Marriage (Same Sex Couples)

Memorandum submitted by World Federation of KSIMC (MB 123)

Submissions in opposition to the Marriage Bill regarding same sex couples


· There is unanimous agreement in all Islamic schools of thought that homosexuality is a forbidden act and displeases God

· The Bill in question will raise a number of serious concerns for British Muslims in all walks of life and professions

· The Bill will confuse young Muslims over their identity and what is and is not acceptable sexual conduct

· The implementation of the Bill has no place in any mosque or Islamic centre

· We vehemently oppose the Bill

Our Submissions:

1. In Islam, Sodomy or homosexuality is regarded as one of the Major Sins. This is clearly recorded in the Qur’an, as well as in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and the divinely-chosen Imams. In the Islamic legal system, homosexuality is a heinous crime and can be severely punished.

The Qur’an describes the act of Sodomy as indecent:

And Lot , when he said to his people, ‘What! Do you commit an indecency none in the world ever committed before you?! Indeed you come to men with desire instead of women! Rather you are a profligate lot. (Qur’an, 7:80-81)

As such, Muslims will be outraged and will feel their views and beliefs were ignored if such a bill is introduced.

2. In addition to the legal prohibition of homosexuality, Islam poses strong ethical arguments against this act. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq has said:

Sodomy decreases the family affection between wife and husband… and produces many other corruptions.

Islam regards the institution of the f amily as the nucleus of society, and a safe environment for a child to grow and mature into a valuable member of society. It is our submission that such a bill will dilute the significance and sanctity of marriage, which has traditionally been a religious institution.

3. We note with concern the alarming rate at which families are breaking and divorce is increasing. The Bill will only add to this alarming trend.

4. The communities, mosques and Islamic Centres that we represent will not opt into the Bill under any circumstance. They fear there may be coercion into the Bill at a later date. The Bill will therefore cause unnecessary stress and anxiety amongst vibrant and responsible communities.

5. Young British Muslims will feel a sense of alienation from society due to the sacrilege of one of the remaining and sanctified practices of British society: marriage.

6. The Bill will offend the vast majority of Muslims, and has the potential of causing resentment and anger.

7. Muslims join with other major world religions and Abrahamic faiths, including Jewish and Christian groups, and other key groups in society, in vehemently opposing this Bill.

March 2013

Prepared 13th March 2013