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CONTENTS: Women in the Workplace

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WIW 10 30% Club

WIW 09 Architects for Change

WIW 13 Association of Revenue and Customs

WIW 28 British Bankers’ Association

WIW 27 Campaign for Merit in Business

WIW 27a Campaign for Merit in Business

WIW 03 Computershare Voucher Services, Edenred, Grass Roots Group and Sodexo Motivation Solutions

WIW 29 Discrimination Law Association

WIW 32 Charlotte Dunford

WIW 15 Electrical Contractors’ Association

WIW 06 Employment Lawyers Association

WIW 55 Fawcett Society


WIW 18 Gingerbread

WIW 24 Hy Consulting Ltd and Associates

WIW 31 iNHouse Communications (WIW 31)

WIW 12 Investment Management Association

WIW 57 Dr Heather McGregor

WIW 19 The Mentoring Foundation

WIW 22 Mr Steven Moxon

WIW 11 National Association of Pension Funds

WIW 14 Open University

WIW 26A Mr Swayne O’Pie

WIW 26B Swayne O’Pie’s submission - Factual Information

WIW 25 Opportunity Now

WIW 23 Pact

WIW 30 The Quoted Companies Alliance

WIW 16 Retail Motor Industry Federation

WIW 07 Royal Academy of Engineering

WIW 01 Royal Aeronautical Society

WIW 17 The Royal College of Midwives

WIW 05 Royal College of Physicians



WIW 33 Sheila Wild (WIW 33)

WIW 21 Women into Science and Engineering (WISE) Campaign

WIW 02 Working Families

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC (WIW 84)

Architects for Change – supplementary (WIW 09A)

Jeanette Ashton (WIW 34)

Catalyst (WIW 91)

Chartered Management Institute (WIW 82)

Clydesdale Bank PLC (WIW 63)

Dr Hazel Conley, Queen Mary, University of London, Dr Susan Durbin, University of the West of England, Professor Sian Moore, University of the West of England and Dr Tessa Wright, Queen Mary, University of London (WIW 69)

Constructing Equality Ltd (WIW 92)

Directors UK (WIW 79)

Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (WIW 87)

Engineer Graduates and Hi-vis Trust (WIW 67)

Fair Play South West (WIW 51)

Dr Linda Grant, Sheffield Hallam University and Professor Sue Yeandle, University of Leeds (WIW 81)

Catherine Hakim – supplementary (WIW 68)

Helen Hernandez (WIW 50)

Institute of Physics (WIW 66)

Dr Sue Johnson (WIW 98)

Dr Peter Jones (WIW 58)

E Joyce (WIW 72)

Ruth Levitt/William Solesbury (WIW 47)

Alastair Macleod (WIW 60)

Maternity Action (WIW 89)

Maggy Pigott CBE (WIW 77)

Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) (WIW 97)

Mary Reed (WIW 37)

Professor Tom Schuller (WIW 59)

Scottish Womens Convention (WIW 62)

Linda Wells (WIW 39)

WEN Wales (WIW 83)

Women 1st (WIW 86)

Women and Manual Trades (WIW 80)

The Women's Engineering Society (WIW 90)

Workpond Ltd (WIW 52)

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Prepared 3 December 2012