Marriage (Same Sex Couples)

Memorandum submitted by Nicholas Britton (MB 13)

Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to voice my concerns over the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. I am writing as an individual with profound concerns about the implications for:

(a) Civil Liberties and freedom of conscience

(b) School Education

(c) Further re-definitions of marriage

(d) Children

(e) The future of democracy in this nation

Civil Liberties and Freedom of Conscience


There have been several cases already of citizens who have been persecuted because they held the view that this bill is ill judged and unnecessary. Thankfully, one of these has won his case in the ECHR. However, many people will be put in the position of risking losing their jobs and possible legal action simply for acting in conscience in not wishing to promote the idea of same-sex marriage. This goes against British tradition of fairness and free speech. It is a new kind of intolerance, which will inevitably lead to division and friction on ideological grounds.

School Education


It is no secret that groups such as Stonewall want teachers to not only promote the idea of gay marriage but it also wants them to encourage children to resist the views of the parents and grandparents on the issue. This undermines the very concept of family. Surely it is the States responsibility to educate, not to indoctrinate. There are strong opinions on SSM on both sides and no amount of social engineering will abolish one opinion or the other. The state would do better to stay away from such issues altogether.

Further Re-Definition of Marriage


With the genie out of the bottle, the government will find it hard to resist calls for further re-definitions of marriage. I have no doubt that polygamy is next on the list, followed by demands from all kinds of groups. This will doubtless degrade and undermine the very concept of marriage as the building brick of society for the procreation and nurturing of children, which has served all kinds societies successfully for millennia.



One of my deepest concerns however, is that nobody; I repeat NOBODY, seems to be discussing or considering the effect on children of same sex marriages. The bill is solely concerned with the wishes of the adults. It does not address the effect on children of these couples such as their emotional and social development It is as if most politicians either don’t care about this issue or have chosen to bury their heads in the sand. These children risk being abandoned to a social experiment the results of which nobody wants to even look at, let alone question them. For a nation so concerned with child safety and welfare, the failure to even ask the question "What is the effect on children?" is frankly bizarre, contradictory, and negligent.

The Future of Democracy in this Nation


We all know that this bill was in no party manifesto, nor in the coalition agreement, and not in the Queen’s speech. In effect, nobody in the country voted for it. The governments consultation reneged on its promise to consider the 500,000 (now 640,000) signatories on the Coalition for Marriage website, thus producing a skewed and misleading result. Concerns over the ability of groups to make anonymous multiple submission to the consultation through the Governments own website were not heeded. The bill was then bulldozed through the Commons at short notice. The damage this has caused to trust in politicians and the political system in this country is incalculable. It seems that manifestos and election pledges should be treated with a great deal of scepticism by the electorate as there is a high probability they will be ignore or broken as the newly elected government creates a new agenda of entirely of its own volition.

In summary, I believe this bill has failed to address a number of vital issues, which should now be considered properly. I believe that the welfare of children should be considered as a matter of urgency, followed by the implication for our civil liberties. The government should also consider whether the role of education is the indoctrination of children with political ideas, and politicians should reflect on their own political integrity and whether through their actions they are causing irreparable damage to both the substance and image of our democratic system.

February 2013


Prepared 15th February 2013