallel with applications for Planning Permission and it is considered that Conservation Area matters can be dealt with in combination with the application for Planning Permission. Dealing with the two together can bring efficiencies for the authority and applicants with no diminution of the consideration of conservation aspects.

Planning Policy & Conservation Officer

On behalf of Hambleton District Council

June 2012

Prepared 29th June 2012