The Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Propert: Where next? - Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Contents

6  Conclusion

168.  A considerable amount of high-quality work on policy development has been undertaken in the year since the Hargreaves Review. It will be important to maintain that momentum alongside the more rigorous approach to policy formation that Hargreaves recommended. Conclusions are near to formation in many areas, and the Government should press ahead with measures to implement new policy in those areas as soon as possible. We recommend that the Department act swiftly to bring in legislation to that effect.

169.  While we recognise that the Government is undertaking a major reform in a complex area, changes are both necessary and urgent. We therefore will expect the Government to set out its road-map for implementation, including a timetable for legislative action, in its Response to our Report.

170.  We have major concerns about the proposed Unified Patents Court treaty. The treaty has the potential to offer great benefits to the UK but only if UK interests are protected. The Government's current approach does not provide a robust defence of those interests. We believe that the Government needs to reconsider its strategy and the capability of the negotiation team as a matter of urgency.

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Prepared 27 June 2012