Defence and Cyber-Security - Defence Committee Contents

Annex: List of Abbreviations

BT DFTS  BT Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service

CDAP    Cyber Defence Action Plan

CIO    Chief Information Officer

COBR    Cabinet Office Briefing Room

CPNI    Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure

CSOC    Cyber Security Operations Centre

DCOG    Defence Cyber Operations Group

DCSP    Defence Cyber Security Programme

DI    Defence Intelligence

DOC    Directorate of Operational Capability

EADS    European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company

GCHQ    Government Communications Headquarters

GOSCC  Global Operations and Security Control Centre

ISS    Information Systems and Services

JFCyG    Joint Forces Cyber Group

MoD    Ministry of Defence

NATO    North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NCSP    National Cyber Security Programme

NSC    National Security Council

NSS    National Security Strategy

PR12    Planning Round 2012

SDSR    Strategic Defence and Security Review

UAV    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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