Culture, Media and Sport Committee - Racism in FootballFurther written evidence submitted by The Football League

The Football League submitted written evidence to the Committee’s session and is more than happy to be of assistance in any way that we can.

In answer to the information that you have asked for, we do not hold centrally the number of people banned by our clubs for racism or racially aggravated offences. We monitor closely the Home Office arrest figures which are published on an annual basis.

There were a total of 17 arrests for racist or indecent chanting at games in Football League competitions in season 2010–11. This is 0.00011% out of a total of over 16 million fans who attended our games in that season.

During that season there were also a total of 529 football banning orders issued by the courts and 1,843 orders outstanding on fans of the 72 Football League clubs at 29 November 2011. I should stress that the orders can be issued for a wide range of offences and that the vast majority will have been issued for reasons that have nothing to do with racism as the arrest figures from that year indicate.

As set out in our written evidence The Football League takes the issue of racism in all its forms very seriously and we seek to do all we can tackle the problem within society. Since our written evidence was submitted we have worked with The FA and Kick It Out to develop a Professional Game Workshop that will see club staff, both on and off field, take part in a structured course of diversity training. This training will serve to complement the training that players and scholars already receive through The FA and League Football Education. Beginning this early season, the training will be specific to professional football and will cover a wide variety of areas within the game including:

Abusive and offensive language related to race, sexual orientation, faith, age, gender, disability.

The treatment of staff and work place policies.

Disability access for supporters and the match-day experience.

Communications policy including general and social media.

The workshops will be delivered by specially trained staff from Football League clubs. The trainers will use their expertise and day to day experiences at clubs to deliver both a general session and targeted training based on individual roles within a club.

I hope that you find this information of value and should you or the Committee require any extra information then please do get in touch.

September 2012

Prepared 18th September 2012