Written evidence submitted by Brian Cox and Michael Marklow (GA 27)

We feel the Commission is not working as robust as Parliament intended with regard to the gaming act covering casinos. We would like to raise our concerns over several issues.

Please accept the following submission:


The procedures that are implemented by the operators in general throughout the casinos to monitor customer spend is not comprehensive, which in turn jeopardise personal licence holders to fulfil the legal obligation that the commission places on them.


Since the relaxation of membership of the gaming act how is the commission monitoring under-age gambling, in light of two recent surveys; carried out by the commission, which found an astonishing high percentage of under-age gambling in the nations betting shops.

Also Problem gambling, Self exclusions and Police call outs.


There are no industry standards in the casino industry to cover the gaming staff in the process of gaming or supervision; with regard to how many tables an individual can monitor to ensure compliance of the act, or what maximum time period could be considered safe. We only have the licence code of practise requiring operators to provide adequate provision. Does self policing work when it potentially interferes with profits?


Gaming machines within the act are limited, but Semi-Automated Machines, (Touch Screen Roulette) are not classified as machines, hence there is not a restriction on the number of these machines in any one casino. The gambling commission has the powers to cap these machines, but chose not to and decided to monitor the situation which begs the question how are they measuring the potential problem of excessive machines when by their own admission they do not have any data on the number TSRs any operator has in any one of their casinos. The gaming act of 2005 under section 235 regarding the classification of (TSRs) is a disturbing anomaly, so we feel it should be reviewed.

June 2011

Prepared 29th July 2011