Marriage (Same Sex Couples)

Memorandum submitted by Peter Henderson (MB 40)

Dear Parliamentary Committee

I am unable to accept the assurances that there will be nothing for Christians to fear, once Gay Marriage is introduced in law in the UK.  75% of Christians would tell you that over the past ten years our atheistic, humanistic society is increasingly marginalizing and discriminating against Christians. Since Civil Partnerships came in there have been scores of cases - mostly handled by Christian Concern- where Christians are all the time being discriminated against simply because of acting on their Christians beliefs and refusing to counsel clients on gay relationships and other matters of conscience regarding gay issues.

1.      When the Bill is passed I want it to be the toughest you have ever produced again Christianophobia, promoting the total freedom of speech and freedom of conscience in every instance for every Christian universally.

I want all Roman Catholic Adoption Agencies to be provided with funds to re-open again, since they were discriminated against because their conscience told them it was wrong for them to allocate, for adoption, children to gay couples.

2.      I would like Christian Concern to be remunerated million of pounds of court costs they have had to pay out because of ongoing discrimination by both British Courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

3.      I would like the government to agree to cover all legal costs of: anyone who is discriminated against any Christian because they refuse to carry out Gay Marriages in Churches or other premises; those who will lose their jobs in the Register Office for refusing to carry out Gay Marriages; those who will lose their job as school teachers for refusing to teach Gay Marriage; It should be easy and you should be most willing to OFFER to pay these costs, since you have assured us all it won't happen, hence you have nothing to lose.

4.      That you negotiate an agreement with all the European Countries, that in all cases heard by the European Court of Human Rights:

No-one in any member country will be discriminated against because they refuse to carry out Gay Marriages;

No-one in any member country will lose their job in the Register Office for refusing to carry out Gay Marriages;

No-one in any member country will lose their job as school teachers for refusing to teach Gay Marriage.

5.      I would be grateful if  every MP in the country were instructed to investigate every case of the rapidly growing malaise of discrimination against their Christian Constituents. This inequality and bigotry and discrimination against Jesus Christ and every member of His family has GOT TO STOP! It is mushrooming enormously now to an epidemic proportion. This is a Christian Country. Our Queen is the Defender of the Christian Faith. The Church of England is the State Church. In law courts, every convict and witnesses has to swear on the Bible. The wisest man that every lived declared that "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." I am praying that God will bring all of you into a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ and that you will follow an enlightened conscience and that the Holy Spirit will grant you wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His purpose for all of our lives, know that one day all of us will give an account of our lives to him, the Judge of all the Earth.

6.      I want our government to refuse to carry out the secret hidden agenda of Europe mentioned in the attached link.

7.      Also it must be written in stone in all legislature that parents have the legal right to keep their children away from all classes where Gay Marriage is being taught.

8.      To urge all the judges in the land to stop placing the rights of Christians at the bottom of the pile. Everybody's else's rights are always deemed more important than the rights of Christians. We are fast losing our right of conscience and the freedom of speech - an issue over which this nation fought two world wars.  And this trend is call progress????  

February 2013

Prepared 27th February 2013