Marriage (Same Sex Couples)

Memorandum submitted by Ronnie Devine (MB 42)

Dear Chairman

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2012-13

I wish this to be circulated to all members of the committee considering the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2012-13, under your chairmanship.

I have watched extracts of your evidence sessions.

When the witnesses represent parties that are in favour of equal marriage there is a calm, and meaningless debate, with some pertinent questions from members.

Once you get hold of witnesses in favour of maintaining the existing definition of marriage, they are treated with vehement hatred, by some members of the committee. I note also that the sessions are brought to a prompt and premature end, before the final question has been answered.

Has it not yet dawned on Her Majesty’s Government that the marriage bond is not yours to redefine? It is becoming increasingly clear in this society of declining moral standards that marriage between a man and a woman is the strongest bond there is.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all members that until right principles of good and evil are recognised in an honest and unselfish manner, and upheld in Government, there will be disappointment and decline in society, a treadmill of disaster after disaster, broken household after broken household, with all the issues that they breed.

I have a few questions in my mind:

Why does the promotion of the traditional view of marriage bring out bitter antagonism from those in favour of same sex marriage?

How can you claim free speech when you unreasonably vilify any witnesses in favour of the traditional definition of marriage?

February 2013

Prepared 27th February 2013