Growth and Infrastructure Bill

Memorandum submitted by Peter Phillips (GIB 03)

I am concerned about the Growth and Infrastructure Bill as it stands.  The following is a list of a number of my concerns but please do not consider the list exhaustive.

Removal of the decisions making elements of planning applications from the Local Planning Authority and placing it in the hands of the so-called planning inspectorate must surely go against the ethos of Localism.

The intention to relax the planning rules to allow bigger extensions being built without the need to inform neighbours will inevitably lead to people converting houses into flats or adding granny annexes without taking into account the impact on the local environment or infrastructure (water, sewage etc). It will also allow previously secluded areas, gardens or bedrooms to be freely over looked and will almost certainly result in neighbour animosity.

Allowing broadband suppliers to install cabinets, build radio masts etc that may be totally out of character to the local environment would blight any area but more so in a conservation areas or world heritage sites.

In the real world if something cannot be sold it may be the wrong price, the wrong product or being sold to the wrong people. The same applies to buildings. Making the planning process less rigorous will only encourage developers to build things to a standard design which make maximum profits and not what the local environment/ populace require. 

November 2012

Prepared 14th November 2012